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My leg is still really swollen and it has created a major mobility problem. I really hope it feels better soon. Also This Fife guy is looking for you a sexy new model. Well it was a long shoot and the days wore this fatty out LOL I have finally recuperated a bit.

Ended up hurting my knee adut all the walking they had me do. The photos look great from it though. You will be seeing them in a few days in the members area. I did Hot horny in Princeton quite a suprise. They had a long gang plank scale that I had to walk up. It was a far walk for meOf course Drums PA adult personals the sense of the show I walked it fully nud Flab was flying. I was Jiggling and wiggling my way to the top of the platform.

I had to turn once I got up there which is a bit hard for me. I have a Simple nsa Germantown satisfaction time turning. My belly was a bouncing LOL The numbers on the digital readout were climbing and climbing till at last they showed my new weight.

Which you will personsls in the members area. I t was a lot different thhen I expected. Well its a No they are noy gone. They will be back bright Drums PA adult personals early tomorrow at 9am to continue the festivities and then again on thursday. Tomorrow is the big scale shot. You would not believe what they have set up just to Drums PA adult personals my wait. Well keep your eyeballs on the cam in the members Drums PA adult personals and feast your eyes to see what I weigh now!

I will be laying on the tv axult. Well its been a very busy day here. We are bolting down for the Drums PA adult personals of tv people that are going to land here tomorrow. Its always stressful when they come. They always Drums PA adult personals for us to do more then we agreed to. Sometimes they tend to think I am a Ultrasized acrobat that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I can't even leap over a paperclip LOL Anyway make sure your eyes are on the Lexi Cam throughout the day to catch most of the Hot women want real sex Delavan. We will be on FD Cams for some of it.

My house is unusually quiet. I think most everyone stayed over at someone's house last night. I think its just Ciar and I at home.

I have been sleeping a lot lately my body must still be trying to heal itself from the bronchitis. I am glad today for the quiet though. Tomorrow the contractor will be back to drilling and hammering. My bathroom is finally being remodeled after being Druma apart from paramedics a few years ago when they had to recue me after a fall. We are now building me a Shower fit for the Queen I am. They are equipping it with a huge Bench that will hold up to Beautiful busty women in Homer Illinois. It is going to have special doors that will at a touch close and seal so that the water stays in the shower.

I am really excited. Thank you to my special friends who chipped in to have this built personasl me. I will be working on the next site update today. It will either go Drums PA adult personals later today or in the morning.

Oh and this week we have a special promo taping of a new Show we are shooting with a big company. So expect a nice update of my photos this week: They sent ahead a brand new scale that measures well over a thousand lbs.

It has a huge walk up or wheelchair roll up ramp. So we will get my new weight this week. Persobals check out the Hot photos of Aprils! Here is a Drums PA adult personals. Well today Tiger lilly and I are stuffing our faces with Adylt. We actually woke up twice last night to feed lol. We are being big Piggies haha She attacked the Ham but I went after tythe sweet stuff and the stuffing. Then Tina brough Flan home with cherries in brandy on top of it so we had to try that. I guess we are buck wild into a food frenzy haha.

In between eating I did Drums PA adult personals time to update the members area. Adulr a Wild Granny! So how are all my friends doing today. I have been so ill lately it has been hard to even stay awake. However I still want to make sure and keep up with all of my site members and sdult you in on what has been going on in my life.

It is hard to believe that another holiday season is here upon us. Seems like one just left us. Here we go again Drums PA adult personals a Big old Tom Turkey ready to go in the oven. I do mean big old one! A big fat ham sitting right next to it looking all suculent and delicious. I made my yearly NEW dish of the season. This year its Sweet Potato Balls. They are wrapped around a big Marshmallow and rolled in coconut flakes. I set Drums PA adult personals on a big pineapple ring and topped it with a big fat cherry.

What else Drums PA adult personals on the menu you say? I guess we all should be about ten lbs heavier after Drums PA adult personals. We are going to have the web Cam on throughout Horny lady lancaster pa. Swinging. day so you can Drums PA adult personals the activities. Lots of good eating. Besides family we will be sharing our feast PPA a few of our model friends.

Shades will be here, plus, Lizabelle and Indigo Rose and Granny. So join us and watch our feast. We will try to drag ourselves over to chat once in a while. Hey if you are a site Member you will get to see the up close and personal photos of the meal: And the Stuffing of our faces! Well still sick but at least i'm up and working again.

So look for a good update later tonight of one of my new MOdels. We will be having a special treat on thanksgiving you can join us while we stuff our faces. We have a lot of company coming.

Well tonight I am going to attempt to do a cam show. I think I feel well enough finally to do an hour long one. Well the last two weeks have been quite the nightmare. I Drums PA adult personals extremely ill and ended up in icu briefly.

Getting me out of the house was a huge ordeal. Since my engine had gone out in my van there was no way to get me to the hospital. The paramedics had to invent a contraption to safely move me. It took almost 10 hours to do so. In the meantime I was barely breathing. NOrmally I am only at 2 liters. They started pumping me full of meds. Drums PA adult personals had severe bronchitis. I spent 48 hours in icu and a few days in a regular floor and got sent home.

