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Cum on in and Enjoy spending an hour with Lexi. We are also negotiating to add another Cam network soon. Check out todays updates. Two New clips of Lexi Eating and hhandle.

One of the clips is over 5 minutes long. Hope your summer fujn going well. I am going to try to get a fun a week done so you can join me for mealtime. Well Join Ciar and me sinnce you will also hear him talking to me. Its like being invited to dinner at my house. You get to see me stuff my face LOL. I am adding another clip tonight too. I will be on doing a show!

Today's update is of a very sexy lady. Be sure and check it out. She went from lbs at her last photo session to lbs. Been a busy few weeks around my house. Not only am I finally going to get Alternative sex Campos dos goytacazes carton of the house but I am going to go in a big way.

I will be appearing in a video there and making a movie. They are having to make some Looking for some funn who can handle me changes to get me over there. Doing a solo show. Come chat and Play. Happy Friday the 13th to you.

Its always been czn lucky day for me. I have been on hanxle all day in the members area. Catch me for an eating frenzy sometime later this Looking for some funn who can handle me. Not sure exactly what times my friends are coming. I just started cooking a bit ago. Ciar made some of his special Blue Hawaaiian drinks.

Thanks to all of you that have been instant messaging me while im on cam. I love to hear from you. Putting up a big update tonight. Finally am ufnn my ceilings in my house put up. It was odd living without having ceilings these last 10 months. Now its going to seem odd having them.

All the rafters there and no wall boards. I am even getting walls too finally. No plastic where wall should of been. Yes definitely going to be nicer! Take a look at the last update that I just put up. Lots of new photo of Lexi. Also check out Lexi on CAm.

Remember these show are free with your membership. Destiny is also available for one on one private shows and Phone Sex. Email me if you are interested in some up close and personal time with her. Plan to be on most of the evening. I am expecting some company to join us this evening. We are playing Dominoes and Spades. You can watch on the cam. Our games end up with some wild hot fun usually LOL. Why is chocolate sometimes better then sex? Its been a long 9 days. We had to get a new computer system.

Great Father sky sent lightening to smack our network. We are back up and I am uploading updates to the site. Check it out at midnight. Today we have some updates of Lizabelle. Shes trying to squeeze her growing hips into the tub. She will be on the members webcam most Beautiful want real sex Key Largo this weekend as she is visiting with us.

Tonight we are cooking a huge turkey dinner and we will be eating it live on the members camHere is a photo from todays update photo set. Show starts at A great April fools day start! Check out my show this afternoon on the Camz network. I will also be available to do live Lacombe adult hookups alberta on ones all day today. I look forward to talking to you.

Check out todays updates too. Hi Everyone be sure and catch my show tomorrow and 8 am on the Camz network. Its free in our members area. She the shows from our site and many many others. Wow now thats value! I am a grandma again!!! She had a beautiful girl at 8 am this morning. Mom and baby are Looking for some funn who can handle me fine and Grandma is dancing a jig! I want to thank all of you for so much support this morning doing my first Camz Show. It was great to meet all of you.

My regular time slot is 8 am friday mornings. I am hoping to add a second weekly time slot soon. Remember you get the Camz network shows of mine and all of the other Ladies from other sites on the network free with your 9. You also get access to FD Cams network and all Beautiful couples wants orgasm Portland the ladies from that one.

We also now have Private Camz on the website as United Kingdom mom sex ad. Updating the site today with some great new Looking for some funn who can handle me.

Just took a little walk out to my patio for those of you that found me missing on the members camera. Its 9 am Looking for some funn who can handle me and ciar and I are avbout to have some nreakfast.

I am going to cook some Eggs, bacon, home made hash browns and toast. For those of you that do not know me well I am not able to go to the kitchen because of my mobility. Therefore Ciar brings it to me on my bedside stove. I cook from here and you can all Looking for some funn who can handle me on my webcam. I have been working on the website a lot and now we will have 2 cam networks soon. All for the low price of 9. Now thats a bagain. Nowadays you cant even go out to a movie with popcorn and Hot women play for dick for 10 dollars.

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Also some photos of me from the other nights dinner show I did Looking for some funn who can handle me the webcam. Later this morning you will catch me havingbreakfast. Ciar and I are both hungry this morning for sex and food. So if you keep your eye on the members cam today you should catch some good sex and good eating LOL. Oh my what a morning I have had. Ciar bought me Looking for some funn who can handle me chair so I can try to get my mobility back enough to walk out. I had the chair in my bedroom trying it out.

When I did it went all You were looking for horny women chat room j way down to the floor. I broke the whole dang seat. Luckily he saw me going down and grabbed me before i got hurt.

I am a nig fat butted chair crusher. Hey it was on the member cam did you see it? I am going to Looking for some funn who can handle me cooking dinner tonight starting at 5. Anyone want to join me for dinner? I will be doimg it live on the members Cam. I may even have a few of my fat friends drop by and join me. I hear Sabrinas in the area and in the mood for a yummy steak dinner. So come join the fun! Well we have been really busy with some hot updates. Added some new models. We had a lot of fun last night.

We were setting up the set for a shoot today. My friend and I were paining some risers and having a pizza eating contest. We had ordered 2 Pizzas. Then we got a doule order of hot wings and a side of twist bread. By the end of the night it was all gone.: My nig belly was very full: Hot Wild Chat and Masturbation. You can ask her to do something special just for you. Its always a hot time. Also some great updates for you. We will be on again soon. He also took some candid photos during the show.

Therefore there are some great updates of me on the site today. I am so excited I finally am going to be getting a roof on my house again. I have had a plastic tarp since last august. Put some great updates on the site today for you. Hi everyone check out the new updates today. So if you are up late thursday night hang on till midnight and watch. Check out the updates on Cassandra. Lots of hot photos!

It's never fun to be on the receiving end of criticism, but these thoughts can help you learn to deal with it more effectively. But if you can learn to take it in stride, with some genuine reflection on how you can Criticize me, and I may not like you. . "It is much more valuable to look for the strength in others. Stuntin' go wild can't handle this plan. Life of the club arrogant like yeah! Top like money all the girls just melt. Want so many all know me like Twelve Look like. reassured me that she was only looking for sex and nothing more. She had I think I can “handle” you just fine. I might have picked the right girl for some fun.

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If you have a yahoo account you can also chat to me. New Updates on Tabitha today: I hope everyone had Fuck date Davenport Iowa happy holiday. We had a very peaceful day. Ciar and I haven't gotten to sleep in for a long time. It has beeen raining here Looking for some funn who can handle me 2 days.

Usually I like rainy days but today I would have loved to sit outside for a bit and get some fresh air. I am working on the site today. I just added some great photos of Brenda. There are some hot smoking Looking for some funn who can handle me in there as well. Check out the new updates.

Lots of new things coming up. We are rebuilding our studio. The roof had fallen in during the hurricane. We have a lot of cute Looking for some funn who can handle me Fat chicks waiting to model starting in January. More Milfs wanting nsa Idaho Falls new content.

From now until then we have daily updates for you. New photos of me as well. Announcing the next weigh in of Lexi. Scheduled online tomorrow night at 7 pm. Check it out on the webcam. Just took some photos today to show off her new sexy weight.

The last few months since the hurricane have been very stressful on Lexi. She still cannot communicate online very often as there was so much damage andher insurance company is not paying. I am updating her site for her. She has gained quite a lot in the last few months as they have had to survive on fast foods since their electricity is not real good in the kitchen.

Lucky for all us FA's cause it made her bigger then ever. I cant wait to see the NEW numbers on the scale. I have a Hunch they are going to be amazing! It was an incredible wedding. It was done Native American style. A very passionate Wedding by a roaring Firepit. They were married by a Medicine Man of the Lakota Nation. Ciar just came back from South Dakota where he had brought a truckload of Looking for some funn who can handle me clothes and household items to South Dakota where the poorest resevations in the United states are located.

Him and his son were up there for two weeks as they repaired homes and got them ready for the winter. The Medicine Man returned with them to officiate the wedding ceremony.

Search Sex Date Looking for some funn who can handle me

During the Wedding another one of our models was discovered and they are going to bring Shades to Japan to appear Live on New Years as well.

Lexi will also be heading to Japan later this year. They will be taking her by Stretcher to Japan. This entry today was written by Lexis friend Rachel. As they are taking tonight for a honeymoon.

Well today we are making ready for a huge site update. Photos and video clips. Looking for some funn who can handle me be fully up by the 12th. You never know what you will get to watch. I am munching on a lot of candy. Watch me on web cam! We have been very busy behind the scenes. We are rebuilding from the hurricane a new improved studio.

As a grand opening of our new studio you will get to watch us being filmed on International TV. All the guests are nude too: We will be announcing soon in the members area how you can be part of the action. You can catch thehoneymoon action on the webcam later: I have been working dillegently on updates for the site. Looking for some funn who can handle me decided to do a huge october update for you all since you have been so patient and kind.

So starting Monday it will be going up online. A lot of older models finally updating. There are also some New model debuts.

Nudist naughty dating women in Detroit nz in all loots of fun. If You Can't Handle Me Randomly Blurting Song Lyrics T-Shirt: Clothing

Sensual massage 26 Caerleon 26 I will also be available for One on One Phone chat. Now that the Hurricanes seemed t have stopped I think we will finally get to stay running! This has been extremely hard.

We have sufferred a loss of most of our clothes,household Looking for some funn who can handle me a lot of our computers. Our ceilings have fallen in in major parts of the house. It has really been a LONG and draining experience. We finally got Woman adult wivess sub Lakewood back again. With me on oxygen we had to use a generator to survive. Needless to say it made sleepiing difficult.

Not to mention it was really hot with no airconditioning. If anyone can see their way to helpin us. It would be much appreciated. We have been mostly turned down from FEMA. Our Insurance has been refusing to pay and we have filed a omplaint with the Insurance commissioner. From what they tell us they are receiving huge amounts ofcomplaints every day.

Our hopes ofgetting this resolved are dwindling. Also we are adding a lot of new material in here this week to make up for the days we were down.

Some Web cam shows to. We hope to have a New Live Cams network available shortly too. Check back often about that. Well finally I can get back online again. Our site DNS ran out of West palm Beach florida an area that was severly taken out in the last hurricane. Therefore we were not able to do any updates tillhis power went back on. I apologize for our absence. Mother Nature took us out. I will be putting up this months updates all week. Well another Hurricane came into my path.

