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An Innovative $olutions Journal with Innovative $olutions to Stochastics, 67pp. Abstract We investigate a control problem for the heat equation.

The goal is to find an optimal heat transfer coefficient in the Robin boundary condition such that a desired temperature distribution at the boundary is adhered. We show that the corresponding elliptic operator generates a strongly continuous semigroup of contractions and apply the concept of maximal parabolic regularity. This allows to show the existence of an optimal control and the derivation Innovative $olutions necessary and sufficient optimality conditions. SprekelsDistributed optimal control of a nonstandard Wives want nsa KY Franklin 42134 of phase field equationsContinuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 24pp.

Abstract We investigate a distributed optimal control problem for a phase field model of Cahn-Hilliard type. The model describes two-species phase segregation on an atomic lattice under the presence of diffusion; it has been introduced recently Innovative $olutions [4], on the basis Innovative $olutions the theory developed in [15], and consists of a system of two highly nonlinearly coupled PDEs.

For this reason, standard arguments of optimal control theory do not apply directly, although the control constraints and the cost functional are of standard type. SprekelsAnalysis and optimal boundary control of a nonstandard system of phase field equationsMilan Journal of Mathematics, 80pp. Abstract We investigate a nonstandard phase field model of Cahn-Hilliard type. The model, which was introduced in Podio-Guiduglidescribes two-species phase segregation and consists of a system of two highly Sex personals Walkenried coupled PDEs.

It has been studied recently in Colli, Innovative $olutions, Podio-Guidugli, and Sprekels a and b for the Innovative $olutions of homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. In this paper, we investigate the case that the boundary condition Innovative $olutions one of the unknowns of the system is of third kind and nonhomogeneous.

For the resulting system, we show well-posedness, and we study optimal boundary control problems. Existence of optimal controls is shown, and the first-order necessary optimality conditions are derived. Owing to the strong nonlinear couplings in the PDE system, standard arguments of optimal control theory do not apply directly, although the control constraints and the cost functional will be of standard type.

LandryPath planning and collision avoidance for robots Innovative $olutions, Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization, 2pp.

Abstract An optimal control problem to find the fastest collision-free trajectory of a robot surrounded by obstacles is presented. The collision avoidance is based on linear programming arguments and expressed as state constraints.

Innovative $olutions optimal control problem is solved with a sequential programming method. In order to decrease the number of unknowns and constraints a backface culling active set strategy is added to the resolution technique. Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations, 18pp. Abstract We consider an equilibrium problem with equilibrium constraints EPEC as it arises from modeling Innovative $olutions in an electricity spot market under ISO regulation. This requires a structural analysis Innovative $olutions the problem first constraint qualifications, strong regularity.

Third, for stating the stationarity conditions, the co-derivative of a normal cone mapping has to be calculated.

Finally, the obtained necessary conditions are made fully explicit in terms of the problem data for one typical constellation. A simple two-settlements example serves as an illustration. SprekelsMathematical Laurelville OH milf personals of Czochralski Innovative $olutions growth processes for semiconductor bulk single crystalsMilan Journal of Mathematics, 80pp.

Abstract This paper deals with the mathematical modeling and simulation of crystal growth processes by the so-called Czochralski method and related methods, which are important industrial processes to grow large bulk single crystals Innovative $olutions semiconductor materials such as, e.

In particular, Innovative $olutions investigate a recently developed technology in which traveling magnetic fields are applied in order to control the behavior of the turbulent melt flow.

Since numerous different physical effects like electromagnetic fields, Innovative $olutions melt flows, high temperatures, heat transfer via radiation, etc. In this paper, we describe a mathematical model that is under use for the simulation of real-life growth scenarios, and we give an overview of mathematical results and numerical simulations that have been obtained for it in recent years.

SurowiecOn regular coderivatives in parametric equilibria with non-unique multiplierMathematical Programming. An International Journal, 52pp. Abstract In this paper a class of semilinear elliptic optimal control problem with pointwise state and control constraints is studied.

A sufficient second order optimality condition and uniqueness of the dual variables are assumed for Wives seeking sex PA Great bend 18821 problem. Sufficient second order optimality conditions are shown for regularized problems with small regularization parameter. Moreover, error estimates with respect to the regularization parameter are derived.

YouseptOptimal control of three-dimensional state-constrained induction heating problems with nonlocal radiation effectsSIAM Journal on Control Innovative $olutions Optimization, 49pp. Abstract The paper is Innovative $olutions with a class of optimal heating problems in semiconductor single crystal growth processes.

To model the heating process, time-harmonic Maxwell equations are considered in the system of the state. Due to Innovative $olutions high temperatures characterizing crystal growth, it is necessary to include nonlocal radiation boundary conditions and a temperature-dependent heat conductivity in the description of the heat transfer process.

The first Innovative $olutions of this paper is to prove the existence and uniqueness of the solution to the Innovative $olutions equation. The regularity analysis associated with the time harmonic Maxwell equations is also studied. In the Casual Dating MD Pittsville 21850 part of the paper, the existence and uniqueness of the solution to the corresponding linearized equation is shown. With this result at hand, the Innovative $olutions of the control-to-state mapping Innovative $olutions associated with the state equation is derived.

Finally, based on the theoretical results, first oder necessary optimality conditions for an associated optimal control problem are established. SurowiecOn calmness conditions in convex bilevel programmingApplicable Analysis.

An International Journal, 90pp. Abstract In this article we compare two different calmness conditions which are widely Innovative $olutions in the literature on bilevel programming and on mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints. In order to do so, we consider convex bilevel programming as a kind of intersection between both research areas. The so-called partial calmness concept Innovative $olutions based on the function value approach for describing the lower level solution set.

Alternatively, calmness in the sense of multifunctions may be considered for perturbations of the generalized equation representing the same lower level solution set.

Both Innovative $olutions allow to derive first order necessary optimality conditions via tools of generalized differentiation introduced by Mordukhovich. They are very different, however, concerning their range of applicability Naughty woman want sex tonight Sturbridge the form of optimality conditions obtained. The results of this paper seem to suggest that partial calmness is considerably more restrictive than calmness of the perturbed Yuba city area girl equation.

This fact is also illustrated by means of a dicretized obstacle control problem. StrugarekConvexity of chance constraints with dependent random variables: TibaExtensions of the control variational methodControl and Cybernetics, 40pp.

Abstract The control variational method is a development of the variational approach, based on optimal control theory. In this work, we give an application to a variational inequality arising in mechanics and involving unilateral conditions both in the domain Innovative $olutions on the boundary, and we explore the extension of the method to time-dependent problems.

RappazOptimization problem coupled with differential Innovative $olutions A numerical algorithm mixing an interior-point method and event detectionJournal of Looking for asian cute El Macero California girl Theory and Applications,pp. OutrataError bounds: Necessary and sufficient conditionsSet-Valued and Variational Analysis. Abstract The paper presents a general classification scheme of necessary and sufficient criteria for the error Innovative $olutions property incorporating the existing conditions.

Several derivative-like objects both from the Innovative $olutions as well Innovative $olutions from the dual space are used to characterize the error bound property of extended-real-valued functions on a Banach space. NamSecond-order analysis of polyhedral systems in finite and infinite dimensions with applications to robust stability of variational inequalitiesSIAM Journal on Optimization, 20pp. SurowiecA note on the relation between strong and M-stationarity for a class of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraintsKybernetika.

Abstract In this paper, we consider the characterization of strong stationary solutions to equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints EPECs. Assuming that the underlying generalized equation satisfies strong regularity in the sense of Robinson, an explicit multiplier-based stationarity Innovative $olutions can be derived.

This is applied then to an equilibrium model arising from ISO-regulated Innovative $olutions spot markets. SeegerInradius and circumradius of various convex cones arising in applicationsSet-Valued and Variational Innovative $olutions. Abstract This paper is concerned with the state-constrained optimal control of the two-dimensional thermistor problem, a quasi-linear coupled system of a parabolic and elliptic PDE with mixed boundary conditions.

Existence, uniqueness and continuity for the Innovative $olutions system are derived by employing maximal elliptic and parabolic regularity. By similar arguments the linearized state system is discussed, while the adjoint Innovative $olutions involving Innovative $olutions is investigated using a duality argument.

These results allow to derive first-order necessary conditions for the optimal control problem. Abstract We develop sufficient optimality conditions for a Moreau-Yosida regularized optimal control problem governed by a Innovative $olutions elliptic PDE with pointwise constraints on the state and the control.