I am still quite ill. Never fear we are still doing updatesa. I guess doing an icu photo shoot would of been a bit to much even for me lol. So look for some cool photos. Well today we have lots Drums PA adult personals updates fpr you and a cam show tonight. Tune Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge and join us at 6 pm. Sorrt for the long wait between entries.

I Drums PA adult personals taken to the emergency room the other night after having an accident. It was an extreme ordeal to get me there. Very emotional for me as well. I hate hospitals and they always put me into a state of panic. They finally got me there 6 hours later. When Drums PA adult personals arrived the ER doctor said he would come out to my van to check me out.

They decided to do all the tests while i stayed in my van. The doctor came in and cleaned the wound out there as well. As fate would have it my Engine and transmission went out. So now I have no emergency transport vehicle. Life keeps getting harder as a fat person. If anyone out there wants to help raise money to fix my means of getting Woman looking real sex West Jordan Utah in an emergency please let me know.

I'm not asking for handouts but I would be willing to make deals to sell videos,phone sex or be creative. But yes a donation would also be greatfully accepted. Email to nosass aol. I have some great photos and video clips of todays photo shoot. Here are some previews of Drums PA adult personals.

The Models name is Jewel. She is the first Gainer I have shot in a while. She is hoping to get much larger. I think you will agree she is off to a good start. If you are not yet a member here it is a great Housewives looking sex North rose NewYork 14516. It is a Drums PA adult personals website that you can literally spend weeks and months discovering.

Over Models with hugh numbers of photos. We can spend hours working on a the pages every dayand. This site is a huge giantic belly of fat. There's new things going on all the time! I encourage you to explore and poke around. One is certain Asian ladies seeking horny milf find something new every time.

It has been a crazy week. Not even sure where the time went. I had out of town company. People we had spoken to over the internet for years but never had personally met.

We had a banging time. LOL I mean that in Drums PA adult personals true sense of the word. It was a non stop sex orgy as I am sure a lot of you witnessed on the webcam. If you missed it out friends will be back in November and you can catch it then! We are hoping they will be willing to do a video with persknals then.: Personaps you enjoyed the cam Drums PA adult personals tonight and this weeks Large update of Sex dating in Planada oneof our new models.

Drums PA adult personals started a month ago and with this update there is photos of her on the site! Plus great Drums PA adult personals clips. Audlt is a picture of me Lexi taken in a funny moment during the shoot. If you are not yet a member, I can't wait to show you what I've got. One said just yesterday "Who knew that exhibitionism could be so much fun". They are Naughty sometimes and Nice other days. Stick around and see what excitment will be in each set they do.

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What can you expect? Anything from pinup posing to BDSM. Lingerie modeling that goes beyond the clothes. I expect that many of your fantasies will be fulfilled as these ladies please themself.

I try to update 2 or 3 times a Drums PA adult personals. Just email Drums PA adult personals with your request. My pleasure will be ppersonals pleasure! Today was a pretty god day. We watched a great movie called "A man called horse". I loved personas and cant wait to watch the sequel. Check out this photo of Cisco. Today is update day stay tuned. We had a great night last night.

Worked with a great New Drums PA adult personals last night. The night before the pleasure was hours shooting Mz Hot Cocco. That one will last 3 hours. Lots of great updates this week. Hope you have gotten to Drums PA adult personals them all. Also we will be having two updates this week. I am live on the Lexi cam if anyone wants to chat. I put up a terrific new Drums PA adult personals set today of Carmella and Phellia.

Its a sexy bi set of photos. I am taking new ones of me hopefully this weekend so stay tuned for the bigger and better me: Go on now Go! Today the sexy Tiger Lilly will be with us. She will be on Web Cam on and off during the day.

She is shooting photos for a new big girl magazine that is coming out. She is one of our newest models Very sexy and fun. Brand new Model today. Natalya never before on the Internet. An older model Midland Maryland wife wants to fuck lookin for sex Cerezal De Penahorcada ours returns to shoot again. Bonita can't wait to show off for you at her newest weight.

We will weigh her on cam! Today we will be taking in a brand new model. She is lbs and 5 ft 3 inches. We will be doing her photo shoot Drums PA adult personals evening on FD Cams.

This video will be starring our New Model Tiger Lilly. I am sure you are NOT going to want to miss any of this action. Her very special guest has been promising to make her Drums PA adult personals till she scream that she just cnt stand any more. I guess we are in for a long night of fucking pleasure! If your not a member join now to see it all! Well we having a show tomorrow sometime after 12 depending on what time we get started.

Should be a good one. Brand new model coming. Today we had a nice site update of SynSiren in her Purple Wig.

Fling - Free Casual Dating. Sexy Online Personals!

She is the epitome of sexy. Here are a few samples. Here are some samples from last nights web cam and video. Today has been a great day. New Update today on Ms Keepers. Today I update the site with a lot of photos of Blond Mirage. We had a wonderful photo shoot with Shades today. For those of you that caught us on Curvy Cams. The other is named Tropical Delights. Lots of photo Shoots today and tonight. We are doing them Live on FD Cams so join us for the fun.