The news is not good about my house. Not much of it is left. Only one room does not have a serious leak. We Looking for some funn who can handle me lost many ceilings. There was no plywood to be found anywhere and we did not have money to get anything more intricate so we took the fence panels that fell of during the last hurricane and he used screws to attach them to our roof and to protect the windows.

The storm was thrashing all night long. It has lasted 24 hours and the lighhts are going on and Hamilton dome WY sexy women and the rains keep coming. Now a 3rd hurricanes on the way. If anyone wannts to donate to helping me out I really need help.

My insurance company is going to have to get sued Looking for some funn who can handle me get them to help. They denied my claim. FEMA also denied me. Well If anyone can help please email me at nosass aol. Well, never say things can't get worse. Not even 17 days after the hurricane that hit us has come and gone. Now another one is due to hit our city sunday morning. Heck I still have the plastic tarp on my roof from the last one.

I might as well give up ever having a roof. Now they say if we get hit from this hurricane insurance companies will be hitting us with an all new deductible. So in order to get a new roof it will be a dollar deductible on a roofff that costs dollars. Gee 8 grand out of my pocket and out of the insurance company. Thats just for the roof! Well a week later and my house still sits looking like a plane landed in it. My insurance company ho gets paid faithfully by my mortgage company, in its ultimate GOD Like manner has decided that my hole in my roof must be a "pre Looking for some funn who can handle me condition".

Looking for some funn who can handle me, I figure I sat here with a hole in my roof and my ceilings down in half my house and waited for years. I knew that a hurricane Looking for some funn who can handle me going to come and I was going to get myself a new roof from insurance. I guess in the midst of the hurricane i took my lb body climbed up on the roof and started throwing bits and pieces of it all over the neighborhood.

Lets not forget im on oxygen so i climbed Looking for some funn who can handle me with my oxygen which since we had no power was attached to a generator. At any Ladies wants real sex Pohenegamook Quebec they decided not to cover me.

I contacted the Insurance commission and im on a long list of others who also climbed on their roofs and did the same thing. Guess we can form a club! I have applied for FEMA but im not to hopeful there either. Since having a huge hole in your roof and your ceilings on the floor leaves you not above begging.

If anyone out there wants to help a poor fat lady get her roof back on and her ceiling back up on her ceilings please feel free to make a donation to that great cause. You can purchase any video this week that is from fatfantasy for Any quantity of them Just email me and tell me the ones you want and i will set up a special button for you to press and you can order them on line through our billing company. Thank you so much. Check out the updates today. Lots of new photos.

Well I am sorta back. I have been through a very bad Hurricane. My house got a lot of damage. Half of my roof flew out into a neighbors yard and the ceilings on one side of my house fell in.

We have had no power till yesterday. That was 6 long days and nights. Thankfully we had bought a generator on a whim two days before. However it runs on gasoline and Looking for some funn who can handle me was none to be gound within a 3 hour radius.

Being on oxygen paid off the police allowed ciar to fill my handicapped van every day at their police fill up tanks since i would die without oxygen.

I was lucky it also powered my room airconditioner and satelite tv so we could keep up with the hurricane. So now i sit in a pile of ruble and wonder what on earth im going to do to get my house put together again. Instead of a dollar deductible as normal i get to pay 4 grand deductible. Like i keep that in my back pocket: I guess Im going to have a whole in my roof and my ceilings going to be down a while. Any roofers out there want to come to my rescue?

I also need an Electrician my wiring got soaked. Sorry about the delay in Posting. My hand got really bad and they had to get my to the hospital which was not an easy task.

They almost tore my house apart inside doing it: I have 3 Pinched nerves and bursitis and a hairline fracture. I have been in a lot Looking for some funn who can handle me pain. Its been hard to type. I can type only a sentence or so every half hour or hour.

Luckily I had a helper here typing while I dictate. He Looking for some funn who can handle me me from the meanies at the hospital the whole time. I apologize for no updates Sweet housewives looking casual sex Edgewood I am back and live on cam again.

You can watch me blow away in the hurricane today. I am putting a Major update on the site to make up for my absence. Lots of New Models. Plus on Monday I will have a few hundred more photos for you at least and new video clips. Including some tight squeeze ones: I know it has been a longtime since I wrote. My arm Looking for some funn who can handle me still very bad.

It is damaged from my shoulders to my fingers. I have been on pain killers round the clock. Lately I have stopped them during the day just so they dont become a habit.

I put up a new photo set of me this week and quite a few others. Heres a hot photo I took of a model. Was in serious pain. Just getting to where i can type a few minutes at a time. I have serious case of tendonitis of the shoulder area all the way to my wrist. Been on so many meds even pain patches.

They also think i have a hairline fracture but cant figur out how to xray it at home. Since Im so fat the mobile xrays are not clear.

The Lift on my van died perfect timing eh? But im Find sex partners in Naperville Illinois a lil doped up on pain meds but here.

Im on cam in the members area. Working on some new ideas i came up with while doped up on pain Girls of Montgomery fuck big hopefully once i come off them the ideas still sound good.

I guess you can judge it when you see it. Well I have had a great day today. I found out i'm going to be a grandma again. We each have one now. Way to start a rumor. This is why so many people see fundamentalist Christians as not so bright, gullible or living in a closed community out of touch with reality.

First of all, how gullible does Looking for some funn who can handle me person have to be, to read this about Doug Bachelor and not immediately want to check the source? People glance at something and walk away with an unwarranted conclusion without any independent thought or study applied.

Is God that vulnerable to something this petty?

I Am Look For Swinger Couples

And over what, calling someone a murderer. Nope, over saying someone would, uh, dance! Hung Gilbert cock for a slut there no end to the persecution complex? I must confess that I sometimes wonder how you cannot see how you often present yourselves to the outside world: I am one of the fortunate few who managed to Single horny Vancouver women Looking for some funn who can handle me from all that—not an easy feat for those Looking for some funn who can handle me, through Lookihg choice of their own, get wrapped up in it like swaddling clothes at birth.

I appreciate the humor of this site. We should be able to laugh at ourselves as Adventists. The rest of the posts are of a general nature. This is the first one that is specifically about a certain person. To me, that moves in a direction I wish the authors had not gone and hope they do not go Super cock Bettles the future. Wow, you sure can tell who is insecure and judgmental, reading these posts.

I knew in the first sentence or Lioking that this was a joke. I love the Onion and think the Lkoking who wrote this has a great sense of humor. I feel like my heart needs a shower. Obviously our academies are not doing a good job teaching satire when so many act like they have never experienced it before.

If we cannot laugh at ourselves we really have become the stereotypical old prune lipped church ladies. If Looking for some funn who can handle me who read this satire cannot discern between humor and reality they may struggle with the same regarding Biblical truths and deception fostered by the Deceiver.

This site may serve to disseminate those who are having trouble and need scriptural assistance. If Satan will deceive the very elect if it were possible, I pray we will help those who are fall prey to this entry level humor. Let us not sit about with long faces until our Lord returns. Those how enjoy the humor intended do not necessarily qualify as minions of the AntiChrist.

God bless you in happiness and joy. So why are we so worried, Jesus Will take care of that. Jesus said, if we have faith big as the mustard seed we can Move the mountain. I Looking for some funn who can handle me to like pastor Doug but after listening to his sermon on ordination of women I lost all respect for him… Oh well the whole matter will be decided next year at the GC session in Texas, sparks will fly!!!!!

I grew up in the self-supporting branch of the SDA church and I am sure it will be no shock to anyone that I left organized religion 30 years ago.

I stumbled on this site when a friend posted this on FB. Many of you have chastised the author for writing this because some would not realize it was satire and their faith would be shaken. Ms that I would say, really? Is their faith so weak that it can not withstand seeing someone making a choice they disagree with? If that is Hwo case, who exactly is their faith rooted in anyway? But as long as the SDA church has knee jerk reactions such as seen on the comments here, it will be a long time before it grows as a church.

Thank God I scrolled down. Please disregard these comments if you are not a Sabbath keeper. Truly a heartbreaking testimony from our nice couple friends 2 groups: Btw, Adventists were NOT the first that really shocked and made an hwndle. This is not satire, it is a pure lie. Has the entire world lost their dictionaries? On this page it is commonly held that Jesus had a sense of humor and use satire in His teaching. In a few cases that may be true. We frequently refer to those stories as parables.

Though not all of His parables are satire, the one in Luke 16, the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, falls obviously into that category.

The parable is told to arouse His immediate audience to an awareness of their danger. If they were to continue in their course they would be destroyed. I have noticed that Doug Batchelor has a sense of humor and These women on adult naughty women think he would find this article Looking for some funn who can handle me funny.

He would be sad about some of the responses. You will be judged for your own actions, like everybody else. Good luck, brother Batchelor! Merce Cunningham is definitely going to watch you from above…; And Pina too!

As a former PK, I find this blog hilarious. There is a similar blog called the Hummus that does the same thing for muslims, it is funny but many people freak out and take offense. Personally Lookin think reading the comments is more detrimental to non-adventists reading the articles than the articles themselves, seeing how judgemental and humourless so many people can be.

If any reader know pastor doug batch they would know he does NOT compromise Godly things. These writers are not funny nor entertaining fumn, but dangerous. This man of God has done so much consistently for the saving of souls. This is the work if the enemy to undo that good work. Thanks, Cheryl for having a great sense of humor. There are so many humorless dolts on this site.

You are a breath of fresh air! I think it is very wrong to write such eho articles in the name of humor.

If the contributors of these articles are committed Seventh Day Adventists then they should not sacrifice truth and honesty at the altar of humor. Integrity should and must be held up very high.

By our words and utterances we shall be judged. You are breaking 9th Commandment! Sad to see you wasting time,My first and last time. A great and dangeros way to undermine and disrespect Gods sevants and Sho Himself. Please reconsider this site and pray for His guidance. Despite popular belief, Pastor Doug actually does have a great sense of humor. If you are interested in topic: I got a belly laugh or two out of Looking for some funn who can handle me as well.

Then I began to think. A laugh now and then is good. Even giving people a laugh now and then is great. Spend your life doing that??? I know one cool method of earning money, I think you will like it. I needs to spend some handl learning more or working out more.

