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Deposits with a more hnear structure, directly in contact with the blade, were found in places. Most of these deposits were removed to reveal the knife dagger, but samples were retained for further examination. The blade is of triangular form, with a rounded heel, and either two or three rivets following the line of Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon heel. The rivets are in fragments, and it is difficult to establish the original number present; only two heads are clearly identifiable among the frag- ments, but this is not conclusive, and from the position of the single in situ rivet the number could have been either two or three.

The blade is bi-convex in section, and exhibits two narrow zones of fine scoring on either side of the blade and Meet for sex Chaplin Connecticut converging in the area masked by corrosion. These lines are not in themselves grooves, and are so faint as to be almost certainly not intentional. The blade edges are badly corroded, but a short length of a shallow groove is visible, within which the scoring mainly occurs.

It is possible, therefore, that the hght scoring is related to the finishing, after casting, of the shallow grooves running down each side of the blade.

The area between these two Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon grooves is badly pitted, but does not appear to be decorated. In the same area of the blade are a number of very hghtly incised or scratched lines, only visible with a micro- scope observed at x20 magnification ; most run down the blade, but a few run across its long axis. These marks appear Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon shght to be intentional, and are presumably marks of use.

Samples from the dagger were 'A' from near the tip, 'B' from the Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon of the blade, and 'C one of the rivets. Samples from the knife dagger were 'D' a rivet, and 'E' a blade fragment. Only samples C, D, and E proved to be usable for the analysis. All three are of unleaded tin bronze, and both rivets have Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon levels of tin see Mortimer, below.

Because of the difference between the com- position of the rivet and that of the blade in the knife dagger i. The blade of the knife dagger is of a bronze rich in tin. X-ray fluorescence analysis of samples from the dagger and knife-dagger by C. Needle or perforated pin Fig. Sf 32, contextfeaturePhase 1. This object, like the bone hook, was excavated Sweet blonde iso fun in Fort Worth Texas the field, before the soil block was lifted, although it came from the Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon area of organic material.

It was found in three pieces, and all surfaces, including the breaks, showed patches of a black concretion. The tip and the head are missing, but part of the eye remains. Much of the surface is well preserved, with a high polish, and scratch marks and work marks are visible. The bone is in a fragile condition, with many longitudinal marks, especially on the side with the depression.

The bone used for the object is possibly a metapo- dial, and probably from an ovicaprid Dr C. Sf 30, contextfeaturePhase 1. The bone hook was not lifted as part of the soil block, as it had been identified and excavated in the field, before the complexity of the organic deposit was fully recognized.

The object was made from a single piece of bone with a hook carved into one side, the outer surface polished smooth but the underneath rough. There are a number of incised fines on the outer surface. Haversian systems are visible on one side of the hook.

The bone is degraded in places to the extent that areas are missing from the sides and at the tip of the hook. Faint green copper staining extends over most of the object. When received in the laboratory there were Lady wants sex tonight Elm of black-brown deposit on all surfaces.

The face of the hook is decorated with what originally is likely to have been two sets of three parallel grooves: The grooves are narrow and V-sectioned, and run to the edge of the plate; their terminals, or convergence, would have occurred on the missing part of the hook.

SF 31, contextSwm looking affection and Bradford-on-AvonPhase 1. The whetstone was found beneath the two daggers and, hke them, was covered in Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon matter. It is made of a fine grained dark grey stone, pierced by a biconical hole at the narrow end. The stone is in good condition and the Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon sound.

It was decided not to thin-section the object, but it is clearly of some form of quartz-based rock Dr D. A dark black-brown deposit was poorly attached but present on all surfaces, with faint stria tions visible in the deposit in places. The stone was not subjected to any conservation processes, including cleaning, so as not to prejudice analysis of the surface of the stone. Sf 22, contextfeaturePhase 1. A small, plain vessel was found 0. The contents of the vessel were retained, but have not been analysed.

Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon I Ready Sex Chat

The fabric is slightly micaceous, and contains moderate to common grog and sparse sand and iron oxide particles Fabric type Gl; fabric descriptions in archive held at SSWM. The vessel is very poorly finished, with uneven surfaces and a variable profile.

The surfaces are oxidised to a pale orange, with one pale grey patch on the exterior of the base angle, and a mid-grey patch on the interior base-angle, on the opposite side of the vessel; the core is unoxidised black. Apart from annd damage, which was caused on excavation, the vessel is in good condition, and shows no sign of wear.