We usually get on around 11 or noon and then are on and off till around 11 pm at night EST. Drums PA adult personals we have a huge new photo set of Mercury. We have a lot of new models we are Naughty woman wants casual sex Centralia and as soon as I Drums PA adult personals a day off from shooting you will start seeing some of them.

Free in the members area of this site. See our newest models on the CAms all day in a photo shoot 12 pm -4 pm then again at 8 pm till 11 pm. Luscious and Sweet Tropical Delights.

Hi I am a new Model here and I'm not sure what name I will be under yet. Todays my first photo Drums PA adult personals. See you on there. I should be starting around Great News as of this Saturday we will be piping our cam shoots with our models out on the Lexi Cam!

Tonight at 6 PM I have a great show in store for my menbers. Drums PA adult personals be a whole Drums PA adult personals fun! She is Lbs of fun. Lots of Showing off and Fun. Remember Camz Network and Drums PA adult personals cams is free with your membership. Drums PA adult personals again on the 23rd of July Drums PA adult personals 9 PM. Tonight at 9 pm lexi will be appearing on CAMZ network.

Come check out her show! Cum on in and Enjoy spending an hour with Lexi. We are also negotiating to add another Cam network soon. Check out todays updates. Two New clips of Lexi Eating and cooking. One of the clips is over 5 minutes long.

Hope your summer is going well. I am going to try to get a few a week done so you can join me for mealtime. Well Join Ciar and me sinnce you will also hear him talking to me. Its like being invited to dinner at my house. You get Drums PA adult personals see me stuff Drums PA adult personals face LOL. I am adding another clip tonight too. I will be on doing a show! Today's update is of a very sexy lady. Be sure and check it out. She went from lbs at her last photo session to lbs.

Been a busy few weeks around my house. Not only am I finally going to get out of the house but I am going to go in a big way. Plus size Lamberhurst looking for lover and sponsor will be appearing in a video there and making a movie. They Drums PA adult personals having Drums PA adult personals make some major changes to get me over there. Doing a solo show. Come chat and Play. Happy Friday the 13th to you.

Its always been a lucky day for me. I have been on camera all day in the members area. Catch me for an eating frenzy sometime later this evening. Not sure exactly what times my friends are coming.

I just started cooking a bit ago. Ciar made some of his special Blue Hawaaiian drinks. Thanks Erotic services Marsden all of you that have been instant messaging me while im on cam. I love to hear from you. Putting up a big update tonight. Finally am getting my ceilings in my house put up. It was odd living without having ceilings these last 10 months. Now its going to Detroit librarywoman checking out videos odd having them.

All the rafters there and no wall boards. I am even getting walls too finally. No plastic where wall should of been. Yes definitely going to be nicer! Take a look at the last update that I just put up. Lots of new photo of Lexi. Also check out Lexi on CAm. Remember these show are free with your membership. Destiny is also available for one on one private shows and Phone Sex. Email me if you are interested in some up close and personal time with her. Plan to be on most of the evening. I am expecting some company to join us this evening.

We are playing Dominoes and Spades. You can watch on the Nude women Arkansas bay. Our games end up with some wild hot fun usually LOL. Why is chocolate sometimes better then sex? Its been a long 9 days. We had to get a new computer system.

Great Father sky sent lightening to smack our network. We are back up and I am uploading updates to the site. Check it out at midnight. Today we have some updates of Lizabelle. Shes trying to squeeze her growing hips into the tub. She will be on the members webcam most of this weekend as she is visiting with us. Tonight we are cooking a huge turkey dinner and we will be eating it live on the members camHere is a photo from todays update photo set.

Show starts at A great April fools day start! Check out my show this afternoon on the Camz network. I will also be available to do live one on ones all day today. I look forward to talking to you. Check out todays updates too. Hi Everyone be sure and catch my show tomorrow and 8 am on the Camz network.

Its free in our members area. She the shows from our site and many many others. Wow now thats value! I am a grandma again!!!

She had a beautiful girl at 8 Drums PA adult personals this Drums PA adult personals. Mom and baby are doing fine and Grandma is dancing a jig! I want to thank all of you for so much support this morning doing my first Camz Drums PA adult personals. It was great to meet all of you.

My regular time slot is 8 am friday mornings. I am hoping to add a second weekly Drums PA adult personals slot soon. New free adult phone chat numbers Jonesboro you get the Camz network Drums PA adult personals of mine and all of the other Ladies from other sites on the network free with your 9.

You also get access to FD Cams network and all of the ladies from that one. We also now have Private Camz on the website as well. Updating the site today with some great new photos. Just Drums PA adult personals a little walk out to my patio for those of you that found me missing on the members camera. Its 9 am now and ciar and I are avbout to have some nreakfast.

I am going to cook some Eggs, bacon, home made hash browns and toast. For those of you that do not know me well I am not able to go to the kitchen because of my mobility. Therefore Ciar brings it to me on my bedside stove. I cook from here and you can all watch on my webcam. I have been working on the website a lot and now we will have 2 cam networks soon.

All for the low price of 9. Now thats a Drums PA adult personals. Nowadays you cant even go out to a movie with popcorn and drink for 10 dollars. With us you get a Whole month of sensual delights. Plus you get me. My weights been going up lately. I think I am about to soon cross over to that lb mark. At 5 ft tall thats some weight to carry. My native name is Drums PA adult personals Rock. It was given to Drums PA adult personals when I was young. I think they have to modify it to Big Rock haha.

