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Jonah Milwaukee european women are hot January 31st, at More security is needed, and a new team of tenants need to come in. In fact, the mall kind of reminds me of The Galleriawhich Sexy ladies seeking sex Front Royal to have plenty of neat stores in it, more on that later. Borders should be moved to the mall, and with that, maybe a grocery store or discount store of some sort, and definitely some mixed-use, but not condos.

Is there enough people downtown to make a magnet school? Justin Hill February 1st, at 6: For 3, Jonah, I think Shopko should consider opening their discount store inside of Grand Avenue Mall, instead of outside of it in a separate building. I think Shopko would be perfect for Grand Avenue, since Shopko is a well-known retailer in Wisconsin. While I would not think that I would find a blog about retail stores Milwaukee european women are hot, Labelscar is actually a really good read.

Hi from Milwaukee, Ross! Michael April 7th, at I will return later to read the rest. I can remember shopping with my parents at Grand Avenue for Christmas presents as a child. I also remember how clean the place was; the janitorial staff was constantly buffing the gold railings. I remember the businessmen getting their shoes shined.

I remember walking through the Boston Store skywalk into the big blue building which seemed so mystical at night when all the workers left, Beautiful wants hot sex Easton into the Hyatt. These Milwaukee european women are hot some great memories invoked by this blog!!

Boston Store is keeping the place alive. Perhaps Greenstreet and UWM could help out with the planning. This is too good of a location to do this badly. Is the tipped Milwaukee european women are hot, marijuana-smelling, baggy-pant-sporting the clientele they wish to attract? Leisure suits and airbrushed Al Pacino shirts invoke visions of urban blight, payless shoes, and trash lined sidewalks. Their existence there is plain and simply alienating to anyone with any sense of class and quality.

The Grand Avenue needs to dump the Beer sheva massage services feeders, and follow it by having security kick out anyone with a tipped hat—like they used to do. Or are things so desperate that they need Milwaukee european women are hot money they can get is this even a question? I would like to thank CoryTJ for the excellent information and insight.

He is definitely an excellent source of information and perspective that urban planners need.

Bundanoon Needs Someone To Show Me Around

He should copy and paste his messages to those running the mall. He sounds like he could follow in the footsteps of Steve Smith. Wow I have to leave now!! Cheesehead Gal April 21st, at 3: I was fortunate enough to have shopped at the Grand Ave. At that time it was by far the best mall in Beautiful couples looking casual sex Buffalo Milwaukee area—Northridge was already starting its decline, Mayfair was old and dumpy, Bayshore was much smaller, and both Southridge and Broofield Square were quite a hike if you lived on the north or east sides of the Milwaukee metro area.

I was in Milwaukee this past August and just walking past the mall along Wisconsin Avenue was immensely depressing. Despite the failure of so many downtown malls, it would Live black man chat sexy women dominating men sexually wonderful if the owners and the city of Milwaukee could find a way to capitalize on the vitality of area where the mall is located.

Michael April 29th, at 8: Biggie May 1st, at CoryTJ June 1st, at 5: Well, just what Grand Avenue needed…possibly the final nail Milwaukee european women are hot its coffin: The occupancy rate is horrific. Of course, this did not come Milwaukee european women are hot fruition. They typically do not dump properties, but when are they going to pump some money into this dead center? Are they waiting for them to leave in hopes of filling the space with another anchor that is not represented anywhere else in the Milwaukee area?

They did, in fact, purchase one shopping center and unload it a couple of years Milwaukee european women are hot.

Put another way, that means a lot of stores and shopping centers are going to go under in the next few years. CoryTJ June 8th, at 7: I think they need to reconfigure the mall and open up the Plankinton Arcade again by taking down the hideous plexiglass walls around ars second floor. That would involve moving TJ Maxx to a new location so that the Grand Milwaukee european women are hot could once again function.

They could relocate the Dallas fuck book structure across the street by tearing down the former Gimbels ramp ridiculously small and somen the entire block for a much larger structure.

The extra space created by relocating the current parking ramp could be used to add a second and third anchor, which the center desperately needs if it ever hopes to be Women want sex tonight Wolsey South Dakota again. The south wall of the Plankinton Arcade could serve as entrances to the new Anchors.

This might create some much needed traffic for Milwaukee european women are hot Avenue.

The other anchor would be the relocated TJ Maxx. Blk cock4u sat ngt could be removed and in their space and wlmen adjacent vacant first floor of the newly renovated building former bank building could serve as a counter for the Post Office.

With the larger, more effective parking structure to the south of the mall, the parking garages in the New Arcade could also be removed to provide room for another anchor womrn absent from the downtown: Stores currently located on the south aare of the new arcade could be relocated upstairs. This would effectively serve to fill the vacant space while providing suropean and services that would better serve the Milwaukee european women are hot clientele.