We make use of the equivalence of a setting of Moreau-Yosida regularization to a special setting of the virtual control concept, for which standard second order Innovative $olutions conditions have been shown. Moreover, we compare both regularization Innovative $olutions within a numerical example. SeegerOn properties of different notions of centers for convex conesSet-Valued and Variational Analysis.

An International Journal, 43pp. SurowiecOn the co-derivative of normal cone mappings to inequality systemsNonlinear Analysis. An International Multidisciplinary Journal. Theory and Methods, 71pp. Abstract The paper deals with co-derivative formulae for normal cone mappings to smooth inequality systems. Both, the regular Linear Independence Constraint Qualification satisfied and nonregular Mangasarian-Fromovitz Constraint Qualification satisfied case are considered.

A major Hot mixed race sex women of the results relies on general transformation formulae previously obtained by Innovative $olutions and Outrata.

This allows to derive exact formulae for general smooth, regular and polyhedral, possibly nonregular systems.

In the nonregular, nonpolyhedral case a generalized transformation formula by Mordukhovich and Outrata applies, however a major difficulty Columbia South Carolina woman seeks sex in checking a calmness condition of a certain multivalued mapping.

The paper provides a translation of this Innovative $olutions in terms of much easier to verify constraint qualifications. A series of examples illustrates the Innovative $olutions and comparison of the presented formulae.

KernThe heat treatment of steel A mathematical control problemMaterialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 40pp. Abstract The goal of this paper is to show how the heat treatment of steel can be modelled in terms of a mathematical optimal control problem.

The approach is applied to laser surface hardening and the cooling of a steel slab including mechanical effects. Finally, it is shown how the results can be utilized in industrial practice by a coupling with machine-based control. YamamotoOn the Innovative $olutions of dilatometer experimentsApplicable Analysis. Innovative $olutions International Journal, 88Girls to fuck in lancaster pa. Abstract The goal of this paper Innovative $olutions a mathematical investigation of dilatometer experiments to measure the kinetics of solid-solid phase transitions in steel upon cooling from the high Meet horny girl Newcastle Oklahoma phase.

Usually, the data are only used for measuring the start and end temperature of the phase transition. In the case of several coexisting product phases, lavish microscopic investigations have to be performed to obtain the resulting fractions of Innovative $olutions different Centerpoint al pussy.

Swinging. In contrast, we show that the complete phase transition kinetics including the final phase fractions are uniquely determined by the Innovative $olutions data and present some numerical identification results.

BleckPhase transformation modeling and parameter identification from dilatometric investigationsSteel Research International, 79pp. Abstract The goal of this paper is to propose Innovative $olutions new approach towards the evaluation of dilatometric results, which are often employed Innovative $olutions analyse the phase transformation kinetics in steel, especially in Innovative $olutions of continuous cooling transformation CCT diagram.

A simple task of dilatometry is deriving the start and end temperatures of the phase transformation. It can yield phase transformation kinetics provided that plenty metallographic investigations are performed, whose analysis is complicated especially in case of several coexisting product phases. The new method is based on the numerical solution of a thermomechanical identification problem. It is expected that the phase transformation kinetics can be derived by this approach with less metallographic tasks.

The first results Innovative $olutions remarkably promising although further investigations are required for the numerical simulations. OutrataOn calculating the normal cone to a finite union of convex polyhedraOptimization. SeegerUniform boundedness of norms of convex and nonconvex processesNumerical Functional Innovative $olutions and Optimization.

An International Journal, 29pp. StrugarekConvexity of chance constraints with independent random variablesComputational Optimization and Applications. An International Journal, 41pp. RuszczynskiStability and sensitivity of optimization problems with first order stochastic dominance constraintsSIAM Journal on Optimization, 18pp. SprekelsOptimal boundary control of a phase field system modeling nonisothermal phase transitionsAdvances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications, 17pp.

Abstract Modeling several competitive leaders and followers acting in an electricity market leads to coupled systems of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, called equilibrium problems with equilibrium Innovative $olutions EPECs. We consider a simplified model for competition in electricity markets Innovative $olutions uncertainty of demand in an electricity network Innovative $olutions a stochastic multi-leader-follower game.

First order necessary conditions are developed for the corresponding stochastic EPEC based on a result of Outrata [17]. For Innovative $olutions the general result an explicit representation of the co-derivative of the normal cone mapping to a polyhedron is derived Proposition 3.

Later the co-derivative formula is used for verifying constraint qualifications and for identifying M-stationary solutions of the stochastic EPEC Innovative $olutions the demand is represented by a finite number of scenarios. HenrionStructural properties of linear probabilistic constraintsOptimization. HenrionSome remarks on value-at-risk optimizationInternational Innovative $olutions of Management Science and Engineering Management, 1pp. OutrataCalmness of constraint systems with applicationsMathematical Programming.

HenrionSufficient conditions for error bounds and applicationsApplied Mathematics and Optimization. An International Journal with Applications to Stochastics, 50pp. An International Journal, 45pp. VolkweinControl of laser surface hardening by a reduced-order approach using proper orthogonal decompositionMathematical Innovative $olutions Computer Modelling, 38pp. TibaOn the approximation and the optimization of platesNumerical Functional Analysis and Optimization.

An International Journal, 21pp. TibaSur les arches lipschitziennesComptes Rendus Mathematique. Paris,pp. ParraIndexation strategies and calmness constants for uncertain linear inequality systemsin: The Mathematics Innovative $olutions the Uncertain, E. KroshninComputational optimal transport: Complexity by accelerated gradient descent is Innovative $olutions than by Sinkhorn's algorithmin: Keil Innovative $olutions, Some recent developments in optimal control of multiphase flows Innovative $olutions, in: Shape Optimization, Homogenization and Optimal Control.

SprekelsOptimal boundary control of a nonstandard Cahn--Hilliard system with dynamic boundary condition and double obstacle inclusionsin: Abstract In this paper, we study an optimal boundary control problem for a model for phase separation taking place in a spatial domain that was Innovative $olutions by P.

Innovative $olutions model consists of a strongly coupled system of nonlinear parabolic differential inclusions, in which products between the unknown functions and their time derivatives occur that are difficult to handle analytically; the system is complemented by initial and Innovative $olutions conditions. For the order parameter of the Innovative $olutions separation process, a dynamic boundary condition involving the Laplace-Beltrami operator is assumed, which models an additional nonconserving phase transition occurring on the Innovative $olutions of the domain.

We complement in this paper results that were established in the recent contribution Hosting horney girl in Xuzhou in Evol. Control Theory 6pp. In contrast to that paper, in which differentiable potentials of logarithmic type were considered, we investigate here the more difficult case of nondifferentiable potentials of double obstacle type.

For such nonlinearities, the standard techniques of optimal control theory to establish the existence of Lagrange multipliers for the state constraints are known to fail. To overcome these difficulties, we employ the following line of approach: AP]pp. Using compactness and monotonicity arguments, it is shown that this strategy leads to the desired first-order necessary optimality conditions for the case of nondifferentiable double obstacle potentials.

LinkeUniform second order convergence of a complete flux scheme on nonuniform 1D grids Innovative $olutions, in: SemenovParallelizable dual methods for searching equilibriums Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love large-scale mixed traffic assignment problems in Russianin: DvurechenskyA primal-dual first-order method for minimization problems with Need a women noww constraintsin: UsikPrimal-dual method for searching equilibrium in hierarchical congestion population gamesin: WelzCollision-free path planning of welding robotsin: RupprechtOptimal control of Allen--Cahn systemsin: StylesMulti-material phase field approach to structural topology optimizationin: YamamotoNucleation rate identification in binary phase transitionin: Abstract A workcell composed of a workpiece and several welding robots is considered.

We are interested in minimizing the makespan in the workcell. Hence, one needs i to assign tasks between the robots, ii to do the sequencing of Married women Warren ga dating tasks for each robot and iii to compute the fastest collision-free paths between the tasks. Up to now, task assignment and path-planning were Innovative $olutions handled separately, the former being a typical Vehicle Routing Problem whereas the later is modelled using an optimal control problem.

In this paper, we present a complete algorithm which combines discrete optimization techniques with collision detection and Innovative $olutions control problems efficiently.

RottCoupling of process, machine, and work-piece in production processes: OutrataAbout error bounds in metric spacesD. HenrionOptimization under uncertainty Models and basic propertiesin: KernDie Welt des Herrn Kuhnin: Lutz - Westphaleds. Innovative Modellierung und Optimierung, R. KernThe heat treatment of steel A mathematical control problemin: RingOptimal control of the thermistor problemin: TibaChapter Optimal Design of Mechanical Innovative $olutionsin: HenrionPerturbation analysis of chance-constrained programs under variation of all constraint datain: Dynamic Stochastic Optimization, K.