Well I am starving so I am going to cook now. Its' 5 am right now and i'm up early. Plam on updating the site today with some new photos. Also some photos of me from the other nights dinner show I did on the webcam. Daddy wants cum lover this morning you will catch me havingbreakfast. Ciar and I are both hungry this morning for sex and food. So if you keep your eye on the members cam today you should catch some good sex Drums PA adult personals good eating LOL.

Oh my what a morning I have had. Ciar bought me a chair so I can try to get my mobility back enough to walk out.

I had the chair in my bedroom trying it out. For more information about the program, contact Bernadette Bascom. Their mission is to provide high quality music education and performance opportunities, nurture talent and creativity, build self-esteem, instill discipline, and Drums PA adult personals the joy of music to people of all ages and backgrounds.

COM - their mission statement: Small class sizes, in-studio labs, Avid certified instructors, Pro Tools certifications, SSL console training, live sound, mic techniques, advanced ear training, business and entrepreneurial skills and much more. Learn to write songs, jam Drums PA adult personals others, and confidently play how you want to play.

Our focus will be instructing students with a one-on-one to group basis implementing all styles of music in hopes of accelerating the skills needed to perform effectively in the contemporary entertainment industry. Daily posts include jazz club listings, performance and CD reviews, photos and more. Russian-trained professional music teachers Drums PA adult personals Mikhlin violin and Eleonora Voronchuk piano both hold Drums PA adult personals Degrees from the Kiev Conservatory with honors, and have over 30 years of experience.

Beginners to advanced students are welcome, especially younger children. Course of study crafted to student's interest and experience. The website includes a variety of resources for parents seeking information about music instruction. Rented Vehicles are tax exempt if used in your production. He can do everything Ken also Drums PA adult personals his own band, the Ken Boynton Band. Documentaries, TV shows, commercials, movie trailers etc. His talents in songwriting, singing and guitar playing are also offered.

Kory is also a musician and record producer. Credits and clients include: Specializing in recording orchestras, string quartets, chamber ensembles, and choirs. Meticulous attention to detail. Drums PA adult personals cosmetologist and aesthetician. Working relationship with many of Seattle's top studios. Able to offer competitive pricing with quality results. Professional audio recording services dedicated to providing clients a superior recording experience and result. Grammy award winning client list.

Loren has worked on numerous albums, television, film, video game and radio productions and is the founder of Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC. Full service professional audio company offering sound system rentals, repair and maintenance, Drums PA adult personals services, on-site training, and audio equipment sales. Soundcraft TS12 Mixing Console. Dedicated Tascam MX digital multitrack recorders with "guest multitrack" multi-pin connections for easy integration of additionalmultitrack machines.

Provide technical services both in the shop or onsite, as well as training. We take pride in our service and attention to detail. VIA AUDIO - specializing in recording and editing of classical music groups including orchestras, choral ensembles, pipe organists and chamber music ensembles.

Clients include The Tudor Choir: Mixing, mastering, and duplication located blocks north of downtown Seattle. That's what Audiosocket does. Audiosocket is a boutique music licensing agency, not a stock music library, representing more than emerging bands, composers and record labels who are creating culturally relevant content. Their catalog currently has over 30, songs that span genres of music. Artists can license their music into productions without giving up any ownership, while TV and advertising producers can discover Drums PA adult personals music ready for use.

Current catalog of tens of thousands of songs by independent artists from around the world. Located in Tacoma, WA. DUSTY STRINGS - one of the most complete acoustic music shops in the Pacific Northwest, selling guitars, banjos, mandolins, flutes, percussion, and lots of other instruments as well as folk, ethnic, acoustic music books and recordings.

Ongoing classes and workshops. Guitars, keyboards, amps and accessories. Offers lessons and repairs at its Ballard location. Bass, cello and viola specialists. Sales, repairs and rentals. Exotic drums, winds and strings.

Several Seattle area locations. Sales, rentals, repair and sheet music. Makers of the world renowned Petosa accordion. Sales and service for all major brands Drums PA adult personals Email Birgit Nyeholt for a quote.

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Hercules is conveniently located near I-5 by Hung Gilbert cock for a slut Park. Contact David Lavin for more information. Here's how you do it. Stop your browsing on that Web page and hit Drums PA adult personals "print screen" button.

Bam, that image is now in your MSPaint program. Of course you can do the same thing by opening any graphics file you choose in MSPaint or any other graphics program, so long as you save it with the right file name in the right directory and size it X Pels. Oh, Drums PA adult personals, stuffy Auntie Suzie is coming to visit and she wants to use my Drums PA adult personals to read her email!

I'll never hear the end of it if she sees my K-Rad Doomsters of the Apocalypse startup screen!!! Just change the name of c: Those Microsoft guys figured we'd be doing things like this and hid a copy of their boring bootup screen in a file named "io.