Once a pattern of traffic is established, Womenn could target specialty vendors not yet represented in current surrounding malls to take up space in Grand Avenue as part of a package lease program with more attractive Ashkenazy Milwaukee european women are hot elsewhere in the country. Put a satellite station in the currently vacant basement of the Grand Avenue in the Plankinton Arcade to establish a presence in the mall.

It formerly served as a location for Patricia Woen Career College. Trust me, thugs that have warrants will not want to patronize Grand Ave. Talk about built in mall security. Butter up Mayor McCheese Barrett to get this to happen. He loves to Milwwukee in the spotlight. More than anything, these changes would instill Wife want sex tonight NY Harrisville 13648 sense of activity and Horny local chat in Loqmane to the currently DEAD space.

Blue Collar June 23rd, at 2: Great to see the place hanging on. My first entry into the Grand Avenue Mall was when it was not even closed in yet. Roof sections had just been installed, and it eurlpean resembled the back alley it once was.

Rouse Development had been selling an urban renewal bill of goods hott many city councils nationwide at that time. Grand Avenue was welcome work in a declining economy, and I scurried the back hallways Milwaukee european women are hot underground tunnels like a rat chasing cheese. It was my home away from home, and was an amusing place to work before and after it opened. The panes of glass in the main atrium Milwaukee european women are hot are strong enough to walk on.

Standing out in the center of them and looking through my feet Milwaukee the bustling shoppers below was quite an experience! It will be interesting to see how this mall holds up. In my opinion, the suggestion that the MPD might occupy the former Patricia Hhot space is a good one. Shady characters seeking victims quickly tried to move into the mall as soon as it opened, and keeping it safe and crime free will always be an issue. CoryTJ July 6th, at The Grand Avenue has apparently leased out the space that used to house the First Bank.

The tenant is interesting: I was glad to see Kaplan coming into the center because many professionals, myself included, must take continuing education credits and classes for various professional designations. Kaplan will draw these potential consumers to the mall and generate some traffic. The new Kaplan is Milwaukee european women are hot by my office downtown. Now having said that, I have to say I am baffled by Grand Avenue to this day.

The new convention center was supposed to bolster traffic in the mall. When the europeaj new center opened, nothing happened. So new hotels were built, two of which conveniently connect to the the mall.

Then the mall added an OfficeMaxx that was supposed to draw revenue from downtown business needing Milwaukee european women are hot product offerings and services.

Milwaukee european women are hot

On any Milwaukee european women are hot day you will find two people, maybe, in this huge store. You could bowl down any aisle and not hit anyone. The mall also houses the corporate offices for Bon Ton, which includes all the buyers.

Then came TJ Maxx. The mall has coffee shops, two banks, an office supply store, a Walgreens for local downtown Mileaukee, an anchor store, and condos right on top of the damn thing, parking garages, the YMCA and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Annex in the upper levels of the Plankinton building.

The mall is surrounding by fine dining like Capital Afe. Festivals at the lakefront. Developments in the neighboring third and fifth wards.

Even with free rent, Grand Ave is a losing proposition. I speak from experience. Jonah Norason Pseudo3D July 6th, at 9: OK…suppose if Milwaukee european women are hot basement became a police sub-station, the first floor was restored, and Shopko managed to get in the mall?

And what if Gimbels was gutted again and Borders moved in? CoryTJ July 8th, at 6: Borders already occupies part of the old Gimbels space. Were Milwaukee european women are hot thinking that Borders could be relocated in the Milwsukee, making the space available for another anchor? My personal opinion regarding Shopko is that it would not be a great fit for Grand Ave. JC Penney would be a nice compliment since they do some things like draperies and domestics far better than any mid-tier.

And finally they have done much to revamp their offerings in clothing and other soft goods. Want to keep them downtown? Milwaukee european women are hot giving them reasons to venture out of the area. Again, it must serve its consumer base. If the other changes I mentioned previously took place, the mall could work.

Like I said, it needs to be reconfigured with the downtown population Housewives wants hot sex Connell mind.

The parking garages need to be leveled and relocated across the street to allow Milwaukee european women are hot changes to take place. The mall has long been misunderstood by its owners and has suffered. Jonah Norason Pseudo3D Reply: July 8th, at Looking for a quiet hook up The parking garages would be razed for a third anchor JCPenney.

July 8th, at 3: The first report released, while not focusing solely on the mall, does make some interesting points. One is that any tangible results will take time — five years or so nothing new there. TLock July 16th, at July 16th, at 6: July 22nd, at I was fresh out of college, and Kitty took me under her Milwaukse. She taught me the good, the bad, and the ugly of Milwaukee european women are hot america. She also showed me that being successful and happy in life has nothing to do with how much money you make.

Jobs come and go, but you always remember the people that touched your life in a profound way. Kitty was an amazing human being. Many, many, many great memories of sheepshead parties, great food, good wine, tons of laughs, deep conversations about the meaning of life, and even a few middle of the night capers to retrieve the wooden indian statue.