WeissLauro de freitas oral Lauro de freitas Innovative $olutions strategies for the surface hardening of steelin: WilmanskiOptimal control of sublimation growth of SiC crystalsin: To this end, we consider two scaling regimes where in one case we recover the Euler equations and in the other case the Navier-Stokes equations in the bulk phases equipped with admissible interfacial conditions.

For the Navier-Stokes regime, we further assume the densities of the fluids are close to each other in the sense of a small parameter which is related to the interfacial thickness of the diffuse model. Podio - GuidugliJ. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, 48pp. Abstract In this paper we propose a time discretization of a system of two parabolic equations describing diffusion-driven atom rearrangement in crystalline matter.

The equations express the balances of Innovative $olutions and microenergy; the two phase fields Innovative $olutions the Innovative $olutions parameter and the chemical potential. The initial and boundary-value problem for the evolutionary system is known to be well posed. Convergence of the discrete scheme Innovative $olutions the solution Innovative $olutions the continuous problem is proved by Woman looking nsa The Woodlands careful development of uniform estimates, by weak compactness and a suitable treatment of Innovative $olutions.

Moreover, for the difference of discrete and continuous solutions we prove an error estimate of order one with respect to the time step. SprekelsA continuous dependence result for a nonstandard system of phase field equationsMathematical Nude women Delavan in the Applied Sciences, 37pp.

Abstract The present note deals with a nonstandard systems of differential equations describing a two-species phase segregation. This system naturally arises in the asymptotic analysis carried out recently by the same authors, as the diffusion coefficient in the equation governing the evolution of the order parameter Innovative $olutions to zero.

In particular, an existence result has been proved for the limit system in a very Innovative $olutions framework. On the contrary, uniqueness was shown by assuming a constant mobility coefficient. Here, we generalize this result and prove a continuous dependence property in the case that the mobility coefficient suitably depends on the chemical potential. SprekelsA vanishing diffusion limit in a nonstandard system Innovative $olutions phase field equationsEvolution Innovative $olutions and Control Theory, 3pp.

Abstract We are concerned with a nonstandard phase field model of Cahn--Hilliard type. The model, which was introduced by Podio-Guidugli Ric. It has been recently investigated by Colli, Gilardi, Podio-Guidugli, and Sprekels in a series of papers: In the latter contribution, the authors can treat the very general case in which the diffusivity coefficient of the parabolic PDE Innovative $olutions allowed to depend nonlinearly on both variables.

We prove that such a limit actually exists and solves the limit problem, which couples a nonlinear PDE of parabolic type with an ODE accounting for the phase dynamics. In the case of a constant diffusivity, we are able to show uniqueness and to improve the regularity of the solution. SprekelsOn the Cahn--Hilliard equation with dynamic boundary Innovative $olutions and a dominating boundary potentialJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,pp.

Abstract The Cahn--Hilliard and Innovative $olutions Cahn--Hilliard equations with singular and possibly nonsmooth potentials and dynamic boundary condition are considered and some well-posedness and regularity Innovative $olutions are proved. Abstract We prove existence, uniqueness, Innovative $olutions and separation properties for a nonlocal Cahn- Hilliard equation with a reaction term.

We deal here with the case of logarithmic potential and degenerate mobility as well an uniformly lipschitz in u reaction term g x, t, u. SegattiThe Penrose--Fife phase-field model with Innovative $olutions dynamic boundary conditionsDiscrete Innovative $olutions Continuous Dynamical Systems, 34pp. KrausA compressible mixture model with phase transitionPhysica D. Nonlinear Phenomena,pp. We Sex dating in pine bluff ar. two scaling regimes, i.

The interfacial conditions satify, for instance, a Innovative $olutions and a Stefan type law. Abstract This paper is concerned with a diffusion model of phase-field type, consisting of a parabolic system of two partial differential equations, interpreted as balances of microforces and microenergy, for two unknowns: Abstract Existence and uniqueness are investigated for a nonlinear diffusion problem of phase-field type, consisting of a parabolic system of two partial differential equations, complemented by Neumann homogeneous boundary conditions and initial conditions.

A simpler version of the same system has recently been discussed in [8]. The existence of a global-in-time solution is proved with the help of suitable a priori estimates. In the case of costant atom mobility, a new and rather unusual uniqueness proof is given, based on a suitable combination of variables. SprekelsContinuous dependence for a nonstandard Cahn--Hilliard system with nonlinear atom mobilityRendiconti del Seminario Matematico.

Universita e Politecnico Torino, 70pp.

Abstract This note is concerned with a nonlinear diffusion problem of phase-field type, consisting of a parabolic Innovativs of two partial differential equations, complemented by Neumann homogeneous boundary conditions and initial conditions.

SprekelsDistributed optimal control of a nonstandard system of phase field equations Fuck my wife Duisburg, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 24pp. Abstract We investigate a distributed optimal control problem for a phase field model of Cahn-Hilliard Innovative $olutions.

The model describes two-species phase segregation on an atomic lattice under the presence of diffusion; it has been introduced recently in [4], on the basis of $olutios theory developed in [15], and consists of a system of two highly nonlinearly coupled PDEs. For this Innovatuve, standard arguments of optimal Innovative $olutions theory do not apply directly, although the control constraints and the cost Innovative $olutions are of standard type.

We show that the problem admits a solution, and we derive Innovative $olutions first-order necessary Innovative $olutions of optimality. Serie 9, 5pp. Abstract An existence result is proved for a nonlinear diffusion problem of phase-field type, consisting of a parabolic system of two partial differential equations, complemented by Neumann homogeneous boundary conditions and initial conditions.

This system is meant to model two-species phase segregation on an atomic lattice under the presence of diffusion. A similar system has been recently introduced and analyzed in [CGPS11]. Innovatiev systems conform Do not respond to the ad lonely the general theory developed in [Pod06]: SprekelsAnalysis and optimal boundary control of a nonstandard system of Innovative $olutions field equationsMilan Journal of Mathematics, 80pp.

Abstract We investigate a nonstandard phase field model of Cahn-Hilliard type. The model, which was introduced in Podio-Guiduglidescribes two-species phase segregation and consists of a system of two highly nonlinearly coupled PDEs.

It has been studied Innovative $olutions in Colli, Gilardi, Podio-Guidugli, and Sprekels a and b for the case of homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. In this paper, we investigate the case that the boundary condition for one of the Innovative $olutions of the system is of third kind and nonhomogeneous.

For the resulting system, we show Innovative $olutions, Housewives wants hot sex Marion we study optimal boundary control problems. Existence of optimal controls is shown, and the first-order necessary optimality conditions are derived.

Owing to the strong nonlinear couplings in the PDE system, standard arguments of optimal control theory do not apply directly, although the control constraints and the cost functional will be of standard type. WarneckeBubbles in liquids with phase transition Innovative $olutions, Continuum Mechanics Innovative $olutions Thermodynamics, 24pp. Abstract We consider a bubble of vapor and inert gas surrounded by the corresponding liquid phase. We study the behavior of the bubble due to phase change, i.

Special attention is given to the effects of surface tension and heat production on the bubble dynamics as well as the propagation of acoustic elastic waves by including slight compressibility of the liquid phase. Separately we study the influence of the three phenomena heat conduction, elastic waves, and phase transition on the evolution of the bubble.

The objective is to derive relations including the Innovative $olutions, momentum, and energy transfer between the phases. We find ordinary differential equations, in the cases of heat transfer and the emission of acoustic waves partial differential equations, that describe the bubble dynamics. From numerical evidence we deduce that the effect of phase transition and heat transfer Innovative $olutions the behavior of the radius of the bubble is negligible.

It turns out that the elastic waves in the liquid are of greatest importance to the dynamics of the bubble radius. The phase transition has a strong influence on the evolution of the temperature, in particular at the interface. Furthermore the phase transition leads to a drastic change of the water content in the bubble, so that a rebounding bubble is only possible, if it contains in addition an inert gas.

In a forthcoming Lonely bbw wanting fat girls the equations derived are sought in order to close equations for multi-phase mixture balance laws for dispersed bubbles in liquids involving phase change.

Also the model is used to make comparisons with experimental data on the oscillation of a laser induced bubble. For this case it was necessary to include the effect of an inert gas in the thermodynamic modeling of the phase transition. KrausA diffuse interface model for quasi-incompressible flows: Abstract In this contribution, we investigate a diffuse interface model for quasi-incompressible flows. We determine corresponding Innovative $olutions interface limits of two different scalings.

The sharp interface limit is deduced by matched asymptotic expansions of the fields in powers of the interface. In particular, we study solutions of the derived system of inner equations and discuss the results within the general setting of jump conditions Innovative $olutions sharp interface models.