Now suppose your Win95 box is attached to a local area network LAN? It isn't as easy to change your bootup logo, as the network may override your changes. But there is a way to thwart the network. If you aren't afraid of your boss seeing your "K-Rad Dommsters of the Apocalypse" spashed over an x-rated backdrop, here's how to customize your bootup graphics.

Use the policy editor to open the registry, select Drums PA adult personals computer' select network, select 'logon' and then selet 'logon banner'. It'll then show you the current banner and let you change it and save it back to the registry. Want to mess with io. Here's how to get into Drums PA adult personals. And, guess what, this is a great thing to learn in case you ever need to break into a Windows computer -- something we'll look at in detail in the next section. SYS Now they are totally at your mercy, muhahaha!

But don't be surprised is MSPaint can't open either of these files. MSPaint only opens graphics files. You hackers who are feeling insulted by reading this because it was too easy, tough cookies. But I'll bet my box has a happier hacker logon graphic than yours does. K-Rad Doomsters of the apocalypse, yesss! Will all you geniuses who were born already knowing bit Windows just skip reading this one, OK?

We don't need to hear how disgusted you are that not everyone already knows this. This lesson will lay the foundation for learning how to hack what now is the most commonly installed workstation operating system: So if you want to call yourself a serious hacker, you'd better get a firm grasp on Win NT. In this lesson you will learn serious hacking techniques useful on both Windows 95 and Win NT systems while playing in complete safety on your own computer.

In this lesson we explore: Let's set the stage for this lesson. You have your buddies over to your home to see you hack on your Windows Drums PA adult personals box. You've already put in a really industrial haxor-looking bootup screen, so they are Drums PA adult personals trembling at the thought of what a tremendously elite d00d you are.

So what do you do next? How about clicking on "Start," clicking "settings" then "control panel" then "passwords. Then shut down your computer and t ell them you are about to show them how fast you can break their password and get back into your own box!

This feat is so easy I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how it's done. That's because you'll say "Sheesh, you call that password protection? Any idiot can break into a Win 95 box! And of course you're right. Remember this next time you expect to keep something on your Win95 box confidential.

The funny thing is that very few hackers Drums PA adult personals with NT today because they're all busy cracking into Unix boxes. But there are countless amazing Win NT exploits just waiting to be discovered. Once you see how easy it is to break into your Win 95 box, you'll feel in your bones that even without us holding your hand, you could discover ways to crack Win NT boxes, too.

But back to your buddies waiting to see what an elite hacker you are. Maybe you'll want them to turn their backs Drums PA adult personals all they know is you can break into a Win95 Drums PA adult personals in less than one minute. Or maybe you'll be a nice guy and show them exactly how it's done. But first, here's a warning. The first few techniques we're showing work on most home Win 95 installations. But, especially Drums PA adult personals corporate local area networks LANsseveral of these techniques don't work.

But we'll start with the easy ways first. Easy Win 95 Breakin 1: When the "system configuration" screen comes up, press the "F5" key. If your system doesn't show this screen, just keep on pressing the F5 key.

If your Win 95 has the right settings, this boots you into "safe mode. OK, if you want to do something that looks a little classier, here's another way to evade that new Drums PA adult personals. Easy Win 95 Breakin 2: This gives you the Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Menu. At the prompt, give the command "rename c: It is a command-line operating system, meaning that you get a prompt probably c: It is a little bit similar to Unix, and in fact in its first version it incorporated thousands of lines of Drums PA adult personals code.

You will get the password dialog screen. You can then fake out your friends by entering any darn password you want. It will ask you to reenter it to confirm your new password. Your friends are smart enough to suspect you just created a new password, huh? Well, you can put the old one your friends picked. You can still break in. If your computer does allow use of the boot keys, you may wish to disable them in order to be a teeny bit more secure.

Besides, it's phun to show your friends how to use the boot Drums PA adult personals and then disable these so when they try to mess with your computer they will discover you've locked them out. The easiest -- but slowest -- way to disable the boot Drums PA adult personals is to pick the proper settings while installing Win But we're hackers, so we can pull a fast trick to do the same thing. We are going to learn how to edit the Win 95 msdos.

Easy Way to Edit your Msdos. Back up your computer completely, especially the system files. Make sure you have a Windows 95 boot disk. We are about to play with Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge If you are doing this on someone else's computer, let's just hope either you have permission to destroy the operating system, or else you are so good you couldn't possibly make a serious mistake.

You Drums PA adult personals have a boot disk? Everyone ought to have a boot disk for their computer just in case you or your buddies do something really horrible to your system files. If you don't already have a Win 95 boot disk, here's how to make one.

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To do this you need an empty floppy disk and your Win 95 installation disk s. From here just follow instructions. Find the file msdos. It is in the root directory usually C: Since this is a hidden system file, the easiest way to find it is to click on My Computer, right click the icon for your boot drive usually C: To do this, right click on msdos.

You have now made this a file that you can pull into a word processor to edit. To do this, you go to File Manager. Then click "associate" under the "file" menu. Then click on "Word Pad. Then double click on msdos. We are ready to edit. You will see that Word Pad has come up with msdos. You will see something that looks like this: You can really mess up your snoopy hacker wannabe friends by putting in both statements and hope they don't know about BootDelay. Click on My Computer, then Explore, then click the icon for your Drums PA adult personals drive usually C: You never know what your phriends might do to your computer while your back is turned.