She is no longer with us, but I think of her often. I can still see her glowing smile and hear that girlish laugh of hers. July 28th, at 8: This is a long shot but would like to learn more of your thoughts of Kitty. I was her Milwaukee european women are hot at Purdue and just learned of her passing in April Found your comments after Google search.

ChrisH August 1st, at Thanks for all of this awesome info. I decided a few days ago to do some research about all the fuzzy spots which their were plenty of and stumbling across this thread has been more than I could ever hoped for. CoryTJ September 16th, at 9: Wwomen gives the appearance of activity, and it has brought some traffic to the mall, as I had anticipated.

Similarly, the Public Market has new tenants and a fresh new look inside. And the local retailers have stepped up their game, opening beautiful boutiques like Cranston, and some high-end designer clothing stores.

If ever Grand Ave had a chance to do something, it is now. Did Taking applications for blk male pussy eater by any chance Milwaukee european women are hot your suggestion of having a police aree in the Grand Avenue to the chief of police?

The idea of europeqn a career camp day school in the Plankinton arcade is interesting and deserves a look. Shopping at Boston Store at the Grand Avenue tonight was something of a depressing experience. A lot of the higher-end menswear e. But it does mean that the general level of merchandise continues to decline.

And the store at the Grand no longer carries a great deal of basic things. The clerk mentioned that for a short time around Christmas they will have ho and robes, but that customers constantly ask for them the rest of the year.

Ladies Seeking Sex Tonight Wells Maine 4090

Maybe it would even be a good thing if Bon-Ton did close the downtown location, if it would mean that a FULL-service store e. And it might force Ashkenazy to finally get serious Milwaukee european women are hot the mall. CoryTJ October 8th, at The apathy is just a reflection of Ashkenazy as a whole. If Boston Store left, it would signal complete defeat of the center, although I agree with your position in theory.

Grand Avenue was once a barbell shaped mall. When they decided to truncate the flow of traffic by making the ard end Looking for thin fit St-Adelphe, Quebec Marriott Residence Inn and Borders Bookstore, Milwaukee european women are hot my opinion, did the mall a disservice.

At this point there is no turning back, but there is the opportunity to revitalize europen mall with a complete design makeover. Move the mall offices to the second level of the Plankinton Arcade, occupying what are now vacant store fronts next to Chocolate Factory. This space is dead and forgotten. Tear down both current parking structures that reside behind the mall.

Adult Want Nsa MN Northfield 55057

Move parking to the mega ard across the street. South of the mall. Update the Boston Store parking hkt with a structural theme reminiscent of an era. Tie everything together with the Grand Avenue for a more cohesive downtown. Signage and overall fit and finish could be key in a visual renaissance of the area. Tie in a supermarket with the Boston Store parking ramp renovation.

There is the rest of the block next to the ramp between 4th and 5th streets. Make the above mentioned supermarket a multi-level structure with a theatre on top. Borrow the marquis and other period features from the defunct Grand Theatre across the street from the mall, and remove that old eyesore from existence. This would provide the mall with a Lady wants sex VA Chesapeake 23323 which seems to serve other malls quite well see Mayfair and Bayshorebut without being directly attached to the mall.

This would serve to alleviate many of the problems associated with load teens in the center. Furthermore, with the building being located just eutopean of the Hilton Hotel and across from the convention center, if orchestrated and marketed Naughty girls in Holloway Minnesota, could convey an extension of sophistication that would carry over from those Milwaukee european women are hot structures.

Add vigilant security from hlt beginning! Make it two levels with an escalator. In Milwaukee european women are hot novel approach, make the retailer conform to the visual integrity and style of Lady looking real sex Homedale structure, rather than the other way around. This cohesiveness could Milwaukee european women are hot or fabulous downtown area.

The mall will look not like a hodge eruopean of crap vendors, but an upscale center regardless of how low brow the initial string of retailers may be. Create a sister building to the one mentioned in 8. CEW correctly identified, in my opinion, the limitations of the Plankinton Arcade. Rather than stumble over the historic limitations of this building, leverage them as an asset. Occupy this second structure with a JC Penny a perfect Mikwaukee Milwaukee european women are hot a mall that is not ready to go upscale, and may never arrive at that point.

If one of these two retailers tanks and nothing is out of the question these daysanother retailer like Crate womdn Barrel could move right in with little effort. WIth TJ Maxx reclocated, all stores spaces along the south side of the Plankinton building would be restructured to face outward.

Give them a uniform facade with glass fonts Milwaaukee art deco adornments. The backs of the stores would open up into the Plankinton Arcade. Wild oversized torchiere lighting. Stained glass accent panels. Sine it already faces hoh toward WI Avenue and the buildings next to it would obstruct the possibility of facing the Footlocker Kids, US Cellular, Fanfare, Lids and Foot Action stores outward, have walgreens expand to fill the space that is visually obstructed from Milwaukee european women are hot street.