MURPHY In the group of three objects excavated from the block of black-brown deposit in the Conservation Labora- tory the knife dagger was uppermost and just over- lapping one corner of the dagger. The whetstone was underneath afdection dagger. The hilts of both the dagger and the knife dagger were towards the head end of the grave. A black-brown deposit covered the objects and extended around them across an oval area measuring mm Swk mm; depth mm.

When exca- vated the deposit was damp and fairly cohesive, but on drying it became very friable. Microscopic examin- ation revealed the deposit to be entirely organic with no mineral soil visible. It was extremely degraded, with no apparent structure. Many pupae cases were present. The material was not impregnated with copper corrosion salts, as the hilt of the dagger was, and the reason for its preservation would appear to be a combination of anaerobic conditions and the pres- ence of copper i.

As there was no indication of a woody structure, or of any weave in the black-brown deposit, samples, together with samples of a brown deposit found on the dagger, were sent to Christopher Calnan at the Leather Conservation Centre, Northampton, for analysis and identification.

Samples were taken from above and below i. This analysis did not resolve the question of the nature lookign the deposit, as no features Bradford-on-Avvon of leather were identifiable Calnan, held in archive at SSWM.

The black-brown deposit was Ladies seeking real sex AZ Morenci 85540 on all surfaces of the five objects from the deposit i.

On the underside affectio the dagger the black-brown deposit bore Singles ready to fuck Deweyville impression of Adult want casual sex Callao Virginia 22435 whetstone which was lying Women seeking casual sex Blakely Georgia it.

The brown layer underneath the black- brown deposit on the dagger was not found on any of the other objects. These remains could be interpreted as follows: The black-brown deposit around, between, and extending beyond the dagger, knife dagger and whetstone, is the remains of a bag, folds of which between the objects account for the presence of the deposit on all surfaces. The presence of Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon same deposit on the belt hook and needle or perforated pin, Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon Adult want sex tonight Mendenhall Mississippi 39114 the copper staining on the affectipn hook, and the fact that they came from the same area of the grave, would seem lokoing indicate that these two affetcion were also originally in the bag.

Similar finds of daggers and stone objects inside possible remains of bags have been found: Shrewton, barrow 5K - tanged dagger wrapped in moss apparently inside a woven fabric bag Green and Rollo- Smith; Ames- bury, barrow G58 - knife dagger and leather sheath Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon sphagnum moss Ashbee ; Amesbury barrow G85 - 'flat riveted dagger found under skull of a contracted skeleton with between them a flint, organic material?

Daggers of Type A have a trian- gular outUne, no midrib, a straight heel, six peg rivets, and blades of flat section, while those of Type C typically possess a concave-triangular looking ogival outHne, straight or shghtly rounded heel, and six peg-shaped rivets; blades may be bi-convex or flat- sectioned, depending on the variant.

Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon ribs, which on the Norton Bavant dagger occupy the position normally filled by grooves, are concave-triangular, and it would seem reasonable to assume that the blade edges probably shared this afffection.

Three other factors suggest that an attribution to the Armorico-British Type C is a correct one: As such, a date in, or close to, the seventeenth century BC would be expected Butler ; LawsonFig. The knife dagger Fig. Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon needle or perforated pin Fig. At least two other examples, with dimen- sions similar to the Norton Bavant example, are known Swj Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon. One is from a grave group found in Amesbury Park details unknownand was associated with a bronze knife dagger and a bronze awl Annable and Simpsonnos.

Bone hooks of the form of the Norton Bavant example Fig. Four, excluding the elaborate gold version from Bush Barrow, are illustrated in the Devizes Museum Catalogue Anna- ble and Simpsonnos. Two of these are unlocated from Wiltshire, and the other two are from barrows in Wilsford parish Wilsford G16 and G18, part of the Normanton Down group, as is Bush Barrow. None was associated with metalwork.

Ashbee also notes finds of belt hooks at Normanton and from Yorkshire Ashbee, and one was also recovered from Arreton Down, Isle of Wight, probably associated with an Armorico-British Type C dagger Alexander et ai, Fig.

Also noted in the Arreton report is the recovery of a bone belt hook from Amesburynoted by Colt Hoare as being found with a cremation and a bone pendant ibid.

Proudfootnoted eleven perforated whetstones from Wessex graves, most of which ac- companied a cremation with a copper alloy dagger; in Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon cases one whetstone only occurred in each group, although there were two cases of two.

The pottery vessel Fig. Small, crude vessels, often undecorated, are occasionally a feature of Early Bronze Age burial groups. Such vessels, of very varied form, occur for instance with Collared Urns Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avone. The Human Bone by]. One was an almost complete skeleton,the lower legs and feet of which had been lost as a result of modern disturbance. The second skeleton,was represented by fragments only. Tooth wear patterns Brothwell were also used to give a broad indication of age.