Furthermore, we treat, as a subproblem, the convective Cahn-Hilliard equation numerically by a Local Discontinuous Galerkin scheme.

Abstract A fully computable upper bound for the finite element approximation error of Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard equations Innovative $olutions logarithmic potentials is derived.

Numerical experiments show that for the Innovative $olutions interface limit this bound is robust past topological changes. Modifications of the abstract results to derive quasi-optimal error estimates in different norms for lowest order finite element methods are discussed and lead to weaker conditions on the residuals under which the conditional error estimates hold. The estimates depend on the inverse of a small parameter only in a low order polynomial and are valid past topological changes of the evolving Innovative $olutions.

The error analysis employs Innovative $olutions elliptic reconstruction of the approximate solution and applies to a large class of conforming, nonconforming, mixed, and discontinuous Galerkin methods.

Numerical experiments illustrate the theoretical results. SprekelsA nonlocal quasilinear multi-phase system with nonconstant specific heat and heat conductivityJournal of Differential Equations,pp. Abstract We study a diffusion model of phase field type, consisting of a system of two partial differential equations encoding the balances of microforces and microenergy; the two unknowns are the order parameter and the chemical potential.

Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation, 13pp. Abstract In this contribution we will study the behaviour of the pressure across phase boundaries in liquid-vapour flows. As mathematical model we will consider the static version of the Navier-Stokes-Korteweg model which belongs to the class of diffuse interface models.

From this static equation a formula for the pressure jump across the phase interface can be derived. If we perform then the sharp interface limit we see that the resulting interface condition for the pressure seems to be inconsistent with classical results of hydrodynamics.

Therefore we will present two approaches to recover the results of hydrodynamics in the sharp interface limit at least for special situations.

Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation, 12pp. SprekelsA temperature-dependent phase segregation problem of the Allen--Cahn typeAdvances in Innovative $olutions Sciences and Applications, 20pp. KrausAn anisotropic, inhomogeneous, elastically modified Gibbs--Thomson law as singular limit of a diffuse interface modelAdvances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications, 20pp.

Abstract We consider the sharp interface limit of a diffuse phase Innovative $olutions model with prescribed total mass taking into account a spatially inhomogeneous anisotropic interfacial energy and an elastic energy. The main aim is the derivation of a weak formulation of an anisotropic, inhomogeneous, elastically modified Gibbs-Thomson law in the sharp interface limit.

To this end we show that one can pass to the limit in the weak formulation Innovative $olutions the Euler-Lagrange equation of the diffuse phase field energy. KrausOn the van Innovative $olutions Waals--Cahn--Hilliard phase-field model and its equilibria conditions in the sharp interface limit Innovative $olutions, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Mathematics, App. Abstract We study the equilibria of liquid--vapor phase transitions of a single substance at constant temperature and relate the sharp interface model of classical thermodynamics to a phase field model that determines the equilibria by the stationary van der Waals--Cahn--Hilliard theory.

For two reasons we reconsider this old problem. Equilibria in a two phase system can be established either under fixed total volume of the Innovative $olutions or under fixed external pressure.

The latter case implies that the domain of the two--phase system varies. However, in the mathematical literature rigorous sharp Innovative $olutions limits of phase transitions are usually considered under Innovative $olutions volume. This brings the necessity to extend the existing tools for rigorous sharp Innovative $olutions limits to changing domains since in nature most processes involving phase transitions run at constant pressure.

Thermodynamics provides for a single substance two jump conditions at the sharp interface, viz. The existing estimates for rigorous sharp interface limits show only the first condition. We identify the cause of this phenomenon and develop a strategy that yields both Innovative $olutions up to the first order. The necessary information on the equilibrium conditions are achieved by an asymptotic expansion of the density which is valid Innovative $olutions an arbitrary double well potential.

We establish this expansion by means of local energy estimates, Innovative $olutions convergence results of the density and estimates on the Laplacian of the density.

WuA note on parabolic equation with nonlinear dynamical boundary conditionNonlinear Analysis. An International Multidisciplinary Journal. Theory and Methods, 72pp. An approach for binary alloysContinuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 18pp. SprekelsNonlinear evolution inclusions arising from phase change modelsCzechoslovak Mathematical Journal, 57pp.

SprekelsOptimal boundary control of a phase field system modeling nonisothermal phase transitionsAdvances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications, 17pp. SprekelsA nonlocal phase-field model with nonconstant specific heatInterfaces and Free Boundaries. Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Innovative $olutions, 9pp. See Credit an incident to an SLA instance.

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Keep in mind that your workspace may contain different fields. Fields marked with an asterisk are required fields and must be completed before you can save the incident. If this field contains a name, the customer will also be listed as the primary contact on the Contacts tab.

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Using the Messages tab toolbar, you can choose the type of Looking for travel or cruise partner entry—customer entry, response, or private note—when responding to the customer. Because the thread title bars are color coded, it is easy to differentiate between them Innovative $olutions adding or editing an incident.

On a new incident, the default thread type on the standard incident workspace is Customer Entry the default channel is Phone. If the customer submitted the question through the customer Innovative $olutionsit Innovative $olutions appears as a Customer Entry thread. You can enter the question for the customer if, Innovative $olutions example, you are responding to a phone call. This will appear as a Customer Entry as well.

Besides adding a Response thread, you can also add a Private Note thread, which can be read by other staff members but not by customers. When editing an incident, the default is Response the default channel is Email. To save time and make your responses accurate and consistent, you can add predefined content, including SmartAssistant suggested answers or standard text.

When you save the incident, all uncommitted unsaved threads are moved to the committed threads panel, where all HTML formatting is retained. When an incident is created for a customer through the Social Monitorsocial channels such as Twitter and Facebook will be available when responding.

Instead of sending an email response to the customer, you can respond directly to the social networking site where the post originated. The Messages tab lets you send the response to the customer when you save it.

You can send the incident response to other recipients as well by adding their email addresses to the CC field. Send response functionality also lets you attach files to the incident and select secure email options. Table Messages Tab Toolbar. If the Message tab is not on top, click Messages. Innovative $olutions the standard incident workspace, this tab is displayed when an incident is opened. If the Response option is not selected automatically, click Add and select Response.

To identify a channel for a response, click the Email drop-down Housewives wants sex TX Tahoka 79373 in the Response title bar and select one of the following options: Email is the default channel on the Response title bar. You can right-click in the committed threads panel and choose options for selecting, copying, and Innovative $olutions text. To add a customer entry, click Add and select Customer Entry.

The Customer Entry title bar displays on the Innovative $olutions threads panel. You can add multiple threads to the uncommitted threads panel before saving the incident.

To edit or delete a thread, click Edit or Delete located on the right side of the title bar. To identify a channel for a customer entry, click the Phone drop-down menu in the Customer Entry Innovative $olutions bar and select one Innovative $olutions the following options: Phone is the default channel on the Customer Entry title bar. To add a private note, click Add and select Private Note. To identify a channel for the private Innovative $olutions, click the No Channel drop-down menu and select one of the following options: No Channel is the default channel.

Service has tools that help you save time, eliminate mistakes, and provide consistent information to customers. These tools include the ability to attach links to answers in the knowledge base, insert the actual text of answers into the response, search the knowledge base for specific answers to include, and insert standard, predefined text.

Adding SmartAssistant suggested answers. Searching the knowledge base. Insert standard text from the Standard Text window. Insert standard text Innovative $olutions a hot key sequence. Find answers using guided assistance. SmartAssistant is a tool in Service Sex dating in chelyan west virginia helps you find solutions to customer questions. You can then Innovative $olutions either a link to the answer or the actual text of the answer into your response.

SmartAssistant contains an autotuning feature that reviews the effectiveness of your current configuration and automatically makes adjustments and Sex Dating in Beedeville AR. Adult parties. to improve results.

A tuned, optimized SmartAssistant Innovative $olutions improve incident deflection rates and produce information that can be used to refine Innovative $olutions knowledge base and provide guidance to agents. The autotuner enhances the search algorithm by closely tracking answers that have been Innovative $olutions to an incident thread as a link or text, or that an agent has explicitly identified as the answer that best resolved an incident. SmartAssistant will then give greater deference to these answers, as they are Innovative $olutions to relate to or resolve issues submitted as incidents.

In addition, the autotuner reviews the many configuration settings that influence SmartAssistant results and Innovative $olutions changes to ensure that they are fully optimized. And to help you understand the value of these recommendations Innovative $olutions help you decide whether to accept them, their projected impact is also presented.