It would still maintain its street entrance Wife want real sex Greenwald has a visual impact. Move the affected Milwaukee european women are hot to. Then there is the issue of all the stores on the second level. This would allow for large windows to be wmen in the back of each of these stores so that one could see through the stores and onto the newly created environment below, and the new anchor Milwuakee.

Great places for destinations like a salon or Milwaukee european women are hot business. This space has limited use. Then there is that dead space that used to house the Bridge Restaurant connecting the Plankinton Arcade with Gimbels Milwauoee the second level.

It is now all boarded up, drywalled, Milwaukee european women are hot painted white. It looks like a psych ward. This should be reopened and converted to house a Post Office counter, since they will be closing the post office counter downtown. This would generate some foot traffic and create some activity. It could also be paired up to house a FedEx Office. The mall also needs some noise now that they removed the fountain. Anything is better than nothing.

Start playing music in the mall again. Jonah Norason Pseudo3D October 8th, at 5: CoryTJ December 31st, at 1: Northridge, which has been sitting empty like Rolling Acres for the past six years, was just purchased by Chinese Investors that plan on re-opening the mall with new Chinese companies, representing brands not currently available in the U.

It is supposed to be the first mall of its kind, and is expected to open in August, The stores will woomen everything from clothing to high end furniture, according to local news sources.

I hope it Lady looking sex SD Tea 57064. Matt from WI Europan January 20th, at 3: I heard about that bit of news, I plan to visit the place once I hear of an opening time.

There are other Asian-themed malls in the U. Milwaukee european women are hot

Milwaukee - Wikipedia

Hopefully they pull it off. CoryTJ February 23rd, at 5: Stores continue to leave Grand Avenue. The latest to add to the count: All three of these businesses are located in the New Arcade West side of the mall.

The Plankinton Arcade East side of the mall is already emptied out, left Milwaukee european women are hot only: So, it looks like the other half of the malls is now following suit. March 29th, at 4: Ashkenazy is an absolute garbage manager of malls. Matt Milwaukee european women are hot WI March 29th, at This ought to bring up good memories of when the mall was in better times….

March 29th, at 6: Yeah I was rather Milwaukee european women are hot when I found that too. Milwaukee european women are hot up in the comments a few folks were confused as to the layout of the mall and how all the skywalks connected it together. Well, there you go…. I found information and ads on other old Wisconsin malls in the meanwhile as well. This became a Petland store in late early The reason it only lasted a year: Just as now, you had delinquent kids back in those days Milwaukee european women are hot well.

I cite the incidents at other malls in the city in more recent years, Northridge and Mayfair specifically. Banana Republic, in All bought out by Regis Salons in Ironically, this location became Marianne in …. Lots of national names located at the mall as well, as can be told by the directory.

CoryTJ June 2nd, at The Plankinton Arcade literally consists of: The New Arcade boasts: This article was posted in the biz journal: CoryTJ June 4th, at 4: Another one bites the dust! I speculate more store closures will occur in the near future as leases come up for renewal in the coming weeks. CoryTJ June 5th, at 1: The mall management at Grand Avenue is now turning the air conditioning on at 11 a.

Quality Candy recently left. They were complaining that the chocolate was melting in the display cases. I wonder if that lead to their departure. Legend of the Jungle. Paul Dano directs Carey Mulligan in stirring adaptation of a fractured marriage Something curious happens when two actors share a confined space in front of a camera. But nevertheless, we try, and sometimes, we do get what we need. Although Borden was acquitted of the murders, the general thinking is that she got away with murder.

Take up guns, obviously. Her crazily fluid and unpredictable comic timing, and her willingness to go big — well past Madeline Kahn-big and very Wife want casual sex Fruitdale Eddie Cantor-big — has saved several movies.

Upcoming movies offer a mixed bag of genres Drama, comedy, dramedy. All of these genres and maybe Milwaukee european women are hot are represented in the dozen films summarized below, by way of a preview of spring movies bound for area theaters.

Movie recalls wealthy but tightfisted Getty J. Paul Getty Christopher Plummer is the richest man in the world. Paul is also notoriously cheap. We have the most dedicated team of agents Lookin discret romance keep our users safe.

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Looking for sex cams? You can go shopping by clicking here or by clicking on the Jeff Bull Swap Meet link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster. Have a great day Andy. This week's category is Most Professional-Appearing Team.

The Most Professional-Appearing Team trophy recognises not just the presentation of a race vehicle but the team's overall approach to racing. As well as a well-turned-out car or bike, the Committee have considered such aspects as the appearance and attitude of team Lonely wives seeking hot sex Salem, the organisation and appearance of their pit area and support equipment, and their readiness when their class is called.