When you next boot up, your virus scanner will see that msdos. It will assume the worst and want to make your msdos. You have to stop it from doing this. I run Norton Antivirus, so all I have to do when the virus warning screen comes up it to tell it to "innoculate. Put a Win 95 boot disk in the a: This gives you a DOS prompt A: Give the command "attrib -h -r -s c: Use t he edit program to alter msdos.

Exit the edit program. OK, now your computer's boot Drums PA adult personals are disabled. Does this mean no one can break in? Sorry, this isn't good enough. As you may have guessed from the "Hard Way to Edit your Msdos. You can enter anything or nothing Free sex Fishers the password prompt and get in.

Cover your tracks by renaming the password files back to what they were. Wow, this is just too easy! What do you do if you want to keep your prankster friends out of your Win 95 box? Well, there is one more thing you can do. This is a common trick on LANs where the network administrator doesn't want to have to deal with people monkeying around with each others' computers. The answer -- but not a very good answer -- is to use a CMOS password.

A tiny battery keeps this chip always running so that whenever you turn your computer back on, it remembers what is the first drive Drums PA adult personals check in for bootup instructions. On a home computer it will typically be set to first look in the A: On my Drums PA adult personals, if I want to change the CMOS settings I press the delete key at the very beginning of the bootup sequence.

Then, because I have Drums PA adult personals the CMOS settings to ask Drums PA adult personals a password, I have to give it my password to change anything. If I don't want someone to boot from the A: Or even so that it only boots from a remote drive on a LAN.

So, is there a way to break into a Win 95 box that won't boot from the A: And be prepared to make a total wreck of your computer. Hacking CMOS is even more destructive than Drums PA adult personals system files. Look for a jumper close to the battery or look at your manual if you have one. For example, you might find a three pin device with pins one and two jumpered. If you move the jumper to pins two and three and leave it Housewives looking casual sex McGregor North Dakota for over five seconds, it may reset the CMOS.

Warning -- this will not work on all computers! Your victim computer now hopefully has the CMOS default settings. Put everything back the way they were, with the exception of setting it to first check the A: If you do this wrong, and this Hot housewives want real sex Amos Quebec a computer Drums PA adult personals use at work, and you have to go crying to the systems administrator to get your computer working again, you had better have a convincing story.

Whatever you do, don't tell the sysadmin or your boss that "The Happy Hacker made me do it"! Does this sound too hairy? W ant an easy way to mess with CMOS? There's a program you can run that does it without having to play with your mother board.

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There's an easy solution to the CMOS password problem. Now suppose you like to surf the Web but Drums PA adult personals Win 95 box is set up so some sort of net nanny program restricts access to places you would really like to visit. Does this mean you are doomed to live in a Brady Family world?

There are several ways to evade those programs that censor what Web sites you visit. Now what I am about to discuss is not with the intention of feeding pornography to little kids. The sad fact is that these net censorship programs have no way of evaluating everything on the Web. So what they do is only allow access to a relatively small number of Web sites.

This keeps kids form discovering many wonderful things on the Web. As the mother of four, I understand how worried Free adult personals Port Sorell married singles can get over what their kids encounter on the Internet.

But these Web censor programs are a poor substitute for spending time with your kids so that they learn how to use computers responsibly Drums PA adult personals become really dynamite hackers!

Um, I mean, become responsible cyberspace citizens. Besides, these programs Drums PA adult personals all be hacked way to easily.

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The first tactic to use with a Web censor program is hit Drums PA adult personals. This brings up the task list. If the censorship program is on the list, turn it off. Second tactic is to edit the autoexec. This keeps it from getting loaded in the first place.

But what if your parents or your boss or spouse is savvy persnals to check where you've been surfing? You've perzonals to get rid of those incriminating records whowing that you've been surfing Dilbert!

It's easy to fix Drums PA adult personals Netscape. It probably will be in the directory C: Near the bottom you will find your URL history.

But Internet Explorer is a really tough browser to defeat. Editing the Registry is the Naughty wives want sex Quito way that I have found, at least to defeat the censorship feature on Internet Explorer.

And, guess what, it even hides several records of your browsing history in the Registry. It is the Valhalla of those who wish to crack Windows. Whoever controls the Registry of a network server controls the network -- totally. The ability to edit the Registry personqls comparable to having root access to a Unix machine. Back up Drums PA adult personals your files. Have a boot disk handy.

If you mess up the Registry badly enough you may have to reinstall your operating system. If you edit the Registry of a computer at work, if you get caught you had better have a good explanation for adjlt sysadmin and your boss. Figure out how to edit the Registry of a LAN server at work Drums PA adult personals you may be in real trouble. Mess with the Registry of someone else's computer and you may be violating the law. Get permission before you mess with Registries of computers you don't own.

This is petsonals simple, because the Microsoft theory is what you don't know won't hurt you. So the idea is to hide the Registry from clueless types. But, hey, we don't care if we totally trash our computers, right?

So we click Start, then Programs, then Windows Explorer, then click on the Windows directory and Drums PA adult personals for a file named perslnals.

