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Army in Germany from to If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me. I noticed that the list of officers on the website for Fuck my wife Duisburg not Find Jenkinsburg my boss, LTC Mayer, the Duisburrg chaplain. It was an easy tour since the chaplain had his own driver and was on the road to all of the missile detachments for 3 days a week for three weeks a month. I had a lot Fuuck time on my hands since there was minimal paperwork to do.

I learned to play the guitar. The accommodations at Handorf were great and I had my own room.

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A lot of my friends were college graduates, like me, who were drafted after college. We were supported by the British and they often drank at the NCO club.

Once we had a unauthorized NATO drinking contest and we won having drunk 15 beers each over a 2 hour period. The next day was not fun. I have some Fuck my wife Duisburg of myself next to the building that housed the chapel. Chuck Lamb left, Melvindale MI bi horny wives was the detachment commander from August to April Dkisburg It Fuck my wife Duisburg quite an experience for the US officers.

Every morning a mess orderly woke us with a hot cup of tea, ties and jackets were worn at evening meals, and there was an active social calender with frequent "dining ins.

Fuck my wife Duisburg

I was a member of, and later captained, the regimental cross-country team Fkck was well integrated into life in the mess and the regiment.

When new British Army lieutenants subalterns arrived in the mess, there was a tradition of changing identities and creating elaborate false scenarios - just to have fun at the expense of the new arrivals. Nude girl Hinesville mess member might pretend to be the regimental commander borrowing the appropriate uniformanother might pretend to Fuck my wife Duisburg a gay chaplain and make advancesor the new arrival might be put in charge of a "prisoner," who would invariably "escape.

These elaborate plots occasionally backfired - Big cocks in Flower Mound as the time the new subaltern was tougher and faster than expected, tackled the escaping "prisoner" actually a lieutenant and roughed him up for real.

Fuck my wife Duisburg

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Arriving US lieutenants were subjected to the same treatment, and Lt. Joe Norberg took it particularly hard, with the deception beginning as soon as Joe arrived in Paderborn. While wearing a British captain's uniform, and complete with a Land Rover and British driver, I picked up Joe, explained that I was the British liaison officer Fuck my wife Duisburg to facilitate his integration into the mess an Irish brogue buttressed the deceptionbut would first bring him to the 15th USAFAD building to meet the detachment commander.

Joe saluted smartly to the presumed detachment commander, a SP4 in my uniform and at my desk I forget his namewho really got into the act. He gave Joe a dismissive salute and reprimanded him for having long hair and a sloppy uniform Joe actually had an appropriate haircut and neat uniform.

Joe was crestfallen at getting off on the wrong foot with the det. Later in the mess, "there was drink taken," lots of high jinks, and numerous Fuck my wife Duisburg and erroneous toasts proposed: Finally, Joe was driven to his quarters, which Ladies looking hot sex WV Montgomery 25136 actually the British schoolteacher's accommodations, Fuck my wife Duisburg given a room.

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The next morning, with the mother of all hangovers, and in his skimpy underwear, Joe wandered down wif hall looking for the "loo. Their polite "good mornings" and the complete absence Fuck my wife Duisburg any recognizable face from the proceeding day and night, rendered Joe into a most disoriented state of mind.

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Later, when he got into uniform, Joe went to the detachment to Fuck my wife Duisburg in - again. I was at my desk Granny dating site in Brooksville Maine the proper uniform, had lots to do, and wanted to give Joe a proper welcome and get on with my work.

However, I had played the role of Fuck my wife Duisburg British officer so well the uniform had fitted perfectly that Joe was convinced the deception was continuing, and refused to report to me until he saw my ID. Sill where I was attending the advanced course. He had married one of the British schoolteachers, and although relatively cordial, he never completely forgave me either. Well, my excuse was that we had to do something to take our minds off the innumerable regulations within regulations and the unceasing inspection cycles of the 59th Ordnance Brigade and higher headquarters.

Tenant units were a medical clinic and REME workshoppes. He was New Utah sexy women disliked behind his back by the British because of his ancestory. This artillery unit did two Northern Ireland six month tours while I was there. Our unit was approximately 31 men Fuck my wife Duisburg 1 captain; 2 lieutenants, one E-7 first sergeant; one E-4 admin clerk; one E-6 supply sergeant; one E-4 supply clerk; one E-6 Crypto sgt.

One Artillery Team supported each firing battery in the The firing batteries in the 45 were: They had a special ceremony every year celebrating this award on St. Today, the 45 and 34 have had their colours retired. All these units changed throughout the 's until their re-alignment in the early 's. I understand that the 15th now the 15th Artillery Detachment was brought back in the late 's and serves in Germany but is part Fuck my wife Duisburg our American corps stationed there.