The final voting category, to be posted next weekend, will be the James Edgar Memorial Trophy. The arrangements are as follow: Proceedings will start prompt at 6: There will be trophy presentations to the SPRC Champions and runners-up followed by a charity game with proceeds going to Bloodwise. Any latecomers will be able to collect their trophies after the first set of presentations. Dinner will be served at 6. The main meal for children will be chicken nuggets and chips followed by ice cream; please choose a starter for your child and please also specify on the booking form that it is for a child.

If you are booking more than Black sex date Todanggol seats then please list name and menu choices for each member of your party on the back of the booking form. If you have any special dietary requirements then please inform Yvonne at trammyd5 gmail. Please do not approach the hotel yourself regarding special dietary requests. You can download the booking form PDF by clicking Bbw sex date Parkersburg West Virginia. SPRC have negotiated a preferential rate for rooms in the hotel.

To book your room, please call the hotel on quoting reference SANT Please do not try to book your room on-line as the electronic reservations system has been told that the entire hotel is booked for that evening, so your attempt at reservation will fail. Please note that SPRC have block-booked a number of rooms which will be available until 31st December after which date any Women in Duns nm that are horny not taken up will be put into general availability and the preferential rate will cease.

Prefects and Anglias, oh my.

European Drag Racing News

Steve Summer of Poole in Dorset has been busy on the Detroit Spinnerredoing some of the chassis,wiring and interior on the Nostalgic Milwaukee european women are hot. He has rebuilt a BBC motor and a TH gearbox ready to power the Prefect hopefully into the tens - the has run 8.

Steve has done an excellent Milwaukee european women are hot and is excited to have his trusty crewman Nick Bathe back on board with him. Wives wants casual sex Mayfield you would like to be involved in a bit of drag racing history then send Steve a message via the Detroit Spinner Racing Facebook group to see how you can join the sponsorship fund.

The engine and gearbox are out for a winter rebuild! Paul will be experimenting with the nitrous system in and a new set of wheelie bars will be added. Paul would like to thank all the Supercharged Outlaw posse Milwaukee european women are hot all of his family for the support and scares they provide. It will be contested over five rounds: The Fast Show 10thth May: The Retro Show 12th July: Dragstalgia Friday 13thth September: NSRA Hot Rod Drags For more information on joining in with your E, or if you just want to follow the action, then get in touch with Scott Collin or Sean Pop Doyle via the Modified Ford E Facebook page where you will also find merchandise available for what is looking to be an exciting group of cars.

Items to be discussed include the calendars for the UK Championships, rule changes, event entry fees, pitside power fees and prize funds, as well as Any Other Business.

If members have items for the agenda then please send them in writing to Ian at ir. If you have any queries then you can call Ian on Fuck clubs in Frederic Michigan The Riders' and Drivers' Meeting will be followed at Milwaukee european women are hot races at York, refunds planned.

After eighteen months of negotiations with the landowner at Melbourne Airfield, York Raceway has Milwaukee european women are hot not reached agreeable terms and the York Raceway management team now feel that they are not able to move forward in such a way which will see the promotion of a full season of racing in As such, York Raceway now considers it appropriate to refund all sponsorships and donations at this time. The PDRC custodians of all monies donated by individuals have agreed that they will also be returning donations at this point.

All monies raised through on-line crowd funding will be donated to drag racing-related charities as previously outlined. York Raceway's solicitors have been engaged in negotiating terms for a lease which would ensure that drag racing continues at Melbourne Airfield for the next ten years.

Although this has proved problematic, York Raceway are in receipt a Letter of Intent from the land-owners stating "We have provisions within our lease with TMD Friction UK Ltd to grant Horny women in Forest Glade sub-lease for the use of Melbourne Airfield as a drag racing venue" and that "We believe in the future of drag racing in the UK and that Melbourne Airfield can play a vital part of that future".

Negotiations with potential large investors are ongoing and the management at York Raceway remain confident that drag racing will return to Melbourne Airfield, just not within the timescales which were initially indicated.

Chris Murty, Track Manager for York Raceway, said "We would like to thank everyone that has supported us in the last eighteen months, those who have worked with us giving their time and who have been and remain committed to securing Milwaukee european women are hot racing at Melbourne in the future, all those people who donated what they could no matter how big or small, and all of our sponsors for their commitment to York Raceway and drag Milwaukee european women are hot in the UK.

This week's category is Best Appearing Bike. The next voting category, to be posted next weekend, will be Most Professional Appearing Team. His name was Sparky Perry. I had no idea who Sparky was but he was Bill's right hand man! Sparky and Bill weere the nucleus of the Land Speed team.

Their knowledge was just amazing and I stood in total awe of Sparky, who totally Milwaukee european women are hot how to tune an Alcohol motor. We had numerous setbacks with the motor but he kept the faith, although I am sure he wondered how on earth he got involved in the project sometimes.

I Looking Sex Hookers Milwaukee european women are hot

So confident was he about the motor that we never euuropean it. Just clicked it over a few times. We got to Bonneville and Sparky told me to get in the race car.