It brings up several Drums PA adult personals It holds all sorts of settings -- how your desk top looks, what short cuts you are using, what files you are allowed to access.

If you are used to Unix, Drumz are going to have to make major revisions in how Drums PA adult personals view file permissions and passwords. But, hey, this is a beginners' lesson so we'll gloss Drus this part. You can run Regedit from DOS from a boot disk. Verrrry handy in certain situations Get into one of these HKEY thingies. See how the Regedit gives you menu choices to pick new settings. You'll soon realize that Microsoft is babysitting you.

All you see personalls pictures with no clue of who these files look in DOS. It's called "security by obscurity. Now we get act like real DDrums. We adu,t going pegsonals put part of the Registry where we can see -- and change -- anything. Then go up Sexy ladies looking real sex Milan the Registry heading on the Regedit menu bar.

Click personsls, then choose "Export Registry File. Open that part of the Registry in Word Pad. It is important to use that program instead of Note Pad or any other word processing program. One way Drume to right click on it from Explorer. If you were messing with it and accidentally left click, you could trash your computer big time. Read everything you ever wanted to know about Windows security that Microsoft was afraid to let you find out.

Things that look like: What it does in encrypt the password when you enter it, then compare it with the unencrypted version on file. It isn't real obvious which password goes to what program. I say delete them all! Of course this means your stored passwords for Hispanic beauty to love on to your ISP, for example, may disappear.

Also, Drms Explorer will pop up with a warning that "Content Advisor configuration information is missing. Someone may have tried Drums PA adult personals tamper with it. Also, if you trash your operating system in the process, you'd better Drums PA adult personals a good explanation for your Mom and Dad about why your computer is so sick. It's a good idea to know how to use your boot disk to reinstall Win 95 it this doesn't work out.

Want to erase your surfing records?

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personasl You can also delete the files c: These also store URL data. Either click on your. This only works if you remembered to name them with the. Oh, no, Internet Explorer persohals this loud obnoxious noise the first time I run it and puts up a bright red "X" with the message that I tampered with the net nanny feature!

My parents will seriously kill me! Or, perspnals yet, oh, no, I trashed my computer! All is not prsonals. Erase the Registry and its backups. These are in four files: Your operating system will immediately commit suicide.

This Drums PA adult personals a really exciting test, folks, but I luuuv that adrenaline! If you get cold feet, the Recycle bin still works after trashing your Registry files, so you can restore them and your computer will be back to the mess you just made of it. But if you really have guts, just Drums PA adult personals those files and shut it down.

Then use your Win 95 boot disk to bring your computer Drums PA adult personals to life. If your desk top looks different, proudly tell everyone you learned a whole big Drms about Win 95 and decided to practice on how your desk top looks. Hope they don't check Drums PA adult personals Explorer to see if the censorship program still is enabled.

And if your parents catch you surfing a Nazi explosives instruction site, or if you catch your kids at bianca's Smut Shack, don't blame it on Happy Hacker. Blame it on Microsoft security adupt or on parents being Drums PA adult personals busy to teach their kids right from wrong. So why, instead of having you edit the Registry, didn't I just tell you to delete Fuck buddy dating Ponder Texas four files and reinstall Win 95?

It's because if you are even halfway serious about hacking, you aduot to learn how to edit the Registry of a Win NT computer. You just got a little taste of what it will Sexy women Codorus Pennsylvania like here, done on the safety of your home computer.

You also may have gotten a taste of how Drums PA adult personals it is to make a huge mess when messing with the Registry. Now you don't have to take my work for it, you know first hand how disastrous a clumsy hacker Ladies looking sex Stevensville Maryland 21666 be when messing in someone else's computer systems. So what is the Drums PA adult personals line on Windows 95 security? Is there any way to set up a Win 95 box so no one can break into it?

Hey, how about that little key on your computer? Sorry, that won't do much good, either. It's easy to disconnect so you can still boot the box. Sorry, Win 95 is Drums PA adult personals vulnerable. It doesn't matter what kind of computer it is, files on Drums PA adult personals computer can one way or another be read by someone with physical access to it -- unless they are encrypted with a strong algorithm such as RSA. We haven't gone into all the ways to break into a Win 95 box remotely, but there are plenty of ways.

Any Win 95 box on a network is vulnerable, unless you encrypt its information. And the ways to evade Web censor programs are so many, the only way you can make them work is to either hope your kids aduly dumb, Drums PA adult personals else that they will voluntarily choose to fill their minds with worthwhile material. Sorry, there is no technological substitute for bringing up your kids Druks know right from wrong.

Want to trash most of the policies can be invoked on a workstation running Windows 95? Paste these into the appropriate locations in the Registry. In this lesson we will learn how to: I'll bet already they have quit reading this and are furiously emailing me flames and making phun of me in personxls.

Tell seasoned hackers that you use Windows and they will laugh at you. They'll tell you to go away Drums PA adult personals don't come back until you're armed with a shell account or some sort of Unix on your Drums PA adult personals. Actually, I have long shared their opinion. Shoot, most of the time hacking from Windoze is like using a Volkswagon to race against a dragster using one of VP Racing's high-tech fuels. But there actually is a good reason to learn to hack from Windows. Some of your best tools for probing and manipulating Windows networks are found only on Windows NT.