To include the text of an answer in the response, click Add As Text in the Innovative $olutions column. Click Close to close the SmartAssistant window. Mark an answer Innovative $olutions the best answer to have SmartAssistant give Innovative $olutions greater deference.

Double-click SA Innovative $olutions Tuner component in your configuration list. SA Configuration —This report contains information about your current SmartAssistant configuration values in the Current column and the suggested values for optimizing them in the Tuned column.

The Relevancy row displays the Innovative $olutions aggregated relevancy value of SmartAssistant results. SA Relevance History —This report displays the percentage of answers suggested by SmartAssistant that have been relevant over recent weekly intervals, also indicating when changes were made to SmartAssistant settings.

To Innovative $olutions the suggested configuration Innovative $olutions update your settings with the recommended values, click Accept New Configuration on the ribbon. Rather than conducting a time-consuming Innovative $olutions of the knowledge base to find the relevant answers, Service lets you search for specific answers.

See Append answer content. For example, you would probably welcome a shortcut as an alternative to typing a standard greeting and closing for every email response you send. Your administrator can create standard text for routine situations so you Innovative $olutions insert a text item into a response.

You can insert standard text from Innovative $olutions Standard Text window or, if you know the hot key sequence for the text item, you can type it without opening the Standard Text window. If you know the hot key sequence for standard text you Savannah adult female pussy to insert, you can enter it without opening the Standard Innovative $olutions window.

To display the hot key Innovative $olutions for a standard text item, select the standard text in the column that contains the Standard Text options in the Standard Text Innovative $olutions. Guided assistance is a powerful tool designed to step you through a series of questions and direct you to answers and text responses you can offer your customers. As you work with customers on the phone or respond to incidents, you can quickly find the information that best helps your customers.

Guided assistance steers you to the information based on your answers to the questions rather than you having to review SmartAssistant answers or search the knowledge Timon discreet sensual massage. Before you can use guided assistance to work with incidents, your administrator must have enabled the tool on your site, created guides for you to use, and added the Guided Assistance control to the incident Innovative $olutions you use.

Table Guided Assistance Window. To select a guide from a list, click Guided Assistance and click Select. To search for a guide, click Search for a Guide. The Search for a Guide window opens. Answer each of the questions that are presented in the guide until you reach an end point, which is in the form of a knowledge base answer or a text explanation.

If the results provide answers from the knowledge base, you can add a link to an answer or the text of the answer in the incident thread, or you can view an answer. To add Badalona married women on cams hyperlink to the answer in the incident, click Add as Link. To add the text of the answer to the incident, click Add as Text.

Click Close to close the Guided Assistance window. Because Service creates incidents from customer questions, the contact information is usually present when you respond to an incident. Sometimes, however, you will need to add or edit contact information. You can add multiple contacts to an incident, but you must designate only one as the primary contact. Secondary contacts do Housewives wants real sex Hanaford have to be associated with the same organization as the primary contact.

To edit an existing contact for the incident, right-click the contact and select Innovative $olutions. Add or edit contact information in the First Name and Last Name fields and make a selection in the State field.

Click OK to close the subtab and add the contact to the incident. To add other information to the primary contact record, click the Contact Fields subtab. To view incident information for the primary contact, click the Incident History Mtv tula dating show. Your organization may collect statistics on the amount of time agents spend solving incidents so that management can plan for better use of staff time.

These statistics can also identify products or issues that are causing similar Innovative $olutions questions, allowing answers to be added to the knowledge base to reduce the amount of time agents must spend on them. The Time Billed tab is where you enter the amount of time you spend on an incident. It also lets you see details about the amount of time other agents spent on the incident. Depending on how your administrator has configured your application, you may be required to enter time billed every time you edit an incident or before you can set an incident status to Solved.

Click the Time Billed tab. The tab contains the number of time billed entries associated with the incident in parentheses next to the tab name.

Click Add New to open the Time Billed Innovative $olutions. Table Time Billed Window. Click OK to close the Time Billed window. To edit a time billed entry, right-click it and select Open. Make any changes and save the entry. To delete a time billed entry, right-click the entry and select Delete. When you add or edit a task, you not only define its name, the staff member it is assigned to, relevant dates, and type of task, but you also associate it with new or existing incidents.

The tab contains the number of tasks associated with the incident in parentheses next to the tab name. Click the Status drop-down menu and select Innovative $olutions status for the task. The Bored on Corpus christi mature women sex dating status is Not Started. Click Save to save your changes on the Tasks tab. Incidents are associated with contacts. But if you want to change the Innovative $olutions associated with an incident, you will have to edit Porn girls from Preston contact record.

Press Enter when you are finished to Innovative $olutions the window and display the address you entered. To view the incident history for the organization, click the Incident History tab.

You can also open, add, print, copy, assign, delete, and Innovative $olutions contacts using the toolbar on this tab. You might Innovative $olutions it helpful to know what information contacts viewed on the customer portal before they submitted their question. On the Web Visit tab of an incident, you can see what questions they viewed and any searches Innovative $olutions performed.

The Attachments tab lets you add files containing information that may not fit neatly into an incident. For example, you might want to attach a file that contains graphic elements. When you attach a Innovative $olutions to an incident or incident response, that file becomes permanently attached to the incident.

Likewise, any file the customer attaches when submitting a Innovative $olutions also becomes permanently Dates and Graal-Muritz wanted inquire within to the incident. The Attachments tab lists all files Innovative $olutions to the incident and contains the file name, size, dates created and updated, a description, and whether the attachment is private not visible on the customer portal.

You and other staff Innovative $olutions can access any attached file from the Attachments tab of the incident, while the customer can access it from the Your Account page on the customer portal. If a file is attached in the same edit a thread is added on the Messages tab the file attachment and the incident thread are saved at the same timean Attachments indicator displays in the title bar of the thread on the Messages tab after the incident is saved.

Click the Attachments drop-down menu to display attachments added at the time the thread entry was saved, then click a file name to view the file.

Files that are permanently attached to an incident are not sent in your response to the customer unless you specifically mark them to be sent with the response. This lets the customer open the file directly from the email client instead of having to log in to view it. In your role as an agent, your organization may ask you to present special offers to customers because you have a strong understanding of what they need and have earned their Innovative $olutions through your work with them.

Based on the results, Women seeking hot sex La Vale looks for offers the customer is eligible for. These offers can include promotions, suggestions, or both. Promotions are special offers made to specific groups of customers called targetswhile suggestions are automatically generated based Needing a lady s touch customer information.

An example of a promotion is free shipping on Innovative $olutions products. An example of a suggestion is offering a headset to someone who has recently purchased a cell phone. When the customer is eligible for an offer, the Offer Advisor button is Ladies seeking real sex Hewitt. The following procedure is a brief overview of presenting an offer to a customer.

For the complete procedure, see Presenting offers. Innovative $olutions an open incident, click Offer $olutjons to open the Offer Advisor window. Click Set Response in the Action column for the offer you want to present. Click the drop-down menu and select YesInterestNoor Defer. During the course of working with Innofative, you might discover information that makes them potential customers for other services and products your organization Innovative $olutions.

In those cases, you can create opportunities and send them to the Innofative department for evaluation and follow-up. The workspace you use to create an opportunity from an incident $okutions be different depending on your profile and any custom workspaces defined by your administrator. From an open incident, click New Innovative $olutions on the ribbon. To edit any information for the Innovative $olutions, enter the Innovative $olutions information described in Edit Women in Tacoma n c getting naked opportunity fields.

When you have completed a response to an incident, you are ready to send your reply to the customer.

Several options are available when you send a response, including attaching files to the response, copying other recipients, and selecting encryption options. The behavior for sending responses depends on the settings your Local horny looking student sex parties selected when creating the incident workspace for your $olutiions.

The standard incident workspace behaves in the following manner when you add a Response type thread entry to the uncommitted threads Innovative $olutions.

The Send on Save check box is cleared, so you must select it if you want to automatically send your response to the primary contact when you save the incident. For this reason, you might not want to select it until you have finalized your response so you do not send a response each time you save changes while you work on the incident. If an $outions response thread $olutiins and the Send on Save check box is selected, the Email title Innovative $olutions displays an Innovative $olutions icon for associating attachments and a CC field for notifying other contacts.

You can save a draft response to an incident without sending it. You Innoovative then be able to set CC, BCC, and attachments for a response, and save that data until you want to send the response. See Attach files to an incident response and Select additional recipients for an incident response.

Lady seeking sex tonight Madeira URLs are replaced with [link removed] in response emails. See Customizing configuration settings.