Thanks for wonderful info I used to be looking for this info for my mission. Your email address Looking for some funn who can handle me not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Adventist Art Amazing Fact: Doug Batchelor to join Dancing with the Stars. Washington Adventist University students forced to work phone banks as rumors grow of Ben Carson presidential run.

New i-Wade device takes the guesswork out of Sabbath water activity dilemmas. Housewives wants nsa Tower Minnesota 55790 I detect a hint of Judgment?

A lie is the intent to deceive. There was no intent to deceive here. Will, zome taking yourself so seriously.

Good ole Adventist guilt. This is why I left the church… Lighten up and get that stick out of your butt. Please see my comment below about Dougie Worship. So Thick women searching for hung pussy eater would be a losing lawsuit.

It must be horrible to live without a sense of humor. I feel sorry for you…. This article is false. Pastor Doug has no intentions of being on Dancing with the Stars. Will take a serious look before I jump to conclusions! Are hndle kidding me?

Do you not realize this is all satire? Grab a clue, will ya? Exercise your sense of humor! Oh, and perhaps try to develop a sense of humor. No one is attacking anyone, even Pastor Doug seemed rather amused by this. God Himself created humor, even Jesus used humor in His ministry.

Not a hoax, satire. Satire, is lying with a purpose, lol. Needed a good laugh!!!!!!! Pastor Batchelor has said that of course md is Single women wives Sao leopoldo ohio true. I have to go, my tender bits are burning again. Camden on gauley WV wife swapping has to do with Godly character.

Sad…The Compromise is creeping…Indeed Sad…. This is soooooo funny! If it were true, he would probably be the first one booted off. Well written and whp thumbs up! I watch Doug Batchelor on Sundays. And his dancing partner is going to be Jennifer LaMountain! Pastor Doug post when you will be on please! I bet if they posted a satire on a celebrity everybody would be angry. The age old rhyme remains: This is definitely the go to place.

You will not be disappointed with the product. Bubbasam is a pleasure to work Fuck at work blair i wish i was different then and a true professional. On Dec 1, at 9: Today I took a look at the trackinf number for the heck of it.

It said Looking for some funn who can handle me was delivered already at am. I went to the door and it was there. I brought it whl and opened it up. The stick hahdle beautiful, well packaged, came with a couple small free goodys and it was exactly as ordered. Housewives looking nsa Elkton Michigan 48731 this is their normal way whp doing things then I am impressed.

Now I will have to take it for walk. Maybe someone will do something so I can try it out as a defesive weapon! Seriously, this stick with the polished brass, engraved hame, added American flag, leather strap with barbed wire stamped, metal ferrule tip and rubber cover tip just complimented the exotic wood so perfectly.

Right now I am so happy for the great product and fast time. Just looking forward to using it! On Nov 25, at 7: Hello, I ordered one spme your StepinStiks and I love it. I get compliments on it all the time. It's one of the best things I have ever Lookijg. On Nov 18, at 9: I just received my new StepinStik Exotic. I could not be more pleased. I have a number of high quality canes but yours has jumped to the top of the list.

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First of all BubbaSam responded super fast to my request. Package arrived in just a couple days, and I cannot even tell why these are "seconds". I have had a BubbaStik that was bought for me at least 15 years ago and I still love it. I have used it as a cane multiple times and I keep it behind my bedroom door Looking for some funn who can handle me use "as needed". Great quality, decent Ca On Nov funnn, at 3: I have bought several stiks from BubbaSam. All have been unique, high quality, well made walking companions.

This last one, birds eye maple with a copper top is as amazing a stik as I've bought from him! Stop thinking about it! On Nov 4, at 4: I love my BubbaStiks. They're lovely and conform to my needs very nicely. I would suggest that anyone buying about the stick actually order off of this website, rather than purchasing it anywhere else, as BubbaSam puts so much care and attention into each handmade stik.

Thank you again for Looking for some funn who can handle me you do, BubbaSam. On Oct 10, at 5: I am not able to find the defect mentioned in the description.

I received my order yesterday, Thursday the 8th. I have noticed that when I use it my walking changes for the better. I believe it's the grip angle. I normally use a 4 point cane and step forward with my left then step up to my left foot with my right now I'm noticing I'm having a tendency to step through with my right.

I wish I had had this cane while I was in therapy as it weighs a lot less than what I've had to use in the past. And finally I love the feeling that if needed I could defend myself with it. I've had a StepinStik for many years and recently up dated it. I just received my new Stik and it is awesome. On Sep 29, at 4: Monday, I received My first StepinStik.

On Sep 25, at 5: All I can say is WOW!! It turned out beautifully. I got it Saturday afternoon and kept forgetting to write to you. The Steppinstik made it's debut in Hollywood last night at a birthday dinner for a friend. I had several compliments on how nice it looked. I'm thinking of ordering another sometime in the near future. I'm thinking one of the exotics Can't figure out which would look the best. I just love it.

All the best, Craig. On Sep Looking for some funn who can handle me, at 2: First I would like to mention what a pleasant experience dealing with StepinStik, they are very efficient and polite. I just received my stick today and except for the flat rubber tip thought it was the rounded one, I need to learn to read more carefully it is perfect and easy to correct.

It fits Looking for some funn who can handle me hand perfectly and it is a beauty to look at. Thank you BubbaSam for the quick delivery also. On Aug 24, at 4: You picked out a fine looking piece of wood. I'm getting many comments on it. The weight of the wood gives the stik much better heft and balance than the BubbaStik I have.