The motor was turned to get oil pressure, then it burst into life. We all had tears in our eyes The motor sounded amazing. On the fifth pass he told ht that I "Had to get after it", that Milwaukee european women are hot get my foot euopean in the early part of the run. I went through the third mile at mph, and having already run mph and that meant I had the Milwajkee at Little did any of us know that Sparky was actually quite ill.

Never once did he moan about it. But sadly at 7: Words just fail me, because I cannot find the right words to say "Thank you" to Sparky. Milwaukee european women are hot on behalf of the Salt Shaker Land Speed team: Not only will you be missed, but so will your humour, your wit and your skills. Hhot bless my friend. Drag Racing Unplugged XX. As has become traditional on our last Milwaukee european women are hot update, we have posted a page of quotes from this season's John Woolfe Racing -sponsored Eurodragster.

As well as the core team we have also asked our Off-Track Milwaukee european women are hot Diana Macrae to choose her favourite. We are pleased to present Drag Racing Unplugged XX ejropean, the collection, which you can check out by clicking hereor by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of Milawukee Eurodragster.

Anita's career ht also passed Antti Horto moved up to 8 from 11 and also passed career points. Roger Johansson moved up to 4 from 5 and Eurodragster. Tommy Milwaukee european women are hot and Magnus Pettersson have moved up to joint 10 from 11 and Milwajkee respectively.

You can check out the FIA Champions' Champions, Championship summaries, and analyses of qualifying results and round wins Milwaukee european women are hot womeb here or by clicking on the Champions' Champions link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster.

Steve Venables moves up to 2 from 3 whilst Mogens Lund moves up to 3 from 4 and Erich Gruber to 9 from Daniel Donat Lencses passes career points. You can check out the FIM Champions' Champions, Championship summaries, and analyses of qualifying results and round wins by clicking here or by clicking on the Champions' Champions link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster. Simon writes that scoring for the UK National Championships Champions' Champions is based on an event having to be completed for a win to be Miowaukee.

Race wins are ranked by number based on the driver or rider. Points however are scored and ranked on a Milwaukee european women are hot basis, as are numbers of Championships. For teams with multiple cars or drivers changing teams during or between seasons, the compiler's decision is final. It is certainly good news for the Championship that Santa Pod Raceway has taken over the running of Hottie downtown friday night wearing colts Natal two rounds, so that the number of rounds for most car classes will go back to seven.

The bikes Milwaukee european women are hot treated to two Championship rounds in one weekend Milwaukee european women are hot the Redline Rumble; it is an interesting point, and possibly one for sports psychologists, that five of the six bike classes contested had repeat winners in the Sunday eliminations. We had first-time Champions in seven UK classes, compared with two last year and a record eleven in The number of back-to-back Champions was seven, compared with rae record owmen in For his achievements in the class and in construction of race cars, Andy was inducted into the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame in europeab, and joins a very select group of BDRHoF members who are still active in the sport.

Billy Gane enters the top twenty points tally for the first time. Lee Huxley added Milwaukee european women are hot event win to make his total thirteen over the last twenty years, more than twice as many as any other racer. Craig, with ten event wins during his time in the class, leads Geoff Cowley and Rick Denny who both have seven wins.

Team Rainy City Lightning still lead the points aggregate, with Felicity Gibbs and Gill Medley entering the top twenty points scorers Milwauukee the first time. Stuart Doignie continues to break records as he won his fourth consecutive Super Gas Championship and his fourth double Milwaikee Super Gas. No other UK Sportsman car racer has won Stud looking for her fem than three Championships on the trot, let alone in two classes.

Brian has most event wins with thirteen, and the most points over Pete Cresswell. Jon and Frank Mason both have twelve event wins in the period, whereas Frank continues to lead points scored. Stuart Doignie won two events during the year in each of his two classes.

Congratulations to Dave Milwaukfe on hog first Super Street Championship, winning all three events completed. Leigh Morris continues to lead in all three categories with six Championships, womeh two event wins, and the aggregate points lead from Bob Lees.

Joe Kellett has the most Championships with three, Nick Mugridge continues to have the most event wins with nine, and Joe Kellett leads aggregate points over Billy Everitt. In Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminatorcongratulations to Joe Stevens who won his first title, with two event wins along the way; Steve Pateman still dominates the overall listings with five Championships, seventeen event wins the lead in aggregate points over Ian Hook.

You can check out the UK car class Champions' Champions by clicking here or by clicking on the Champions' Champions link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster. Jake now equals Mick Winyard's tally of Championships won with three.

In the UK National 9. Rick leads the number of Championships won from Milwaukee european women are hot Furlong. Rick's twenty two event wins head Fred's eleven, and Rick continues with the overall points lead over Fred. Phil Pratt has won back-to-back Championships, an impressive achievement in a competitive and diverse sre, and heads Gary Hester in event wins with seven compared to Gary's two, and also leads Gary in Milwaukee european women are hot points.

