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I could care less what you look like

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September 11, 1: September 11, 9: Nice summary of Chapter 6 of Rules and RepresentationsChomsky September 11, Sure — carw permission No — grants permission Yes — by strict rules denies permission but in reality is I could care less what you look like taken Hostin in hotel Mississauga mean this in popular speech.

So in fact this usage seems to be largely rhetorical in the mind of the asker, with permission seeming all but impossible to deny. I first heard "I could care less" in the army in the 50s, and wondered at it.

loo Later when it became general I decided it had spread from the army. The Ngram viewer does show it as originating from the 50s at least in books.

But army origin — who knows.

I Really Could Care Less, So I Wrote This Article - GeekDad

Bruce Healthy people deny permission by saying things like "Better not," "I'd prefer you didn't," "That doesn't sound like a good idea," etc. The linguistically prurient, on the other hand, have a difficult time getting over the words to the ideas, and thus wind up saying things like, "Well, yes, actually, I DO mind," etc.

September 11, 2: In the vein of ambiguous phrases. If today is Monday, does "Next Tuesday" occur tomorrow or 8 days from now? Conversely, if it is Wednesday, does Last Tuesday refer to Yesterday or 8 days ago? wjat

Wants Sex Dating I could care less what you look like

Something to chew on. I used to have a circumstance, but I can't remember what is now where Next Week and This Week were the same week. September 11, 6: A classics teacher at my school England set "I couldn't care less" as an expression to translate into Latin.

If I recall over 50 years laterhe was looking for "Non potui minus curare. JS Of course there are various ways to evade the trap and deny permission, but it seems to me people who ask for permission this way are presuming permission has already been given.

September 11, 7: If I am not in a good mood or don't like somebody making a request like that, and I want to deny permission, I sometimes say, "Yes, I do mind.

Bohemian Grove - Wikipedia

I could care less what you look like 11, 8: There is turn of phrase from England not current in the US: It's perfectly current in West Virginia at least, though it flummoxed my contemporaries at Indiana U.

I don't think I've ever encountered the latter version. I haven't seen any evidence that the Army was responsible for the early spread of "could care I like to fuck Millry Alabama. September 12, vould The 2 negatives particles have vanished there, and yet the expression is no doubt negative.

It looks like it is widespread and has even a wiktionary article:.

September 12, 5: September 13, 7: I'm more concerned that faceless-black-haired character with whom we are meant to agree rather than with faceless-blondie thinks language is best understood as a tool to 'make others feel what you want them to feel'.

September 13, 9: I'd say "Monday week", not "This Monday week". Whwt unambiguously means "not the very next Monday, but the one a week later".

chevrolet k vin: 1gbjke chrysler vin: 1c3cccab3fn Bohemian Grove is a restricted 2,acre (1, ha) campground located at Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, United States, belonging to a private San Francisco–based gentlemen's club known as the Bohemian mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a more than two-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world. For Trump’s allies, the depth of his unpopularity is an urgent cause for alarm. “You can’t govern this country with a forty-per-cent approval rate.

September 13, 4: The expression is conspicuously absent in Scotland, and indeed is something of a Shibboleth: Scottish is "a week on Monday". September 15, 2: September 17, 3: There's a problem with the dates on those quotations, which are taken from Google Books, and liok to have been mislabeled the publication date given is that of the first volume of the series, not the volume where the quotation appears.

Feeding Goldfish Peas: A Detailed Walk-Through (with Images)Complete Goldfish Care

For example, the second quote supposedly from appears to be by Congressman Fred Schwengelwho was in office between and with one interruption. September 17, 4: Actually, in the New Yorker case, it seems the book was at one point mislabeled with the wrong volume information.

It's now correctly listed in Google Books as vol. The quote is actually from the Nov. The reference to preaching the prosperity gospel is a bit of a giveaway that it's not from RSS feed for comments on this post.

Not caring about how you look to other people is one of the most It may be cliché, but as soon as you actually let yourself ~be It's clear gel is less noticeable than acne patches, and you can also wear it on its own. When unsure as to which definition should be applied, it can help to judge the person's When people say 'I could care less', what they are actually saying is. And just like broccoli, her grammar correction always left a bad taste in If you could care less, you're saying that you care some, which is the.

Home About Comments policy. Caring, more or less September 11, 1: And ends like this: