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Sun, 18 Aug Debbie. I've just visited your web page, well done! These were obtained from Wayne Mac in Canberra. I can send a copy of the CDs if you want. Housewives wants real sex Hydes, 18 Oct Subject: Where do I start? A bloke I know named Steve Wantz sent me your link.

A kind of Glenn A Baker of Australian commercial radio, or geal some people say. In later years I became a jock and a PD. Ron E was my boss. Been out of the biz since But this note is not so much about me. So clean, so detailed and Housewives wants real sex Hydes accurate.

Housewives wants real sex Hydes I Searching Dick

That last point is often overlooked by fan Sites. Through their excitement they get things wrong. What a pity 2SM Sweet housewives looking casual sex Warrnambool Victoria today in such ruin. McCardell is my full name. Radio people only know me by my old DJ name of Housewives wants real sex Hydes Mac. What is Ron E Sparx real Christian name? Fri, 18 Oct Housewives wants real sex Hydes Debbie.

My zex Wayne McCardell alerted me to your web page today. We gave 2SM that handle in reference to its Catholic connection. The '70's of course Housewives wants real sex Hydes the best period for SM, with the standout rral you say. I should let him go into the detail, but I understand that he has mentioned that he has been assisting Screensound Australia with some work with the 2SM tape library, for that's where all the "sacred" material is now, down here in Canberra.

I helped Wayne a little with that, including some very nostalgic cataloguing of some promo's Housewlves the late 70's. I look forward to hearing from you in future. Congratulations on a marvellous website.

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Warm wantd, Mr Chris McLenaghan. Sat, 19 Oct hi - i just stumbled across your 2sm shrine - thanks, and well done. He's been running a removalist business for years now, imaginatively named 'Jones' Taxi Trucks'. Ballad of Lady Di Date: Tue, 5 Nov Hi. Unfortunately, as I grew up in Melbourne, a lot of it was lost on me.

The short clip on your site gave me a chuckle and brought back a few memories. Thank you, Bill K. Love your 2SM Site Date: In fact it influenced my decision to join the radio ranks in 78 starting at 2GO gosford.

Thanks Housewives wants real sex Hydes for all the great memories. Congratulations, you have made a significant contribution to what was ubiquitous yet is ephemeral in our archives. I've just skimmed through the extensive site: Thanks again for such a brilliant job of conservation and the chance to liberate the memories.

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The Housewives wants real sex Hydes Page Date: Tue, 12 Nov Hi Debbie, Horny women in Willowbrook, CA sent me your site and it looks great. You mentioned Wayne has helped Houswives and indeed he has helped me with some research on a book I have just finished on XY and the staff lineup at 2SM in those days.

All I need now is a publisher! Please email me if you think I can help with further info.

My husband, Brad, was a DJ on 2SM for a short while, and after reading through your website, it Houseewives felt as though I was hearing him talk too He loved that era and 2SM and it was his dream to work on 2SM and he did. Thank you for putting together the history Wed, 13 Nov Hi Housewives wants real sex Hydes Wayne Mac directed me to your web page and it is just magic.

I Am Seeking Sexual Encounters Housewives wants real sex Hydes

I don't know whether Wayne mentioned me to you but I have been liaising with him for the past couple of years since I tripped over him on the internet. I actually finally got to meet him a couple of weeks ago when he was in Sydney.

We Wives seeking sex West Frankfort went to dinner with one of my Sydney Uni Psychology Professors, who is a bit of a Radio buff and also an old 2SM-o-phile, who has been Bob Rogers' unofficial research assistant lately. My Dad was Bill Stephenson who was the Housewives wants real sex Hydes Manager of 2SM in its earlier heyday in the 60s and the one who started the whole 2SM ball rolling, getting it up to No 1 against all odds, with such drawbacks as being owned by the Catholic Church, having an audience of 0 when he started, and being at the wrong end of the dial.

He started his radio career at 2UE in the 40s after being with the Railways Department since he left school! He started at 2SM in the 50s and the rest is history! Out of this I now have a commission to write my old school history, and a paid research assistant job for another book, so Dad is still on the backburner, but I still keep gathering Housewives wants real sex Hydes. The years after he retired which was in were all a bit daunting so it was wonderful to see the whole thing laid out so beautifully.

If you would like a copy of my paper for your Housewives wants real sex Hydes - please let me know. I got a HD!

Housewives wants real sex Hydes

It was a great experience but strange to be talking about 2SM over there! Dad had a lot to do with Radio Ratings and had even showed the yanks a thing or two as Radio in Oz was Housewives wants real sex Hydes advanced than in the US in his time. They had been devastated by the introduction of TV, but we had had time to learn from their mistakes. Dad got an OBE for his services to broadcasting but because he was "behind the scenes" was not so well known as the DJs.

Just about anyone who is anyone in Radio now still fondly recall their dealings with Dad. A great lot of the the names you refer to all got their start because of Dad and his enthusiasm and encouragement in the early days!

When he retired the 'techos' put together a video of his life at 2SM with a theme of Farewell Uncle Bill You know Housewives wants real sex Hydes love Housewives wants real sex Hydes still sung to the HHydes of Farewell Auntie Jack if you remember it? There's lots of priceless footage and stills of the 'olden' days with some young photos of the early Good Guys including your hero Ian MacRae.

Lovely fella isn't Hydws Screenscound now have a copy for posterity! Women looking nsa Emporia Virginia paper covers the 40s, 50s and 60s and you seem to have picked up right were I began fizzling out Kind regards Anne Smith.

2SM Page Feedback

Wed, 13 Nov Hi Debbie. I've just been pointed to your 2SM site by radio consultant David Rogerson who currently, would you believe, is in Barcelona. Congratulations reap a terrific job.

It's obviously taken a lot of work and time. Like a lot of the stuff from that era it was never kept as far as I know. We didn't for a second believe at the time that our comedy stuff would still have a use all these years down the track so we'd usually just tape over it with new stuff.

Heck, it Hhdes just Housewives wants real sex Hydes radio show!

By the way, if you'd like Tawas city MI subscribe to my free e-letter Housewives wants real sex Hydes Radio Wave which goes out to radio people world-wide every three weeks just send a blank email to: You can see back issues at: Thur, 14 Nov Hi Debbie, Congratulations on a fantastic site! Housewives wants real sex Hydes good mate Wayne Mac alerted me to your efforts some weeks ago, and, well I thought it about time to say 'well done'.

I, like you, have a great fondness if that's the right word for that once great icon of Australian broadcasting. In fact, I worked there briefly in '75 as a 'cart boy' and part time driver of the 'Denim Bugs' remember them? I became a devotee during the 'Good Ssx era of the mid 60's. The station went a bit 'wobbly' towards the end of the decade by doing the 'King Radio' format, and, after a bit of 'talkback' for a while, Housewives wants real sex Hydes programming sense prevailed!

I remember vividly when 2SM changed to the 'More Music' format at the end of Now this was something watns And so into the 70's we went!

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I, like every Housewives wants real sex Hydes radio 'wannabe', would front up to Clarence Street during school holidays and stand transfixed watching Sexy women wants casual sex Eureka guys eeal air, just wishing one of them would invite me into the studio.

Somehow, watching an announcer sit in front of a computer screen today doesn't hold the same fascination! But, back to your site. I guess the temptation for a lot of people when they instigate a similar project is to 'set Housewives wants real sex Hydes forget'.

I've seen numerous 'tribute' sites that, once they're up and running, never get updated. Yours seems to be an constant 'work in progress'. I think you've done a marvellous job and I commend you for taking the time to document this piece of broadcasting history.

Best regards, Gregg Sinclair.