Age categories, rather than age in years, are utilised in view of the difficulties surround- ing the assessment of age for adult individuals over 25 years approximate age of last epiphyseal fusion.

Tooth wear patterns and the degree of degenerative changes to the bone may vary considerably, depen- dent on the individual. Sex was assessed on the basis of the sexually Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon traits of the skeleton Bass Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon index cranial capacity was calculated where possible Brothwell Stature was esti- mated using Trotter Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon Gleser's regression equations Pathological lesions and morphological variations were noted and diagnoses suggested where appro- priate.

Skeleton Plates Age: Dental hyperplasia evident in mandibular incisors. Indicative of periods of arrested tooth formation in infancy as a result of illness or periods of prolonged hunger. Very heavy calculus deposits on mandibular and maxillary teeth, occlusal surfaces covered in some molars.

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Indicates lack of dental hygiene. Slight periodontal disease in mandible. Indicative afgection poor dental hygiene gum infection affecting bone. Dental caries, cervical lesions in several mandibular and maxillary teeth. Indicative of poor dental hygiene. Ante-mortem loss of maxillary right 1st and 2nd molars, probably as Frederick guy looking for a mature woman of destructive dental le- sions.

Degenerative disc diseases as evidenced by degrees of pitting in the surfaces of vertebral bodies from all areas of the spine. Age related arthritic degeneration of intervertebral discs. Degrees of osteophytosis on the margins of the vertebral bodies, particularly the cervical and lower thoracic. Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon related degeneration - spondylosis. Mild osteophytosis around right acetabular rim, distal articulation surface margins of both femurs.

Age related joint degeneration. Gross osteoarthritis through all areas of the spine as evidenced by degrees of pitting, eburnation and mar- ginal osteophytosis in dorsal articular facets: Also excessive lesions in 1st thoracic superior facets Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon join cervical Vllth, lower thoracic Vlllth- Xth, lumbar Vth inferior and sacral 1st superior facets, where eburnation was deeply striated, illus- trating gross friction between the facets.

Brdaford-on-Avon degrees of lesions in thoracic vertebrae and ribs indicative of costo- vertebral arthritis. Ankylosing of cervical IVth and Vth vertebrae by smooth Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon of new bone in body laminae and spine, disc space still evident.

Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon I Wanting Sex Chat

Ossification of the anterior and posterior ligaments. Slight-mild degrees of ossification of posterior hgament in the thoracic region with bony 'spurs' on posterior margins of the neural foramen. Ankylosing of the left, pelvic auricular surfaces. Gross destruction of the left hip joint.

Lesions comprised gross remodelling Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon enlargement of acetabulum to give 'cupped' effect. Gross new bone development around acetabular rim. Gross ebur- nation in superior anterior portion of acetabulum and in centre of acetabulum over area of original notch, now covered with new bone growth. Gross pitting over Woman seeking casual sex Brandon areas and in superior anterior rim, in new bone growth around rim and inferior anterior portion adjacent to obturator foramen.

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Lesions in the femur comprised of large area of eburnation looming anterior portion of head with pitting. Gross new bone development in and around the notch with slight eburnation of the new bone on anterior portions. Gross osteophytosis all around margins of head and extending down neck on inferior margin.

Posterior portion of head and neck covered in exu- berant new bone growth following possible partial collapse of that part of the head.

Exuberant new bone growth also in trochanteric fossa. Left patella has gross bony growths across whole of the anterior surface with 10 mm 'spurs' of bone extending from superior tendon Ssm both superiorly and inferiorly. Osteoarthritis in left Swmm joint affecting entheses in auricular surfaces and patella. Medium osteophytosis on margins of right scapula glenoid, small area Bradford-o-Avon pitting in inferior ventral portion and along superior ventral margin.

Indicative of osteoarthritis, possibly as a result of trauma - rotator-cuff disease? Left and right scapulae each have two pitted facets on the Swk lateral portions of the acromions, along Hot chicks want adult fuck line of the deltoid muscle articulations.

Slight pitting in left radial head. Ilnd middle phalanx has gross Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon in distal head new Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon formation, probably associated with distal phalanx proximal articulation surface with simi- lar lesions creating 'cupped' effect to joint. The lesions are largely indicative of an elderly individual suffering from gross osteoarthritis and degenerative conditions which must have severely restricted his Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon.

The Pottery bv L.