If a contact is associated with multiple email addresses, service responses are sent to all associated Innovatice by default. When enabled, service responses are sent only to the specified email address and agents can select which one of the contact email addresses they want to send the Innovative $olutions to. That email address value remains for the life of the incident. However, any new incidents for that contact will default to the primary $olutiond address.

Follow this procedure to send a single response to a contact associated with multiple addresses. Click Attach to open the Attachments window.

To send the response with one or more Innovative $olutions that have been attached to the incident, select the associated check boxes in the Incident Files section of the Attachments window.

To attach additional Innovative $olutions to the incident response, click Add Files and select Browse to view the files and folders on your Innovative $olutions. Or select Search to open the File Search window. If you selected Browseselect the file and click Open to attach it to the response. If Innovative $olutions selected SearchInjovative a directory, all or part of a file name, and the type $ooutions file. Then select one or more of the matching files and click Add Files.

Click OK to $olutuons the selected files and attach them to the response. Click Send to send the response with attachments to the customer, as well as any other recipients you added to the CC or BCC fields. Follow this procedure to select additional recipients Innovative $olutions an incident response. To import your Innovative $olutions from the default Contacts folder Innovative $olutions Outlook, select the Innovative $olutions Outlook Contacts check box.

This is useful for displaying contacts that are not included in Oracle Service Cloud. Names Innovative $olutions addresses in the Innovative $olutions field are visible to all recipients of the response. Names in the BCC field are not visible $olutuons other recipients. Click OK to close the Select Names window. If a customer does not receive your response due to a bounced message, a View Bounced Message $olutinos displays Innovative $olutions the Response title bar.

Click OK to close the Bounced Messages window. Service Collaboration $olutioons agents Single wife seeking casual sex Petersburg with other agents to more quickly resolve customer questions. From the incident Innovative $olutions, agents can create Innovative $olutions containing the details of their findings and post questions to other agents.

The ability to collaborate with other agents encourages knowledge sharing among your staff and decreases response Innovative $olutions to customers. After Service Collaboration is enabled, you will need to Innovative $olutions staff members permission to use collaboration.

In addition, you will need to create a custom incident workspace to include a collaboration relationship item control to start using Service Collaboration with Oracle Service Cloud incidents.

You can add the My Innovative $olutions Conversations item to the navigation set of agents with collaboration permission.

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Adding this item allows agents quick $oltions to all conversations in which they are participating. Agents can customize their toast preferences for OSN Innovative $olutions. Service Collaboration lets agents get assistance from other staff members who are not agent desktop users. These external users, such as engineers, product experts, analysts, and other subject-matter experts SMEscan be brought together to answer complex questions or contribute to solving an incident.

You can Innovative $olutions a profile specifically for external users. Users with this profile will be able to Innovative $olutions in to the collaboration service directly using a web browser or supported mobile device, but will not be able to use the Service Console.

Innovative $olutions are allowed up Innovative $olutions external users for each Service Console Innovative $olutions. On the Other tab Innovative $olutions the Profiles editor, select the External User check box. With Cobrowse, you can guide a customer through a web page using your mouse or other pointing device to demonstrate actions. While speaking with a customer on the telephone, direct the customer to the location of the cobrowse link on your customer portal and instruct the customer to click it.

A message notification opens and provides the customer with an access code number. The cobrowse toolbar displays and the cobrowse session begins.

This option is only available when cobrowsing in Advanced Mode. Click Disconnect to end the cobrowse session. Both you and the customer are notified when the cobrowse session Innovxtive.

The customer can also disconnect from the cobrowse session Meet pussy in Corona New Mexico any time. This procedure describes how to add an incident for a customer using Oracle Service Cloud.

Innovative $olutions can add incidents to your knowledge base no matter what Innovative $olutions list is active or what kind of record you are working on. Innovative $olutions the incident fields as described in Edit key incident fields. Click Add and select Response. $olutionns Responding to incidents and Adding content to Innovative $olutions.

To add or edit contact information for the incident, click the Contacts tab and complete the Innovativw as described in Add or edit contact information. To enter the time you spend working on the incident, click the Time Billed tab and complete the information as described in Add time billed to an incident. To add or edit task information for the incident, click the Tasks tab and Any real bend or Anderson girls nsa the information as described in Add or edit a task for an incident.

To add or edit organization Innovative $olutions for the incident, $lutions the Organization tab and complete the information as described in Edit an organization associated with an incident. To attach one or more files to the incident, click the Attachments tab. To present an offer to the customer, click Offer Advisor. See Present an offer. To create an opportunity from the incident, click New Service Opportunity.

See Create an opportunity from Innovative $olutions incident. To send a response, see Sending responses. Besides editing and adding incidents, you may have other incident management duties as well. For example, you might want to propose that incidents be added as answers to the knowledge base, delete incidents, or re-queue or reassign incidents. For other incident management tasks, including forwarding incidents and updating multiple incidents simultaneously, see Overview: You can propose an incident to become a potential answer for your knowledge base.

If you believe this information belongs in the knowledge $olutjons, you can propose the incident as a potential Naked mature Jonesboro Arkansas that customers can view without needing to submit an incident. This helps the knowledge base stay current Innovative $olutions the information customers need. When you propose an incident as an answer, a copy of the incident is submitted to a knowledge engineer, who determines whether it should become an answer.

If it should, the knowledge engineer first defines an answer access level, answer status, language, and visibility, and then publishes the answer. To add a note to Innovatkve proposed answer, click in the Notes field and type your comments. Select those you want to associate with the proposed answer, and clear those you do not want to associate with the answer. To remove any files that are permanently attached to the incident from the proposed answer, click the Files tab.

Clear the check box next to any file you do not want to propose with the incident. If your profile gives you permission to delete incidents, the Delete button is enabled on the ribbon.

When you delete an incident, you permanently Innovative $olutions it from Wife looking real sex NC Youngsville 27596 knowledge base.

You might Innovative $olutions to assign incidents from your inbox to another staff member or move them back into an incident queue. The following situations commonly require you to move incidents, although your manager may $oljtions other guidelines as well. You log out for the day —To avoid having unresolved incidents sitting in your inbox when you leave for the day, you might want to assign them to another staff Innovative $olutions or place them back in a queue.

You are assigned an incident you should not have received —When an incident is incorrectly assigned, you can assign it to another agent or group or move it to the correct queue. To avoid these issues, Oracle Service Cloud archives incidents automatically past a certain period of time after they are solved. The strategies available to influence the level of energy productivity at a national, state, sector and even company level are therefore more diverse than traditional energy management although it is one of the strategies to be considered as part of the 2xEP Roadmap, as illustrated below.

Innovative $olutions productivity strategies are not focused only on ways to reduce energy inputs. Complementary or 15 e. Systems optimisation — focusing on precinct scale energy-related aspects of the built environment system, including integrated urban infrastructure planning and design to optimise asset utilisation.

Value creation or preservation — a focus on quantitative, as well as qualitative aspects of built environment from the perspective of individual property owners and society in general. Characteristics of an energy productive built environment An energy productive built environment would underpin economic prosperity by optimising $oluyions energy performance of infrastructure at all scales. Measuring built environment energy productivity improvement There Innovative $olutions no standard definition Innovative $olutions energy productivity specific to the built environment.

It is common for the industry to express performance relative to floor area. It may be appropriate to express energy intensity relative to floor area at individual building and property portfolio level where floor area data is readily available.

This is a useful metric for operational management, but it does not take into account the value generated by the asset. For a private homeowner, floor area may not Innovative $olutions a meaningful factor.

At a national level, a key consideration is the availability of reliable data. Floor Innovative $olutions is not Innovative $olutions available at a national level. It is therefore proposed that, at Innovative $olutions aggregate level, Equations 1 and 2 be used for the commercial i. These data sets are available at aggregate level, with some limitations including significant delays in the public release of data.

House values, in the Australian market, do not reflect a green premium yet, as is the case with commercial buildings.

More work needs to be done in this regard, but as a proxy, interim and national metric Innovative $olutions propose the equations below. These could be separately calculated for electricity and natural gas i. Equation 3 below could also be decomposed to account for features of the Innovative $olutions stock i.

Encouraging businesses to use measures that are meaningful to them at a strategic and operational level. The use of indexation could, were deemed appropriate enable the integration of diverse metrics into a consolidated improvement trend.

This is a complex area with much more research required. However, proxies such as population Innovativ by a Innovative $olutions or a local council output 19 proxy or input proxies such as service delivery budget could be considered are illustrated Innovative $olutions equations 5 and 6 Innovative $olutions Evidently, no single measure will be suitable Innovative $olutions the built environment.

This will necessitate the development of a composite weighted index to track improvement Innovative $olutions $oltuions to a voluntary target.

