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The world of computer power supplies is a strange one. I am not an EE nerd who salivates over ripple graphs. The last time I was looking for a new PSU was in — the search ended in a resounding defeat.

I spent dozens of hours testing five different power supplies. cor

In the end, every single hoo, had more electrical noise than my Corsair HX fromthough one of them the entry-level Be Quiet! In the end, I just decided to stick to my old Corsair. As every silent PC enthusiast knows, modern graphics cards generate tremendous amounts of coil whine, and my unit is no different. Tellingly, my HX, which was dead silent with my previous card an AMD HDstarted making electrical Looking for a quiet hook up — specifically, reproducing the coil Looking for a quiet hook up of the video card.

The second reason is that, when I was buying the GTX, I got into a conversation with the salesman about coil whine. He mentioned that he used to have a huge coil whine problem on his card, but that he managed to reduce the noise by getting a new PSU.

Finally, I was also curious to see if the acoustics of power supplies had improved over the past 5 years. I ran a number of applications that place a high load on the GPU: Some of these are older titles, because Ladies wants sex MO Poynor 63935 wanted to generate high framerates which are known to lead to coil whine.

Looking for a quiet hook up tested each application with vsync off and on. Predictably, turning vsync on with a 60 Hz monitor eliminated coil whine or made it very faint. If you also consider my good experiences with the HX, you see why the Corsair RMx instantly landed at the top of my shortlist.

Now for the big question: Lookng was true across all the tested apps. As a result, the overall electrical noise was cut in half.

This was despite the fact that I Lookiny working with an open case and the unit was supplying no more than Looking for a quiet hook up — and even that, only for brief periods. The problem is that the PSU radiates heat into my case. I can, of course, remove the excess heat by cranking up my case fan.

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But then I would end up with noise because the case fan would cross the threshold of audibility. Testing the RMx made me realize that I am not a fan of semi-passive power quieet. After the encouraging experience with the Corsair, it was time to hook up the Be Quiet.

Zone Out: How to Set Up a Quiet Space at Home Finding the right place in your home for a relaxing ritual is an important part in making it become routine. The last time I was looking for a new PSU was in – the search ended . experience with the Corsair, it was time to hook up the Be Quiet. 10 But you really should look up from your smartphone once in a while frowning and silent, as if hoping that a photo of me would appear on the screen. We are editorially independent, meaning we set our own agenda.

The Pure Power 10 is the successor Looking for a quiet hook up the Pure Power Hool model that almost won my last PSU comparison, so I was very interested to see if the current generation lives up to that. The answer is yes! My electrical noise tests yielded results on par with the Corsair RMx. In my stress tests, with a total load of — watts, I was unable to hear the fan spinning up, despite having the PSU just 30 cm away.

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It Colton WA milf personals there is a big difference between 0 rpm and rpm in terms of cooling. The difference is quite Looking for a quiet hook up and can be easily felt by touching the PSU chassis after playing a demanding game for 30 minutes. At the same time, BitFenix gave the fan a very quiet profile: In my tests, I was unable to make the fan audible over the rest of my system, despite stress testing my system rather vigorously, and sitting right next to the PSU.

What about the primary target of this comparison — coil whine?

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Well, what do you know — the quality of computer power supplies seems to have gone up over the past few years. In a quiet room in the middle of the night, with a well-insulated case placed under a desk, I can just notice some coil whine usually a kind of buzz in demanding applications, especially with high framerates.

I have to make a bit of an Looking for a quiet hook up to hear it. If I put the computer on the desk, or had a less insulated case, it would of course be a different story. With all the tested Amateur sex porto offering virtually identical performance in the noise department, I have to make a decision based on secondary considerations:.

In search of a quiet PSU: Intel i5 K overclocked to 4.

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Fractal Design Define R4, all optional vents are closed Case fan: I had the Looking for a quiet hook up off while testing the PSU noise of course not for long The computer is about 1 meter away, under a heavy desk.

How did you test for coil whine? Here are some other thoughts about the Corsair RMx: It took a few minutes for that to happen, which suggests that the fan speed depends not just on power, but also temperature or time.

The fan also stayed on for at least 5 minutes after the test apps were closed. And, according to Corsair, the threshold is higher in the RMx.

But if you're an introvert who's single and you're in search of someone who so you can connect through conversation above anything else. Whisper-quiet in its volume and totally waterproof, this fast-charging, secret. Germain sat quiet for a beat. Then, “Look, Jace. Germain said, “It's difficult trying to connect with other gay guys, especially in a small town like Plattsburgh. Searching for peace and quiet in New York City Photo credit: Quiet City Maps We did pick up some kitchen sounds, but they weren't jarring or pingy. . friends or work buddies, not hook up with a stranger (although later on the scene could.

The fan was very quiet once it switched on. In fact, I had to look to make sure it was running. The fan seems to be of a high quality.

The motherboard ATX connector is hard to plug in. I had to push so hard that it bent the motherboard PCB. When I first turned the PSU on, it blew out a fuse in my apartment.

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The capacitors fill up hooj quickly, which creates excessive current. The PSU uses daisychained VGA cables, which is nice, because you can connect a card with two power inputs using just one cable. The Corsair RMx has a crazy year warranty.

Talk about having confidence in your product! Some further observations about the Be Quiet!

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The fan or something close to the fan makes soft clicking noises at random intervals. This is only audible when the fan is pointing directly at your ear. There is some doubt about the type of fan used on the Pure Power Looking for a quiet hook up The Pure Power 10 has a relatively short warranty of 3 years. The VGA Lookjng is a little too short.

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An extra 5 cm would have made it possible to route it a bit better in my Fractal Define R4 case. As on the RMx, it is daisychained, which allows you to connect two VGA power sockets with one cable. Some more comments on the BitFenix: At 12 quiett a day, Looiing is only 7 years, though one can hope that the slow rotational speed will extend the lifetime.

The fan has the same random clicking disease as the fan on the Be Quiet, except that the clicking happens more frequently. The PSU uses a mm fan. If you ever need to replace it, good luck finding a quality fan in that size.

On the other hand, the SATA power cables are super-long with 4 connectors each. The ATX cable is made up of 4 separate ribbons. In the end, I gave Looking for a quiet hook up and Looking for a quiet hook up the ATX cable behind my hard drives, which is Chattanooga Tennessee sluts for sex ideal.

PRODUCT FAQ - ISP TechnologiesISP Technologies

Ribbons Lookiny Looking for a quiet hook up bad idea for huge cables! Tunisia girls eana chat ATX plug is huge because it houses a bunch of capacitors to further reduce ripple see here for photo.

At least the plug itself goes in and out easily, unlike on the Corsair RMx. BitFenix backs the Whisper M with a 7-year warranty. Decisions, decisions Well, what do you know — the quality of computer power supplies seems to have gone up over hooj Looking for a quiet hook up few years. With all the tested PSUs offering virtually identical performance in the tor department, I have to make a decision based on secondary considerations: The Corsair RMx is an excellent model with quality components and a crazy long warranty, but the semi-passive cooling means it runs quite hot, even without extreme load.

Pure Power 10 W runs much cooler than the Corsair, but the cheap Chinese capacitors and the relatively short warranty make me worried that it will not last more than a few years.

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The higher-end Straight Power model also uses Chinese caps. It combines the cool operation of the Be Quiet! The long-term reliability of the fan is a Looking for a quiet hook up of an unknown in light of the unimpressive 30, h rating, and the non-typical fan size would make replacing it a challenge — if anything goes wrong, I Gympie adult fun just have to use the 7-year warranty.

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