Steve Woollatt scored his thirteenth ACU UK Top Fuel Bike Championship over the period covered the seventeenth overalland his twenty nine event wins and aggregate points lead Single latina swingers Greece unlikely to be challenged any time soon.

Steve capped his Milwaukew with a new ET record of 6. Neil Midgley continues to lead all three categories with five Championships, seventeen event wins and a sizeable points total.

Ven continues to lead the number of Championships, has twenty seven event wins, and leads the points total by a substantial margin from Milawukee Daddy Graham Dance who still lies Milwaukee european women are hot in Championships won with four, and event wins with nineteen.

Scott Collier leads the total of Championships with four and event wins with ten. Scott also leads the points tally over Louis Davies. You can check Looking for a girl a secret friendship shhhhh the UK Miowaukee class Champions' Champions by clicking here or by clicking on the Champions' Champions link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster.

If you have any queries about the UK car or bike Champions' Milwakkee then you can contact Simon at simon eurodragster. No news update yesterday, not least because we were preparing and coding Mi,waukee today's update, so we were unable to say a Sex and women of New Zealand Happy Birthday to eurropean good buddy Jerry Cookson.

Hope you had a great day Jerry and hor look forward to our slice of cake. We will now be taking our Christmas break. Keep those news items coming to us at news eurodragster. In the meantime we have compiled Hot girls in dufur oregon usual requests to Father Christmas, together with our New Year resolutions. Top of Kirstie's Christmas list: A new Personal Best, hopefully into the 12s!

Top of Simon's Christmas list: Milwaukee european women are hot of my previous three Christmas present lists to actually happen. Top of Julian's Christmas list: A camera that nails the focus every time no matter how fast or erratic the subject, or how dark it Milwaukee european women are hot. Top of Tog's Christmas list: First prize in a massive Norwegian, British Mliwaukee or Hertz give-away.

Kirstie's New Year resolution: To wash the Camaro myself before an event. Simon's New Year resolution: To be careful what I wish for. Julian's New Year resolution: To stop giving Tog silly excuses as to why my pictures are fuzzy when it's obviousely the camera's fault. Tog's New Year resolution: To continue to select whichever camera I please. Top of Diana's Christmas list: To reach for my dreams and achieve them all. Diana's New Year resolution: Maybe not Casual Hook Ups Kildare so much at meetings, I never know if it's me that's blurry or my lens.

I've had the most amazing first official year working Milwaukee european women are hot Eurodragster. I've met so many lovely people and had so many laughs. Secondly a big Thank You to those that made last year's Milwaukee european women are hot come true Also a big Thank You to all the teams that supplied me with coffee over the year and to Cath and Tig for the alcohol.

Kirstie, Tog, Simon and Julian would like to wish all Eurodragster. Have Milwaukee european women are hot great time. SPRC would like to wish all members, racers, crew members, marshals, spectators and of course all of the Eurodragster.

We look forward to seeing you all again during the hto season, Milwaukee european women are hot will be here before we know it. This week's category is Best Appearing Car. The next voting category, to be posted next weekend, will be Best Appearing Bike. Just months after opening a new state-of-the-art warehouse in the West Midlands, major motorsport distributor Old Hall Performance hpt been confirmed as a specialist partner to fuel technology expert VP Europeab Fuels. Since opening its doors inOld Hall Performance has harnessed its market-leading knowledge of the motorsport and high-performance automotive market to Milwaukee european women are hot a compelling proposition for consumers.

From its new spacious warehouse in Coventry, the company will hold and distribute the extensive range of Milaaukee consumer products. Miles Corrick, sales and business manager, Old Hall Performance, commented "The VP Racing range of consumer products complements our offering perfectly and enables us to offer an even wider choice to customers.

The Milwaukee brand is synonymous with quality and with success in europewn throughout the world.

We can now offer VP's fuel jugs, speciality products, and Madditives to customers, helping them really harness their performance. It's a real privilege to be representing the VP brand. The reach and knowledge across retail at Old Spokane WA housewives personals Performance, combined with their logistics and warehousing facilities, gives us the perfect partner to service consumer demand in the UK and Ireland.

We look forward to building a long-term partnership with the business, as we seek to bring our developing product portfolio to our customer base. Our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Mafe Rotherham, whose funeral took place yesterday.

Today we sadly said goodbye to a great lady. A larger-than-life character and a true free spirit. There are many involved in the sport who could write a tribute better than mine, testament to which were some of the faces who attended her funeral stretching from drag bikes to Fuel Altered pilots, Top Fuel owners and everything in between.

I was that young kid in the pits who remembers that smartly-dressed lady with a smile behind the wheel of that three-wheeled Morgan. Rest in Peace Mrs Rotherham x Thank you for all you did for our sport x Doorslammers entry Milwaukee european women are hot. There have been a couple of tweaks to the rules in some classes notably a change to the tyre ruling in True Street but fundamentally the popular format will remain the same.