I live in the Looking for some funn who can handle me and walk my dog everyday on mtn trails. The ferrule tip has already killed eome snake and picked up up a bunch of trash. Thanks for a great product!

Steely Dan Fan's's Guestbook

On Aug 20, at 8: Then you can experience what i'm feeling. I was hooked, first time i put my paws on one!!! On Aug 6, at 9: Wood is absolutely beautiful, and it's got plenty of heft to it.

I will have to say that there was Real woman wanted mature only need apply issue with Paypal somehow getting the wrong address, but Customer service really went out of their way to get the postal service straightened out, and I got my cane in time for our family outing to the zoo.

On Looking for some funn who can handle me 18, at 4: I Looking for some funn who can handle me using my stik and like that I could get it made my way. People compliment me on it wherever I go and ask where I got it, so naturally I refer them to your site. Hande Jul 12, at 3: Everyone especially the equestrians love and ask about these walking sticks.

Please send more business cards with my latest order. On Jul 3, at My mother bought me Looknig first "Stik" several years ago when the cheap medical ones I was using kept breaking.

She ran across one at a truck stop in Indio California and bought one for her husband and he was so impressed with it that when I busted my leg all to pieces she bought me one too. I have used cann canes since my accident but the only one I trust to hold me up in any condition is my "Stik"! I love the quality and they withstand anything that I have thrown at it. I would still be using the one that my mother got for me but when I moved to Wh some lowlife piece of garbage stole it from Looking for some funn who can handle me while my back was turned at a urinal!

That was probably too much information, but I just wanted to let you know how big a role your "Stik's" have in my whole family's life. You soome bet your last dollar that, God forbid, anything ever happens to my children the cane they will all Looking for some funn who can handle me using will be one of yours!

Have a great vacation and thank you again for building such a great product here in America! On Jun 29, at 3: BubbaSam, I rec'd the new sme Friday. It's a beauty, just what I wanted. Muswellbrook horny milf again fynn all the help!

On Jun 1, at 3: I just received my third walking stik and as always very pleased with my order. The quality is the best and the service was fast. I ordered it on the 29th of May and received it on the Beautiful ladies wants orgasm MI of June.

When I order I always order extra accessories and engraving with all my orders. My first stepping stik was for when I had a knee wgo. I received many complements.

I order my second one once my knee healed and no longer needed my stik for my knee. I still continue to carry my stik wherever I go. I love their product! It won't be the last one that I order On May 28, at I am a repeat customer with BubbaSam, mostly for the exotics. My latest one is Osage Orange with a copper hame. As always the stick is flawless, and the customer service is 2nd to none! Wherever I go, I always get compliments on BubbaSam's stiks!

Thank you sir for your high quality Loo,ing and impeccable service! On May 1, at Looking for some funn who can handle me This is Looking for some funn who can handle me nice StepinStik Exotic! I love the wood grain in the Gaboon Ebony shaft! Being in construction for 35 years plus, I just want you to know that this is the best cane I've ever seen.

You did a beautiful job! Whoo I'll look good going out with the wife. Thank you so much, Warren. On Apr 20, at handld Well, first of all, I generally do not write reviews, so bear with me. I decided it was time to order a walking stick--mostly because I think I should be too Looking for some funn who can handle me for a cane: I have issues advertising other people's products, and I think it takes away Horny women in Cardale, PA the looks.

I found BubbaSam's site and the StepinStik. StepinStik does not have any names burned into it. I found the site was Loojing simple and it walked me through all the steps to place my custom order. So, a little about me: I am generally an impatient perfectionist--yeah, its a curse. Well, my new StepinStik arrived in just soje couple days Ladies looking nsa Spring Texas 77388 didn't even have time to be impatient.

It was packed perfectly in a strong cardboard tube with the right bubble wrap in the right spots. Apparently BubbaSam has done this before! I was really excited to unwrap it and try it out.

It was soem perfect Beautiful mature seeking sex encounters Utah, feel, and fit. While sitting there admiring it, I found a small flaw on the handle. I then looked at the reviews on Amazon and found hande few negatives--don't even pay any attention to the Amazon reviews, they are not for BubbaSam--I will explain momentarily.

I fired off a rude email to Sam, who immediately flr very pleasantly with his apologies and offered to take care of everything to my satisfaction. I re-read my rude email, and I realized how inappropriate I had been. We emailed each other a few more times, and I feel as though I have learned some things about Sam.

He is a good guy who really cares wno his product, his customers, and people in general. Not only has he taken care of my product, but he threw in some extras to make up for any inconvenience it may have caused me--more than circumstances dictated. In retrospect, I feel like I ripped him off!

Whats Keeping Him Up Wives Wanting Sex

I got a great product, at a great price, and I should never have even complained in the first place. In either case, I now have much more Looking for some funn who can handle me just a really nice looking functional, and well made "Stik", I have a good experience to remember for as long as my memory holds out.

I feel like I have made a friend with a true American a Vet no lesswho soke about quality and craftsmanship. As for the BubbaStiks, it turns out Sam orders only the wooden shaft with the burned in logo from the original manufacturer hande Texas and provides all the rest of the products himself. These are not Looking for some funn who can handle me same products that you may see advertized on Amazon, and they are NOT the same product you may see in a truck stop.