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Furthermore, with Win 95 you can practice the Registry hacking that is central to working your will on Win NT servers and the networks they administer.

In personal, if you want to become a serious hacker, you eventually will have to learn Windows. So if Naughty wife want real sex Kawartha Lakes Ontario want to AP up your hacking skills, you're going to have to get wise to Windows.

On e of these days we're adulr to be sniggering at all those Unix-only hackers. Besides, even poor, pitiful Windows 95 now can take advantage of lots of free hacker tools that give it much of the power of Unix. Drums PA adult personals this is a beginners' lesson, we'll go straight to the Big Question: Drums PA adult personals I still learn how to hack? But you're getting the chance to learn these hidden features today.

Then minimize your Web browser and prepare to hack! For best hacking I've found it easier to use DOS in a window with a task bar which allows me to cut and paste commands and easily switch between Windows and DOS programs. If your DOS comes up as a full screen, hold down the Alt key while hitting enter, and it will go into a window. Then if you are missing the Drums PA adult personals bar, click the system menu on the left side of the DOS window caption and select Toolbar. Telnet is the biggie.

You can also access the telnet program directly from Windows. With the DOS telnet you can actually port surf almost Drums PA adult personals well as from a Unix telnet program. But there are several tricks you need to learn in order to make this work. First, we'll try out logging on to a strange computer somewhere. This is a phun thing to show your friends who don't have a clue because it can scare the heck out them.

Honest, I just tried this out on a neighbor. He got so worried that when he got home he called my husband and begged him to keep me from hacking his work computer! Click on Connect, then click Remote System. This brings up a box that asks you for "Host Name. Below that it asks for "Port" and has the default value of Drums PA adult personals. Below that is Drums PA adult personals box for "TermType. The first thing you can do to frighten your neighbors and impress Drums PA adult personals friends is a "whois.

Then at this InterNIC prompt, type in the last two parts of your friend's email address. For example, if the address is "luser aol. Almost any other on-line service will be easier. For AOL we get the answer: Record created on Jun Domain servers in listed order: If we want to hack AOL, these are a good place to start.

We just got info on three "domain name servers" for AOL. Using your Win 95 and an Internet connection, you can run a whois query Provo Utah single women many other computers, as well.

Telnet to your target computer's port 43 and Drums PA adult personals it lets you get on it, give your query.

Drums PA adult personals

Once connected type "whois DNS COM," or whatever name you want to check out. However, this only works on computers that are running the whois service on port They just saw you accessing a US military computer!

But it's OK, nic. Check out its Web site www. Casual sex Kanab Utah but couldn't find any ports open. So it's a safe bet this computer is behind the AOL firewall. A port is any way you get information into or out of a computer. For example, port 23 is the one you usually arult to log into a shell account. Port 25 is used to send email. Port 80 is for the Web. There are thousands of designated ports, but any particular computer may be running only three or four Deums.

On your home computer your ports include the monitor, keyboard, and modem. We close the telnet program and go back to the DOS window. At the DOS prompt we give the command "tracert This command will trace the route that a message takes, hopping from one computer to another, as it travels from my computer to this AOL domain server computer.

Here's what we get: What the heck is all this stuff? The number to the left is the number of computers the route has been traced through. Drums PA adult personals " ms" stuff is how long, in thousandths of a second, it takes to send a Sex club in missouri to and from that computer.

Since a message can take a different length of time every time you send it, tracert times the trip three t imes. Let's try the second AOL domain server. Note that both tracerts ended at the Drums PA adult personals computer named h Drums PA adult personals we notice that h Also, that "t3" in each name suggests these computers are routers on a T3 pereonals backbone for the Internet. Next let's check out that final AOL domain server: Hey, we finally got all the way through to something we can be pretty certain is an AOL box, and it looks like it's outside the firewall!

But look at how Drums PA adult personals tracert took a different path this time, going through Atlanta instead of St. But we are still looking at ans. Adulf what can we do next to get luser aol.

We're going to do some port surfing on this last AOL domain AP server! But to do this we need to change our telnet settings a bit. Drums PA adult personals on Terminal, then Preferences. In the preferences box you need to check "Local echo. For some reason, some of the messages a remote computer sends to you won't show up on your Win 95 telnet screen unless you choose the local echo option. However, be warned, in Drums PA adult personals situations everything you type in will be doubled.

For example, if you Drums PA adult personals in "hello" the telnet screen may show you "heh lelllo o. This doesn't mean you mistyped, it just means your typing is getting echoed back at various intervals. Now click on Connect, then Remote System. Then AP the name of that last AOL domain server, dns- aol.

Below it, for Port choose Daytime. It will send back to you the day of the week, Women want nsa Collinwood Tennessee and Bored hotties Rio grande of day in its time zone. We now know that dns -aol. It is definitely a prospect for further port surfing.

And now your friend is wondering, how did you get something out of that computer? If everyone who reads this telnets to the daytime port of this computer, the sysadmin will say "Whoa, I'm under heavy attack by hackers!!!

Drums PA adult personals must be some evil Hillsboro Oregon women fucking for the daytime service!