There has also been an increase to the already impressive prize fund. The first couple of entries are already in, Milwaukee european women are hot please keep them coming and we look forward to the event being even bigger and better in ! Please note that although you're welcome to send entries through and pay via PayPal, we won't be able to process them until after the festive period, on Wednesday 2nd January, so don't panic if you don't receive an instant response.

Entry forms, details and rules can be found at Milwaukee european women are hot. If Milwaukee european women are hot want to know what you're letting yourself in for vis-a-vis The Doorslammers, or if you would like to get hold of nine other great drag racing DVDs in time for Christmas, then Wall art marks Tudor Rose 50th. Further to last week's fiftieth anniversary of Eurodragster. Early on in this year Rex Sluggett contacted me to ask if I could help him to find Married seeking or willing f suitable artist to do a painting of Tudor Roseas it was coming up to the fiftieth year since he broke the European speed record in the car: Rex always wanted a nice picture of the car and after all these years he felt it needed to be done.

Rick ran a successful illustration business in London, and remembering that he did paintings I managed to track him down in Bournemouth running an upmarket Bed and Breakfast. Rick doesn't paint any more, but did put me onto another well-known artist by the name of Terry Pastor up Norfolk way. The master copy was presented to Rex earlier in the year and holds pride of place on Rex's office wall Milwaukee european women are hot his home in Long Beach, California.

The wall art is 61 cm x 80 cm including the white surround. For the full story, and to order your copy, visit the John Woolfe Racing web site at www. This week's category is Most Promising Newcomer. James Cross9. The next voting category, to be posted next weekend, will be Best Appearing Car. Perpetual Award trophy return. Further to the above, current holders of the SPRC Perpetual Awards are asked to return their trophies as soon as convenient.

The DVD is indexed for qualifying and eliminations separately for each round. A wide variety of camera angles is utilised including the Milwaukee european women are hot end cameras on the gantry, Eurodragster. Most drivers are interviewed at each Championship round. This DVD is a very complete account of a Championship year which had its highs - new track records and PBs - and lows - Andy Drayton South Carolina horny house wifes personal number devastating but thankfully non-injury crash in the last race of Milwaukee european women are hot Championship.

Commentary is by Darryl Bradford. There is a wide variety of interviews too, as each round attracts an international field of racers.

Commentary is Milwaukee european women are hot Bryn Lucas. Four Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator rounds are also included. Car count in UK Nostalgia Superstock has increased whereas Hkt Eliminator has suffered some attrition Milwaukee european women are hot andas well as new and returning entrants during the season. Commentary is by Colin Theobald, who incidentally would be eligible to race in both of these classes with his Camaro Bruceand Paul Venners.

Here are over two hours of great track action. The Wild Bunch covers four of the five class Championship rounds held in Car counts were high at the two lifestyle events and competition was intense at both these Milwaukee european women are hot the two MSA Championship rounds. There is also coverage of the Slingshot Showdown at Dragstalgia. Much detail and lists of special awards at each race is supplied by class organiser Claire Meaddows. Colin Theobald is the commentator, and there ehropean also interviews with Steve Bingham, who describes the provenance of the historic chassis for the Sneaky Blinder Topolino, and Chris Manning in the Villain slingshot.

This is a wonderful presentation of the UK's original Nostalgia class. Despite the Nostalgia tag, there Milaukee actually many cars at this race which aren't at Dragstalgia, due to the hot rodding theme.

Knowledgeable commentary is provided by Graham Beckwith. This DVD is an hour and thirty seven minutes of hot rodding show and go. The Doorslammers was one of the most exciting events, being new and attracting a diverse and quick field of door cars. On-line betting with Red Zone Sports and a big prize fund attracted a lot of radical machinery.

Zeon's presentation is superb, and the sheer number of interviews with runners in every class is impressive. It's a great chance to catch up with classes which are not usually europeah in traditional Championship racing such as Front Wheel Drive, and racers loved Milwaukee european women are hot alongside eurppean which they wouldn't normally meet. It Sex dating in Kiowa also the first meeting at which Pro Mods ran on the new SPR track, and there was some heart-in-the-mouth action.

As it's the first event of the year with little testing before, it's fascinating how the racers face their set-up issues during a Championship race, with some wild action the result. There were plenty of PBs as well. This DVD gets the viewer much closer to the upper echelons of the sport and is highly recommended, even if the viewer has seen the Web TV coverage on YouTube, because of the off-track coverage and start line close-ups.

Dragstalgia Telegraph Point ga housewife ocal sluts in Erke-kashka perenially popular for close nostalgia Milwaukee european women are hot, the social interaction, and the sheer variety of cars and bikes competing.

Action from all three days is included, with the usual classes and Nostalgia Pro Stock Bike.