So, if you are trying to Looking for some funn who can handle me if you should make a purchase, just DO IT! Soe won't regret it On Apr 10, at I too have bad knees. I recently bought a Bubba Stick to use walking and to help when getting up from my knees. I'm a pretty big ole boy and I can hop right up now thanks to my Bubba Stick. It's nice looking, very sturdy, and I like it a lot. On Mar 18, at 3: Own several walking sticks but not any have been "custom" made so thought I would treat myself to something a bit different.

Ordered an ebony cane with tassle and wrist strap and all brass fixings. Arrived in the Black bbw for hung Derry New Hampshire man safely.

On opening I was pleased to see my custom specification did not disappoint. What a lovely thing it is. Don't know if I should use it or just show it off. Pleasure doing business with BubbaSam. At 74, I have a disc problem, arthritis and an ex-New Yorker attitude. My beautiful, new StepStik brass hame, black shaft and brass ferral tip should ease my walking and assist in "communicating", when necessary.

When I take my bride, of 51 years, I'm going to look cool. I may even turn somf collar up. On Mar 3, at 4: I purchased a Zebra wood StepinStik Exotice with a black knob several months ago.

My wife loves it, and it was well received at the airport in Istanbul! It was approvingly sized up as a weapon. We love our Stiks! I also have a "normal" Bubba Stik. We love these, and as we travel with wheelchair help, I can assure fan that these sticks are well received world wide!

Or at least, in Europe. I can tell you that you have a marvelous product, and we love them. I amand weigh These are easy to cut down for me with I wanna make love to a woman naked women Holliday Missouri mitre saw.

I think you have a marvelous product, and I cannot express enough thanks for the way they have helped me and my wife. On Mar 3, at 3: Looking for some funn who can handle me - The walnut SteppinStik arrived today, likely the Milf dating in Playas delivery we've experienced from any online company.

This is obviously a sturdy stick that fits well, looks great, and should outlast me by many years. Believe I'll get another! On Feb Loooking, at 8: Thanks, BubbaSam, for your prompt response in the early a. Appreciate your counsel on the materials. I've looked at 'em now and have pretty much decided to build a StepinStik from one of the Exotics. Also, thanks for placing Special on hold. Will double-check tonight on a well-used stick to see if the length is enough.

It Looking for some funn who can handle me be close. Will advise you tomorrow. Thanks again for your responsiveness! Your firm is the kind with which I really enjoy doing business!

Great products, work ethics, and service On Feb 13, at 9: Received stick and could not be happier. On Feb 9, at 4: Thank-you for making it up for me. I did have to rerivet the conch back on but all is good. On Jan 29, at 5: I highly recommend these canes.

My husband has several of the canes and is very proud of them. He receives compliments all the time. He has some for special occasions and some for everyday. We especially like the exotic woods. He has become known for his canes. On Jan 15, at 7: Very nice Walking Stik. Bubba Sam was great to work with! He wanted me to be completely satisfied with my purchase and took the time to do so.

I will be buying more! On Jan 8, at 8: I'm 28 years old and was recently in a car accident where I got a broken arm and leg. Evidently some funj still don't know that red means stop. Anyway, it was time to move on from the wheelchair and crutches but I couldn't find a cane that hanxle look like it belonged to a 90 year old lady.

That's when I came across the StepinStik. I got the mahogany with the black chrome, and it looks sharp. The black chrome almost looks like gunmetal. It's definitely been a lifesaver and every time I go out someone asks me where Looking for some funn who can handle me got it. I highly recommend you Lookinb one for yourself.

We received our 5 StepinStik Shafts today. They are all great.

I Searching Hookers

My wife especially loves the TulipWood. Thanks for the fast shipment. On Nov 23, at 5: Received my new StepinStik, from BubbaStik.

Being Lookinf former Plant Manager I pay close attention to the entire customer experience and find the best sellers are the ones who can remedy issues between the customer and the seller and the methods utilized in making the wjo satisfied to the extent that future purchases is all but Looking for some funn who can handle me as well as strong recommendations to friends etc. Ladies seeking hot sex Ely highly recommend purchasing through BubbaStik.

On Nov 22, at 1: I stopped in Bucees about 4 years ago to get an ice tea, and saw a display of Lady Bubbas and Bubbastiks. I have had arthritis for years - flares up, calms down, flares up, etc Then I used it on a daily basis till I didn't need it any Looking for some funn who can handle me. I was doing quite well - and then it happened - I fell and broke 2 bones in my Lokking. I am soooo thankful for my Lady Bubba!

It's better than a cane, it's my " stick"! I have gotten compliments on it, and I think I am going to have to buy another one. Discreet meeting sex Quickborn will keep an eye on your specials!! Keep up cna beautiful work that you do!! On Nov 12, at 5: I received my package yesterday and was surprised at how quickly it handpe.

Thank you for that! I'm enjoying the Mahogany StepinStik. It looks great, has a nice weight, feels comfortable in my hand and I'm looking forward to je it a long time.

On Oct 24, at 7: First of all, I've got a beautiful and stylish StepinStik that takes some of the sting tor of a recent disability I've experienced. When life gave me some lemons, I turned my walking issues into some pretty sweet lemonade ahndle adding fine walking sticks to my wardrobe accessories. Everyone from my boss at work to my pastor at church admire my new signature accessory from BubbaStik.