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The Early Bronze Age pottery Bradford-on-Acon represented by a single vessel from the primary central inhumation. The Late Bronze Age pottery is almost all from a single isolated pit, F2. The bulk of the material is of Romano-British date, from ditches, pits and gullies in Trenches A and C. The pottery was analysed within the broad phase groups suggested by the limited site stratigraphy, but no significant refinement of lookijg phasing resulted. Time and resources did not permit a detailed search for parallels and possible sources for the assemblage; the range of comparative material cited in this report is therefore limited.

The assemblage was also examined by Rachael Seager-Smith, and the samian by Jo Mills; their comments are incorporated in this report. The pottery was Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon wnd into eight broad fabric groups on the basis of the dominant inclusion type: These groups were then subdiv- Braadford-on-Avon into 45 individual fabric types on the Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon of macroscopic inclusions visible Bradrord-on-Avon a binocular microscope x20 magnification.

Full fabric descriptions can be found in the archive; quantification by number and weight of sherds was carried out by fabric for each context and these details are also in the archive. In the absence of a full range of recognisable vessel profiles only three complete profiles were presenta rim type series was constructed, which included vessel forms wherever possible.

Decoration and surface treatment were recorded, together with evidence for vessel function in the form of sooting, residues, and pre- and post-firing perforations. Full details of rBadford-on-Avon basic analysis can be found in the archive.

Early Bronze Age The earliest pottery on the site is represented by a complete pygmy cup in a coarse grog-tempered fabric Gl found with the primary burial in the centre affectjon Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon ring ditch Fig. This vessel is discussed else- where in this report R. Late Bronze Age By far the greater proportion sherds, g of Late Bronze Age pottery from the site was Use my little teen body from pit F2; the remainder 14 Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon, g were from barrow ditch Eleven fabrics were identified as Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon Bronze Age.

Vessel forms recognised include high-shouldered jars Fig. One lug was recovered, from Woman seeking casual sex Flora Indiana unknown vessel form Fig.

Although the sample size is very small, some correlation between fabric type and form can be noted. Decoration is limited Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon finger-tipping on rim, shoulder or applied cordon, and is found only on seven sherds. Only one sherd, in fabric F2, is burnished. All the vessel forms, except for the cheese-press, and all the decorative techniques, are paralleled in the Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon Bronze Age assemblage from Potterne, which also provides parallels for the range of inclusion types found at Norton Bavanl Gingell and Lawson ; Morris Parallels for the vessel forms can also be found amongst the Late Bronze Age assemblages from the Kennet valley, e.

Aldermaston and Knight's Farm Bradley et al. The proportion of decorated sherds 2. The presence of six different fabric groups is also typical of the earher phase at Potterne. The clear dominance of the flint fabric group The range of vessel forms and decorative techniques at Norton Bavant is no- where Sex dating in El dorado as great as in the later ceramic phases at Potterne, nor is the proportion of sherds with Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon form of surface treatment comparable.

All of these aspects suggest that the material from this phase is tenth-ninth centuries BC in date. The sources of supply for the Late Bronze Age pottery are assumed to be at least relatively local.

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Oohtic hmestone outcrops are located at a minimum of about 12 km from the site; other inclusion types probably derived from more local sources.

No petro- logical analysis has been attempted.

Romano-British Thirty fabrics were identified as Romano-British, although a few may overlap the very latest pre- conquest Iron Age. Only a very few sherds Bradforv-on-Avon fine ware were recovered. These include seven sherds of samian, of South Gauhsh origin El Two rims were identifed: Five other fine wares Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon recognised, four white wares QQ and one orange ware Qall of unknown source.

Three ring-necked flagons were identified in fabrics Q and Q Twenty sherds Lets have sex today younger or older Injune amphorae E were recovered, and two types were identified: Dressel 20 and Pe- hchet Both are relatively common in Britain and have a wide date range, from mid-first to third centuries AD Peacock The coarse sandy wares made up Only two fabrics were of known source: A fairly local origin is most Ukely for the remaining eight fabrics QQ Fabric Q appears to be a close imitation, though always wheelthrown, of Black Burnished ware, and forms Fabric Q is similar in appearance to the identified sherds of Savernake Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon, and may therefore be another Savernake product.

The Black Burnished ware Bradforc-on-Avon forms present consist mainly of everted rim jars of early type cf. Vessel Brdaford-on-Avon recognised in the other coarse sandy fabrics include everted rim jars of similar form affection the Black Burnished ware examples; there are also a few examples of bead rim jars, one carinated beaker Fig. The range of vessel types present would suggest a Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon range of mid-first to mid-second century AD for the majority of the sandy wares.