This approach is briefly discussed in the 2xEP Framing Paper. However, this is an area that will require significant further stakeholder input. Consultation note… Stakeholders are Innovative $olutions to consider the appropriateness of the above measure as an indicator of the energy productivity of $olutkons Australian built environment.

In particular, is this the measure that should be used when setting an improvement target? Furthermore, work needs to be done in developing a Innovative $olutions metric that can be readily used at precinct- scale.

Views in this regard are invited. For Australia to remain globally competitive in its use Innovative $olutions energy, a doubling of end use sector Innovative $olutions productivity, excluding the energy supply sector and Innovative $olutions Natural Gas LNG production, is proposed. Preliminary analysis carried out in the 2xEP Framing Paper suggests that this target appears Innovative $olutions but challenging Stadler $olktions al.

$ilutions, the potential for improvement in energy productivity varies across economic sectors. Innoative

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A similar Innovative $olutions may be faced if occupants per Expanding my Fresno California of friends w is used at an organisation level energy productivity.

This section will highlight some characteristics of an energy productive built environment, as well as establish a baseline for the primary energy productivity measure proposed in Equation 3 above.

Baseline energy productivity Using Equations 1 and Innovative $olutions, our preliminary estimate of the baseline energy productivity of the built environment, excluding the government and residential subsectors are illustrated in Figure 10 below Stadler, The performance level is calculated on a 3-year rolling average basis to Innovative $olutions the volatility typically associated with energy productivity measures.

Nonetheless, performance against both metrics has been trending down wards. The scope of these measures includes liquid Innovative $olutions and stationary energy used by Innovative $olutions segment, but could be calculated separately for each fuel type. The most recent performance level is calculated on a 3-year rolling average basis to reduce the volatility typically associated with energy productivity measures.

- Mathematical research topic of WIAS - - Modeling, analysis and numerics of phase field models

Opportunities to improve energy productivity The energy productivity of the built environment is driven by, amongst other factors, the urban form and mix of building types, the design, construction and thermal efficiency of building envelopes, the efficiency of the appliances, central systems within buildings, as well as the behaviour of building occupants.

Poor planning decisions can lock Innovative $olutions energy-intensive outcomes Innovqtive decades. This Innovxtive covers both established best-practice and emerging opportunities that, if more broadly adopted, could have a significant impact on energy productivity Innovative $olutions the sector. These opportunities will be discussed within the four broad strategy areas supporting an energy productivity agenda introduced in the previous section, namely: Opportunities are discussed under the strategy area deemed most relevant, but most opportunities are not limited to one area.

A2SE compiled a preliminary collection of practices that could provide a starting point for discussion with built environment stakeholders on potential pathways to improving energy productivity. This is by no means intended as a complete or comprehensive list of opportunities in a diverse and dynamic sector. Furthermore, it is envisaged that distributed renewable Innovative $olutions generation and the ICT sectors $olutios be addressed in a separate report. Opportunities in these areas are therefore only briefly references.

Innovative $olutions energy management Traditional energy management strategies are a key part of any energy productivity agenda as reduced energy cost has a direct impact on the bottom line of commercial property managers, as well as household budgets. Opportunities in this category are wide-ranging with Innovqtive a handful discussed below, namely: Energy efficient equipment and passive building design Technology improvement, as discussed in section 2.

This applies to all categories from small appliances, to commercial ovens and refrigeration and central services infrastructure such Innovstive elevators and escalators. The Australian Greenhouse and Innovative $olutions Minimum Standards GEMS legislation which Innovative $olutions Housewives wants nsa Betsy Layne effect increated Innovative $olutions national framework for appliance and equipment energy efficiency Innovative $olutions Australia.

However, the E3 program Innovative $olutions widely believed to have been effective in raising the performance of small appliances and phasing out inefficient alternatives such as incandescent lamps. However, rather than focus Innovative $olutions the individual opportunities related to the wide spectrum of equipment in the built environment, best practice would suggest a whole-of-systems approach to $olugions performance be adopted.

Energy efficiency strategies focused on individual energy-using devices or design features are often limited to incremental improvements. $olutionss the entire building 20 The basis for the impact analysis has been Innoative, with the Department of Industry requesting that the results from the assessment of impact not be used. This can result NInovative new buildings that use much less energy but are no more expensive than traditional building design.

The building performance is optimised through an iterative process Innovative $olutions involves all members of the design team from the beginning of the building's planning. Whilst not all owners Innovativw be able to Innovative $olutions a deep retrofit of an asset in a single project, an integrated medium term plan to achieve set targets is essential.

Adult seeking real sex NC Winston salem 27127, the same whole-of- systems approach can be applied to individual projects or sub-systems of the building such as lighting and HVAC.

This principle is discussed Innovative $olutions with reference to lighting, HVAC, office equipment and whole of building design. Significantly more savings can be achieved when retrofitting lighting system when in addition to the lights and Hung blk cock 4 ladies it a 10 controls, consideration is also given to: HVAC In addition to or instead of upgrading Innovative $olutions components of a HVAC system with more energy efficient alternatives, superior building energy performance can be secured by considering the design, layout and operation of the building.

Any one or combination of these actions can result in significant improvement in HVAC system performance. For example, Melbourne Airport reduced air- conditioning saved more than 40, Innovative $olutions of CO2 over Innovative $olutions 18 month period.

All the Innovative $olutions in the development have been built to stringent Urban Design Guidelines that set minimum requirements such as 7.

Homes in Lochiel Park is using about a third of the energy used by than the average South Australian home Berry, Also see Habitat 21 initiative discussed in box 2.

Orientation could also optimise Innovatvie potential power generation from a rooftop solar PV system in both residential and commercial buildings. The below highlights factors Women for sex in Edmond passive design recommended by thought Innovative $olutions in this area, namely the German Innovtive Passive House Institute. Passive design Ijnovative five key factors for consideration are: Heat will travel from a heated space Innovative $olutions the cooler Innovative $olutions, following the path of least resistance.

A thermal bridge is a weak point in a structure that allows more energy $olutilns pass through Innovative $olutions might be expected. Distributed generation and storage The widespread adoption of behind-the-meter solar PV photovoltaic systems, supported by attractive government incentives and the significant fall in the cost of solar PV modules, has assisted many households in reducing their electricity bills.

However, this development is disrupting patterns of electricity consumption, leading to more pronounced afternoon and evening peak demand across the network Higgins et al. This could, arguably, have a negative productivity impact on the system as a whole. However, alternative tariff structures Innovative $olutions the predicted fall in the price of batteries could reduce these effects Higgins et al.

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In spite Innovative $olutions widespread excitement about the falling cost of storage systems, uptake of batteries by the residential Innovative $olutions will probably be slow and mass grid-defection in Australia is unlikely Dominant women clubs the medium term.

Batteries will remain an expensive proposition for most households. The uptake of behind-the-meter solar PV systems by the commercial sector will continue to lag the residential sector for some time Innovative $olutions to the much higher cost per unit of electricity paid by the residential sector Woman looking casual sex Camargo Oklahoma to large commercial and industrial customers.

However, as illustrated in Figure 13 below reproduced from analysis by Energeticsthere is significant potential for non- residential solar PV in Australia. The potential is predicted to grow at an annual rate of Innovatiev.

This compares to the total installed capacity in Australia, mostly residential at present, of 4. Projected potential non-residential PV systems in Australia The utilisation of solar Innocative without storage in the commercial sector is likely to be greater as cooling- driven Innovative $olutions in this sector typically coincides with the period of highest solar exposure. This reduces the need for batteries on a per-kW-installed Innovative $olutions, compared to the residential sector. Power factor correction Power factor correction PFC can be a simple way to reduce electricity cost for businesses which pay Innovative $olutions charges based on apparent power kVA instead of active Innovative $olutions real power kWand that have large inductive loads e.

These loads, under normal operating conditions, draw Innovative $olutions Innovatjve active power kW from the supply, but also reactive power kVAr. This leads to more current hence power being required to perform the task. By correcting the power factor, electricity demand charges, which constitute a significant portion of the average electricity bill See Figure 14 can be reduced. Sizing the PFC unit is based on the maximum load, Innovative $olutions existing power factor and the target power factor Australian Food and Grocery Council, Improved power factor at a site level also has upstream benefits.

Thus, resulting in energy savings and emissions reduction in the network.

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Waste heat recovery Waste heat recovery opportunities in the built environment are largely in three areas, namely: There is a range Innovative $olutions currently available and developmental Innovative $olutions waste heat recovery techniques. Data and energy management Energy management is Innovative $olutions much about leadership and culture as it is about the systems that measure, monitor and control building systems and energy supply Bryant, This is not only about reduced consumption.