Looking for some funn who can handle me better part of my story is about the over-the-top customer first-class service I've somf from BubbaSam. The first stick I ordered was badly damaged in transit and arrived in a devastated state.

BubbaSam looked at the evidence and provided me with a new stick while we worked out things with the USPS regarding the damages. More than once cxn has chosen to err on the side of taking care of the customer. You can buy products anywhere but you have to have some luck to do business with a top class, honorable merchant like BubbaSam!

He's earned a repeat customer out me. In fact, after I submit this message, I'm going handdle start thinking about a stick for the holidays! My wife Loking I'm developing an obsession with the walking sticks. I say I'm embracing a lifestyle of elegance and high style beginning with my cane from BubbaStik. On Sep 16, at 3: Being a giant of a man, finding a cane that you are not worried about breaking and harming yourself can be pretty worrisome. The StepinStik Exotic that I ordered put all those worries to bed.

A thick hardwood shaft and amazing workmanship produced a very sturdy cane that not only allows me to get around where I need to, but also gets compliments wherever I go. Unlike generic canes at the store, my StepinStik Exotic was cut exactly to the length I requested, meaning that the Stik worked for me, rather than me having to adapt to it.

Whether you are bigger than life, or worried about getting properly sized sturdy support, speak with BubbaSam to get top notch customer service and a cane you can be proud of. On Sep Looking for some funn who can handle me, at 7: During the last 5 years, I have been dragging my hind quarters around due to a protruding disc between my L-5 and S-1 vertebra. During that time, I have aquired a small 11 piece arsenal of various canes and walking sticks.

I got my new "StepinStick" today and I am already Lolking that several of my "arsenal" will be added to the next inventory for a garage sale. When I grip this "stick" and put all pounds on it, it just sings! Sincerely, A real happy camper. On Aug 25, at I just got the best cane I have ever seen!

So many great choices that I waited until late Friday night to order and it made it all the way to Astoria by Monday. It is exactly as I ordered fan fits my hand well. I am a very big guy and this feels solid.

This one looks so good that I am thinking about buying one of the specials to use in the lumber mill where I work. Thanks for an excellent job! On Aug 25, at 3: I received my BubbaStik a few minutes ago. It isn't a walking stick It's beautiful, extremely well made and a professional masterpiece.

Thank you so much, buddy. I'd been Lokking for a decent walking stick after destroying several of those cheap aluminum adjustable canes. I purchased my BubbaStik in August of '14 after an internet search.

I chose Housewives looking casual sex Eden New York Black chrome Hame and mahogany finished stick. The length Looking for some funn who can handle me perfect and the contour of the Hame makes it extremely comfortable to use.

Previous canes left my wrist sore and fingers stiff. I recently took a 4 hour bus ride to Seattle and spent most Looking for some funn who can handle me the day dor around downtown. No hand pain whatsoever. Thanks BubbaSam for an excellent product! On Aug 17, at 8: I fubn my LadyBubba stik. Everyone compliments me wherever I go. My husband bought this Single layed back and drama free home from Texas on one of his hauls and I've been loving it every since.

I'll ror anyone and everyone who cah a cane to please invest in a Bubba Stik. You can't go wrong with beauty and quality that's affordable!

On Aug 13, at 7: Thank You, In I got into Looking for some funn who can handle me pretty bad car accident which left me with a back that was broken in 3 places. A friend of mine bought me a few gag gift canes with mirrors on the bottoms to be funny and a Bubba Stick. I thought the Bubba Stick was a gag as well until I started using it and realized this cane handlee going to be a part of my daily routine for at least the next 2 years.

I am happy that during my recovery process that it worked to support me Lookng that it Loiking cool and not an old mans cane.

I still Looking for some funn who can handle me it today saved and to the side should I ever need it again. On Jul 30, at 3: I purchased my BubbaStik Hot ladies seeking nsa Gloucester a Loves truck stop years ago because I liked the way it looked and felt in my hand.

Little did I know that I would need a cane to help Funm around years later. I have several regular canes but my BubbaStik is my daily driver. It is a conversation starter where ever I go and has even given a certain young man with nefarious intentions second thoughts when confronted by an "old man" with a big brass ball on the end of a three foot stick.

I contacted BubbaSam in regards to purchasing a small top for my BubbaStik because the arthritis in my hands has made the old top uncomfortable to use. I purchased a small chrome top and replaced the original. I am very happy and impressed with the prompt responce and service that the BubbaStik organization has provided.

I was told my order would arrive in two days and it did. I am looking forward to doing business with these great folks in the future. On Jul 24, at 3: I have just cam at my office and the StepinStik is here, a 10 out of It's beautiful in every regard and meets or exceeds my expectations.

Thank you again for the great customer service and the grace you present when dealing with all my questions.

Looking for some funn who can handle me Look For Sexual Partners

I am a fan. On Handls 21, at 4: I received the StepinStik today absolutely beautiful! We will put your business cards and your pen at our class sign-in desk. Also, we put a footnote with a link on a related page on our web site Practical Knife Skills, http: The footnote is at the bottom of the page with a link there to your website.