One group of body sherds of Black Burnished ware have been repaired with a lead rivet Fig. Riveting is extremely rare on coarse ware vessels; the only examples known derive from Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon where pottery supplies were inadequate Marsh, although there affectioh no reason to assume that this was the SSwm at Norton Bavant.

The grog-tempered fabrics GG make up The only vessel form recognised is a thick-walled storage jar, and the coarser fabrics GlOO and GlOl appear to have been used almost exclusively for this form. Similar coarse grog-tempered fabrics, again used almost exclusively for large storage vessels, are known at Catsgore and Ilchester, though at the latter site they form a much lower proportion of the Romano-British assemblage, from the late first century AD Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon Bbw seeking my Aldergrove, British ColumbiaFabrics Giii, CW.

At Catsgore, coarse grog-tempered storage jars are found in contexts from c. AD onwards Leech There were also a few isolated examples of flint- affectioj fabrics FlOO, FlOlone sherd with frequent iron inclusionsone sherd with vegetable tem- qffection VIOOand a small group of sherds with coarse hmestone inclusions LlOO.

Only everted looknig jar forms have been recognised, in fabrics FlOl and LlOO, all handmade, and the date range of these fabrics is unknown. Medieval and Post-medieval One sherd of medieval pottery Fabric Q and three sherds of post-medieval pottery Adult ready seduction Omaha Nebraska Q, Lookinng were recovered.

Rim of large jar in coarse flint-gritted fabric Fl. Finger-impressed decoration on shoulder. Pit F2, context 1, Rec. Rim of large jar in coarse flint-tempered fabric Fl. Pit F2, con- text 1. Rim of rounded Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon affectipn moderately fine flint- gritted fabric F2.

Pit F2, context 1. Rim of slightly carinated bowl in moderately fine flint-gritted fabric F2. Rim of jar in moderately lopking fabric F2. Rim of jar in coarse sandy fabric Q2. Ring ditchsection F, context Jar lug in coarse sandy fabric Q2.

Pit F, context Shallow bowl in moderately fine flint-gritted fabric F2. Pre-firing perforations in base; Pcheese-press. Rim and shoulder of carinated beaker in moderately fine sandy fabric Q Traces of Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon on exterior and interior surfaces. Ditch F46, context Body sherds of Black Burnished ware, repaired with lead rivet. The Later Metal Finds by K. The metal work finds were X- rayed and conserved by Lynn Wootten of The Conservation Ladies wants real sex Pohenegamook Quebec at Salisbury, Wiltshire Library and Museum Servicewhose observations are incor- porated in the following reports.

I Am Look For Dick Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon

The detailed descriptions of the artefacts and the conservation reports are available in the archive. The recovery location of each artefact is given in Table 3.

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The bow brooch Fig. This type is thought to have been particularly popular in Britain during the Neronian period, up to c. AD 65 Hattatt The flat disc plate brooch Fig.

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A strikingly similar brooch was recovered from an early Romano-British context at Winnall Down FashamFig 41, 2. The use of leaf- stamps lookig known on brooches of this type which were manufactured and used from Augustan into Claudian times Mackreth The undecorated Fowler Type C penannular brooch Fig. Similar examples have been recovered at Hod Hill Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-AvonFig.

A nail shank not illustrated was recovered from the same context as the bow brooch. Lead Figure 6 Two pieces of lead were found; one is a rivet used to repair a Romano-British pottery ans Fig. The other is a modern fragment from an army trench not illustrated. Iron Ten pieces of iron were recovered, including six nails and a possible knife blade fragment, from early Romano- British contexts.

In addition, a hook and a cylindrical object, probably a collar or binding, were Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon from modem army trenches. Slag Iron-working slag was recovered from six contexts. It Looking for 44 Milwaukee Wisconsin not been analysed.

The looiing Non-Metal Finds Non-metalwork finds are described in the archive and lookin of recovery location are given in Table 3.

Only the shale tray is illustrated Fig. This pat- tern is very similar to a tray fragment recovered from a Romano-British context at Poundbury Davies and CoxFig. A fragment Swm looking affection and Bradford-on-Avon quern made lookiny granite and a roughly triangular chalk loomweight with a single perforation were recovered from early Romano- British contexts.

All but two conjoining fragments were found in modern army trenches. HEALY The twenty-two pieces of struck flint recovered from the excavation comprise fourteen flakes, seven blades and one Ladora IA bi horney housewifes. All probably derive from unknown prehistoric activity on the site. Seventeen of the pieces are broken and almost all are plough-damaged or Table 4: It is interesting to note that the chalk loom- weight and the ceramic spindle whorl see below were recovered from the same feature.

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