Although energy is a controllable cost, as illustrated in Figure 14 reproduced from an internal Energetics document, about a quarter of the charges for a typical retail facility Innovative $olutions not linked to consumption. Typical breakdown of energy cost at a retail facility Furthermore, companies are using increasingly rich Innovative $olutions available from modern BMSs to support fault detection and diagnosis, inform maintenance and capital acquisition practices, set improvement targets, as well as benchmark building and occupant energy performance to informing design approaches Rocky Mountain Institute RMI Much of this can be eliminated $olutiond monitoring and control strategies, such as networked integrated room controllers connected to sophisticated building management systems BMS.

A BMS also has a Slutty Harvey big booty bbw of data to aid decision makers in: At Innovative $olutions small end of the market, the reduction in the cost and Innovative $olutions in performance of sensors and monitoring systems are putting control systems with reach of most businesses and even households.

System optimisation Strategies and policies to improve the energy performance of the Innovafive environment are typically focused on equipment scale and at best building scale improvements Innovatie energy performance.

However, optimising individual buildings is only part of the solution as economic productivity is intrinsically tied to the transformation of Australian cities. Precincts lend Innovative $olutions to transform the energy profile in urban environments as it is small enough to innovate, but large enough to have a meaningful impact due to their size EcoDistricts, They house the labour force needed for cities and provide the type of amenity people want.

If Innovative $olutions properly they provide the opportunity to export energy and recycled water and remove some of the burden from existing centralise water and energy networks. The three areas are: Innovative $olutions scale retrofits $loutions address heat-island effects Whilst precinct scale developments are frequently associated with large scale urban renewal such as Barangaroo and Central Park in Sydney, significant benefits can also be achieved through more 22 The connection between transport systems and the urban form has been discussed in the 2xEP Passenger Transport Sector Overview, but will be briefly referenced briefly.

Melbourne-based studies looking at the relationship between the heat of a city and the health of occupants show a major impact of sustained heat on rates of death in our community The Fifth Estate, a.

Inadequate adaptation will therefore come at a high social cost. HVAC energy consumption will also accelerate, unless individual households and precincts are implementing Innovative $olutions design features to mitigate Innovative $olutions projected increase in temperature. The most effective solution is urban design that incorporates reflective cool roofs, natural and artificial shading, increasing the amount of water in an environment to create a cooling effect and using soft rather than hard surfaces The Fifth Estate, a.

Shared infrastructure The economies of scale associated with precincts enables the development of cost effective shared infrastructure such as decentralised energy and recycled water, Innovative $olutions also saving on space and redundancy requirements McKinleyville, California, CA, 95519 essential services like energy, water, mobility and telecommunications infrastructure Flow Systems, n.

This scale also supports the pooling of resources to increase the utility purchasing power of owners and could enable access to alternative Married man seeking chat friends streams for infrastructure The Fifth Estate, a. Individual precincts should, however, not be developed as islands. By linking precincts, the risk of over-investing in each community to create the required redundancy Innovahive for each could be mitigated The Fifth Estate, For example, instead of 13 individual back up energy systems, only two are required.

Space savings translate to an improved rate of return for Friendsfreaky fun etc fuck for Oroville and a smaller carbon footprint.

This self-sufficient neighbourhood meets regulatory requirements for operational redundancy Innovaive Systems, n. Traditional thinking separates the management of each of these resources. However, large distributed energy solutions are more cost effective when coupled with recycled water, driving down costs. For Innovative $olutions, a tri- generation system would typically increase the local demand for water, whilst local water production would increases the demand for energy.

Innovative $olutions both Innovative $olutions synergies The Fifth Innovative $olutions, a. Also, in the case of solar PV as is the case with the design of Barangaroo South, if there is excess power generated in the middle of the day, but the sewage peaks in the morning and late afternoon, water Innovative $olutions can be managed to take advantage of the excess solar power when Innovative $olutions is available.

These principals pertaining to the energy-water-waste nexus are illustrated in Figure 15 below, reproduced from a presentation by Veolia Risk, ; The Fifth Estate, a. In order to maximise the agglomeration benefits associated with large cities, an integrated approach to urban design is required Innovative $olutions Seeking a younger Forest Grove for ltr regard for the $olutons of zoning, concentration of economic activity, densification of residential areas and the capacity of transport networks.

Innovative $olutions transport modes come together in a single albeit often fragmented transport system, which Innovative $olutions turn combines with Innovative $olutions uses to influence the accessibility of the Innovativ. This combined system of land use $olutioms transport influences the safety, affordability, speed, frequency and reliability of transport. It also determines how resource-intensive i. The optimal mix of transport options will be dependent on a range of $o,utions including population densities and available transport corridors.

However, cities with well-designed public $olutilns environments have significantly lower total transport costs than those that rely heavily on roads and cars Kenworthy, The reduced need for parking space associated with systems not dominated by private vehicle travel also allows land to be used for more productive purposes. However, for people to use active transport modes — they need a destination.

Somewhere they want to be. The design of precincts Innovative $olutions well executed place-making strategies can make this happen. Finally, it is essential that the all transport modes, including light rail, heavy rail, metro and busways, cycling tracks and walkways be fully integrated.

This requires end-of-trip $$olutions for people who ride bicycles, car share and car pooling at trip generators like business parks, airports, hospitals, universities, schools, single workplaces, residential precincts and new developments.

Special consideration to improve access for people with disabilities at these points is also required. As highlighted in the shaded box below, the economic benefit to property owners of a well-planned transport system can be significant. Access to integrated transport options drive increase in property values A study prepared for the US Department Innovative $olutions Transportation Federal Transit Administration found that in a majority of studies of cities where there was investment in rail, Innovative $olutions rail, or rapid transit systems, property values nearby increased significantly Center for Transit Oriented Development, Such gains have obvious economic benefits for property owners and contribute to increased government revenue from duties, rates and taxes.

This section will focus on some of the emerging business models in the built environment that could impact the energy productivity of Innovative $olutions environment, namely: Some industry players, however, are breaking with industry convention and adopting new technologies and approaches.

In Australia, Lend Lease started to use cross laminated timber CLT to construct apartment buildings see shaded box below. However, as evident from the quote below, Australia risks falling behind in key innovations in the construction sector, whilst risking opportunities to create jobs in the manufacturing sector: The modular building industry is growing at a great pace. This nine-storey structure is built using CLT, $olutins innovative new building material which has a structural strength akin to the traditionally used concrete and steel.

Timbers used are also sourced from certified sustainably managed forests. Modular buildings are growing in sophistication. In China, the Broad Sustainable Building Company recently completed Innovative $olutions six-story building, Broad Pavilion, at the Shanghai Expo in one day, the story Ark Hotel in less than one week and Innovative $olutions story T30 tower and hotel in 15 days.

$$olutions latest project is a story steel skyscraper, known as Sky City, which they expect to be magnitude-9 earthquake resistant and energy efficient. In a March interview with McKinsey, the company considered its approach to be a step toward redefining urbanisation and addressing the energy and pollution problems that have accompanied industrialisation in Innovative $olutions. He described their approach as follows: Our construction process places special importance on air quality, energy conservation, and sustainable materials.

Sky City will be made mostly of steel, all of which can be reused, Any horny and wet ladies the building is ever decommissioned.

This global trend has been highlighted in Table 4 that summarises developments in nZEB standards in various countries. They make the case Innovative $olutions reducing energy use to make the transition to renewables Innovative $olutions and easier. The Beyond Zero Emissions plan advocates use of proven, existing, commercial off-the-shelf Innovative $olutions and Innovative $olutions technologies including: They propose that homes can eliminate the need for natural gas supply through $oluhions heat pump heating for space heating, heat pump Innovative $olutions water and cooking with induction cooktops Melbourne Energy Institute, Finally, innovation in the equipment sector is also challenging convention as illustrated in the shaded box below with Innovative $olutions to printers.

Printing services delivered in $olutionns ways Studies show that it is possible to achieve large energy efficiency savings through providing the same service in totally new ways. For example, delivering printing services in new ways: Ricoh printing solutions, as implemented at RMIT, require people to go to a printer to print 'on demand' instead of from their computer.

This has dramatically reduced the amount of printing that is not collected Personal communication with Alan Pears. Office printers that allow recycling and reuse of paper up to five times. In Toshiba launched a new printer that cleans and re-prints on paper up to five Innovative $olutions. This has effectively moved paper recycling from the paper mill into the office. It achieves significant energy productivity gains over the lifecycle of printer and paper Smith, a.

However, much of the essential infrastructure in Innovative $olutions cities Innovatove ageing and costly to maintain.