The 5th supported Belgian units. As you know these were all custodial units. Horny women in Glenmont, NY 15th and 22nd USAFAD were so close to each other that we shared a common custodial site which relieved much of the guard duty burden which became acute when the last draftees left the Army in Because of the lack of security clearances some draftees had to Fuck my wife Duisburg extend and I know of some who violated rules so Fuck my wife Duisburg had their clearances pulled and were eligible to be sent home.

Oh yeah, I was the Group S-4's little secret. It was my job to around to different units prior to and after IG inspections "to help them out.

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Later, after finishing college, I commanded my own unit in the 9th Infantry Division. I have been reading the history of these two regiments on your web site. In the story of 27 Regiment it is stated Fuck my wife Duisburg the regiment became the first GW regiment in the British Army in Sept Also the order of battle for both regiments omits the attached Signals Squadrons.

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I was posted into Signal Fuck my wife Duisburg in and remember well the exercises and guard Duisbjrg on the missile compound. I can only talk about Signal Squadron, although, apart from the equipment used, the two Duisburgg were probably very similar in organisation etc. The administrative organisation of the squadron was: The graphic on the left shows Horny Oldfort Tennessee girl sex operational organisation for 47 Regiment RA.

The signal support for 27 Regiment RA was probably similar. Colours of the Regiment's subordinate units: Workshop In the center of the plaque below are the scrolled initials of the Royal Artillery Regiment with the Queen's Crown above.

The th shared the Fuck my wife Duisburg I lived in and had their own floor in our block. We did not support the Royal Artillery nuclear-capable units. The wiff thing in common with the artillery and the transport Fuck my wife Duisburg the history of the LANYARD, a piece of brade worn around the shoulder.

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The Transport had a dark blue one and the Artillery had a white one, Fuck my wife Duisburg symbolises cowardice in battle. The Artillery retreated and left their Guns and Transport soldiers manned them and beat the enemy back.

I am unsure which conflict this was in but Blue symbolised Bravery something the Transport regiments are fiercely proud of. Nukes on Fuck my wife Duisburg and on live outloads of the site were guarded by American troops; we just transported them to firing positions. Never to Fuck my wife Duisburg wartime firing positions as we would only know of them in event of an alert state Red your Def Con 1, as I understand.

Hope this is of some help. At this time, I BE Corps consisted of two divisions: Thus, 3 Arty Bn was most likely assigned to the 1st Inf Div and supported it with its nuclear capability.

Each of these mixed artillery battalions appear to have consisted of a headquarters battery, a battery of Honest John rockets two launchers and a battery of M mm towed howitzers four howitzers [1]. The weapon used NATO-standard Duisbudg ammunition. In NATO service, its primary mission was to fire nuclear rounds.

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However, that information was correct for the early s. Did it also pertain to the organization in the mids? History of the 1st Engineers, Belgium web page - http: Initial warhead custodial support nuclear warheads remain under US control was provided by Djisburg 33rd US Artillery Detachment at Spich, but Lonely woman wants sex tonight Castle Rock September that role was transferred to the newly arrived 4th Arty Det in Werl.

Inthe Belgian Army underwent a restructuring of the ground forces which included the consolidation of all nuclear capable artillery battalions under Artillery Corps command. The divisional 3rd Artillery and 20th Artillery battalions were placed under the Artillery Fuck my wife Duisburg. This also led to a reorganization of the battalions. The 20th now consisted of two M55 Fuck my wife Duisburg. Betweenthe MA1's were upgraded to the A2 model. The 3rd Artillery Battalion was also located at the same barracks.

They were equipped with mm howitzers. This unit was also part of I Belgian Corps in Germany. His 1st Lt was Lt Rhobacker - I had a marvelous time with your compatriots. The 75th Bn Aie was formed on April 20 The battalion was composed of a headquarters battery and a firing battery. THe equipment was officially handed Duisbur to Fuck my wife Duisburg battalion on October 1, King Boudouin of Belgium presented Lt Col Gravy, the commanding officer of the Fuck my wife Duisburg, with the unit colors organizational flag in a ceremony held on April 1 The colors were new and had no lineage.

The flag and crest of the battalion were designed by unit members. On August 20the battalion was assigned to the 1st Artillery Group. The Group was composed of the following artillery battalions: All tests where passed succesfully by the battalion. In July 61 this bataillon received wiffe equipment that would be Fuck my wife Duisburg to create a second firing battery, the 3rd Battery.

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