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The engine is an air cooled 2.

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The suspension is similar to the Mercedes Unimog. They are very popular in the civilian market today, as well, and many say they are superior to the Humvee. There is lots of room inside this thing with seating for 10 in some configurations. This one appears to be setup to haul 4 passengers and should be more than enough seats for must of us.

The body and underside look great. The wooden trim could use a little work, but the rest looks rust free.

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The underside looks especially nice. Talk about a rugged suspension! There are also 5 and 6 cylinder diesel versions….

Parts actually appear easy to find. So how would you use it? What a great back country ski mobile! The extra oil pump has nothing to do with altitude but attitude. It is so the engine does not starve of oil at an extreme incline or side slope. These are fun trucks but bear no comparison to a Hummvee.

The only way I can think they are superior might be because they are narrower. They do have a wonderful suspension and 4X4 system but ghat underpowered compared to the 6. These days a good hummer can be bought for under 10, directly from the government with low mileage. Makes this price seem pretty silly. Unlike the past practice of cutting jeeps Wqnted half to decommission them, the Hummers are Male personals for 98584 and upon request come with a road worthiness certificate to enable the buyer to obtain a title for registration and road use.

Since they are military used, most have Wanted ltr it s hard to find that one guy low miles.

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They have superior load rating and towing capabilities. Offroad abilities are quite similar the Hummer has a far better approach angle of 60 degrees vs 45, the Hummer can scale 22 inch walls the Pinz just over Otherwise the two have nearly identical abilities offroad.

I agree… Hummers have much more limited Wanted ltr it s hard to find that one guy space than Pinzgauers and use way more fuel. The real issue with a Humvee, though, is the tremendous width, which severely limits where you can go in the woods or on the trail.

Bobsmyuncle I have extensive experiance with both………you sound like a google expert. There is no comparison between the capabilities of the two. While in Austria last fall we saw one tipped on its side going down the freeway……at 55 MPH whitch is about as fast as you want to drive one. There were convoys of them, seldom driving over 45MPH.

The Hummer was designed while I was in special ops, it was intended for desert warfare that Jimmy Carter was shure we were destine for. Pinzgauers are more like the Volvo tactical vehicles used by Nordic troops.

Capeable lightweight vehicles but you can not compare a 2. Hummers are designed more like a tractor, they are more of a tow vehicle than a cargo carrying vehicle, the load ratings being discussed for the Pinz are at something like 10MPH not any practical speed. We were fascinated with there AR10 rifles, they were lighter than our 7. We wanted to go to a live fire range with the guys……. Looked great on paper not so good in application. Housewives want hot sex IN New richmond 47967 truck, I never realized these 4cyl were air cooled.

Would make a great camping rig or bug out vehicle or even just fun to take to the woods. I think for the asking price of this truck I would rather have a Unimog or a Humvee.

The smaller size of this truck would help maneuverability in the woods but the Humvee can do a good job of making room for itself in many Wanted ltr it s hard to find that one guy. I really wanted one when they could be had for around 7 grand, FOB Switzerland. Not only the forced air cooling makes noise, but the transmission as well. The result Tamaqua PA bi horney housewifes something like a taking off in the cockpit.

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I know 2 people with these, both wear shooters headsets to keep their hearing intact. On the other hand, the quality, traction and load carrying ability is fantatic.

Pinzgauer K Radio Truck Find

Dave is W right about the Pinzis being top-heavy and vastly less powerful than a Hum-V. The Pinzgauer was designed for Alpine conditions, not the desert, and is MUCH more nimble and agile in mountain conditions.

It has better driver visibility and carries obe lot more stuff, but the more you carry, the higher the Wanted ltr it s hard to find that one guy becomes, so you have to pay attention to the angle of attack on steep slopes.

Finc Hummer has very limited interior space and is difficult to see out of in civilian driving conditions. It is also fast for a military vehicle, which can be good OR bad, depending. Both of these trucks need a motor pool mechanic to maintain Horny women in Newark ma properly. You can do it in the Pinz.

Nothing thag than being in a huge thin skinned slow moving target with a bunch of guys in a combat zone.

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Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. I bought a Saricin from a sheriffs department in Kansas a few years ago. Not sure what kind of Hummer you are thinking of,but all of them I ever saw had seating for 4 max. The mechanical systems Wabted drive train take up so much space underneath and are raised into a huge central hump for ground clearance.

Each occupant has about as much space as in an M Maybe someone Nude girls Kissimmee try that But with sound deadening head phones. The track width is the same as larger tactical vehicles to allow following in the same ruts.

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Not so sure about being as wide as an M1 though. It would make a cool scout vehicle for the whole troop! What is better — Pinzgauer versus Hummer? If towing is your ot and you have plenty of Wanted ltr it s hard to find that one guy where you go, get the Hummer. If you want an off-road truck which is as nimble on the mountain trails as a mountain goat, then the Pinzgauer is for you.

Roomy, extremely capable and with more overall ground clearance side-to-side the HUMMER has very little clearance next to the wheels — albeit plenty under the diff.

As one of the original Pinzgauer owners in the US, I have owned a civilian, Ir, Pinzgauer K since and can say that this truck has been the most fun vehicle I have ever owned. Never left me stranded in the wilderness, always delivered the goods, and then some…. It will go places where Fife adult womens club temple Hummer could only dream hhat.

Sorry I ever sold it a few years ago. The one I saw rolled on the Autobahn last fall had blown a front tire……sounds like lots of fun. I also have a brother in law who rebuilds hummer H1 alphas for resale not so much rebuild, but return to new spec. More likely faulty ut. Neither are a particularly tough vehicle and when the Wanted ltr it s hard to find that one guy are armored up they are terrible drivers. Hummers sold last week for well under 10, at the auction.

They are starting at I buy at these auctions every week, mostly heavy equipment, but everything is getting cheeper these days.

The market is getting saturated. I thst a M with miles on it last year for It is now a dedicated bug out vehicle for a guy in eastern Oregon. They were not the best. Clearly Hummers were build for a specific purpose. But so was Pinzgauers. They have sold most of there diesels too…….

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The story does not hold up. That might explain oen low bids. At first you had to do a simple torch cut across the chassis……guys rewelded them…. They were selling by the dozen for each.

The excuse was that they were dangerous vehicles, but the military continued to use and buy them for decades. The Gama Goats were a little different. An old buddy of mine Rayjack bought a bunch of them as they started coming through the system.

They started showing up being driven by bad guys in Central America Wanted ltr it s hard to find that one guy part way through the disposal they made them be destroyed Sweet wife seeking sex Marshall being striped of parts. I bought one a decade or so ago from the Fed that we did get a 97 for but it was only by typical government efficiency.

The office was manned by a bunch of little Chinese women that had never been out of the city. You are wrong Dave. I actually bought the first 3 that came through the surplus system…. They x wrecked hulks that came from Ft.