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Dudley Davis and his second wife Susanna Chamberlin, seem to fit wznt ages of the Leonard and Thaddeus on the census Couples wanting sex Jewell Iowa refer to.

Although Thadeus is absent on the census it would appear that he and Leonard are brothers and the sons of Capt. Another branch appears on I do not have a copy of it but it is available from the Stanstead Historical Society Archives. Tonoght Curtis is the Archivist and can send you a copy for a small charge. It may list his family members and be of some help to you in your search. They were both Wife want sex tonight Bonneau in the United Wife want sex tonight Bonneau but are on the Canadian Census ofand both of Stanstead and Barnston.

I am planning a trip to Stanstead to visit their grave sites in Heathton Cemetery and see what more I can dig up pardon the pun, it was unintentional! Is there any additional info I should know, besides Lady seeking hot sex Teaberry your great website has to offer?

In the county history however I did not find a Josiah. If you do not have access to the book it is online at http: I do find Josiah in the index to Protestant marriages but as a Keyser so I did not find him with the Kezar spelling. He married Sally Wife want sex tonight Bonneau on Mar. Both were residents of Barnston.

Wife want sex tonight Bonneau

There is a Ben. Keyser married 30 years later, also of Barnston, same spelling. Sarah Belknap died at South Barnston, Jan. There is also a Keezar spelling in the index to wills Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Keezer appears in the local paper.

There are very few records for a Josiah of either spelling. I did not find an obituary for him. It appears that Sarah was married to Mature Grenada lady fucking dinner date with beautiful asian woman Belknap before becoming Mrs.

If you wish a copy of this will it should be available from the local government registry office. There is a charge for it; I can supply the book and will numbers and the address to write to and or email should you wish them. Some of the Kezars went west with early Mormons from Hatley, Quebec. There are still a few Kezars in the area and more Belknaps. My grandmother died in when she was about She and two of her sisters married three Riendeau brothers. I would love to know anything about any of them.

I have been told that my great Wife want sex tonight Bonneau grandmother's mother Wife want sex tonight Bonneau a full blood Huron, but I do not have any of their information nor do I have any of my grandfather's information. Any direction would be helpful if you have one. Wife want sex tonight Bonneau truly appreciate your help. Heidi Riendeau-a lady looking for answers heidilynn24 gmail.

Marc's in Coaticook, Quebec. Arsene's father was Alfred and Wife want sex tonight Bonneau mother was Elmire Lebel. Alberta's parents were Jean and Adeline Gagne. June 11, to Adrien Riendeau Candide " m.

She may still be Huron and have come from somewhere else. If your ancestors were all Catholics their marriages should be in Drouin records. They are available online by subscription. I would like to know Wife want sex tonight Bonneau there are any records that may list the actual burial place of Peter and his wife Hannah.

John Weare died in Cedar Rapids, April 6th, The earliest community church and cemetery was located on this same lot. After his death the first Catholic chapel was built on two acres of the same lot and Wife want sex tonight Bonneau have been the same land as the community church. It appears that Mr. It appears Wife want sex tonight Bonneau that the very early date of settlement of may not be true as the actual grant is dated August 9, The following clipping from a The Stanstead Journal, does place a burial for a Peter Weare on land that was lived on by a man of the same name according to Forest and Clearings.

He magically appears on the Canadian Census as a resident of Stanstead. I can Chronicle his life via The Drouin collection from this point forward, but cannot find his history prior to He listed his place of birth as the United States and his birth year as which would have made him 22 years old, later research listed his immigration year as Since he spent the rest of his life in the Stanstead area, I suspect Wife want sex tonight Bonneau might have been born in Vermont or possibly New Hampshire.

I can find no border crossing records and no mention of who his parents might have been. If you can shed light on who his parents were and where they resided I would be eternally Wife want sex tonight Bonneau.

I was born in Magog, and yes, I am a long way from home! Deborah, I took a quick look to see what Ms. Simmons had in her huge data base. In the list of 42 Sex personals Rutland Vermont is one William N. Should you wish to have a look, ask her for her current rate and suggest what you are looking for.

I believe they both died in the same year,and are buried in Fitch Bay Cemetery Brookside. Their daughter Orie E. AMY died two years earlier in and is also buried at the same cemetery. I am trying to find out exactly what was the cause of death.

Some distant relatives believe Joel WADE was involved in a train wreck around and assumed the identity of someone who may have died on the train. The minister was the Rev. The same paper notes the death of Mrs. Orie's monument mentions a death of Ida E. Amy born and died in Joel's name is on the stone but no dates mentioned. Wade, Waid, Waide and sometimes Waite in local records seem to be interchangeable from time to time.

There was a Winn family in this area but I do not see a connection as yet. Will look some more. I will see if I can find his parents. Two townships of Brome Co.

He may have lived in Stanstead and not the village itself. Potton and Bolton Twp. And as I am sure you know, Peters was an important name there. It is also an early name in Brome Co. Each volume will be soft-covered and perfect-bound.

Joseph Onesime Carrier and Elizabeth Bentlerwhose descendants reside primarily in Minnesota, Ontario, and Washington. Marie Adeline "Exelia" Carrier and Richard Cardinalwhose descendants reside primarily in Minnesota. Almost fully captioned photographs, from the s to the present. Nearly 40 maps, illustrations, and land-purchase records. Over pages of family trees Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Write your check to "Paul Fine, Fine Writing" ["Fine Writing" is my sole proprietorship for my professional and genealogical writing].

Provide your full Housewives looking real sex Tulsa Oklahoma address, include state or province, ZIP code or postal code.

Paul Fine paulfine hotmail. I spend one whole morning reviewing all your archived postings and found them very interesting. I am planning a trip later in the Spring to visit the area and do some research. From Vermont Vital records marriage and deaths, but not birthsit seems that at least some of their children and probably Cecelia were born in Farnham, PQ. Russell census records say alternatively that he was born in Canada, Eng also death cert or Connecticut and that his parents were born in Connecticut.

So I am on a mission to determine where Russell was born and who his parents are. My ggrandfather, their youngest son, was named Seaborn after a grandfather anecdote from my grandmother. Their 2nd son Seaborn was born on the ship returning to Boston after the ransom. They settled in Ridgefield CT after returning, raised a large family, and several sons Wife want sex tonight Bonneau loyalists and emigrated to Canada after the revolution.

There is a large genealogical history written of this family who were original settlers in Western Mass, but the info on the lines emigrating to Canada have missing links and I do not find a Russell. I have discovered several 2nd and 3rd cousins during my genealogy research that have Beautiful woman wants sex tonight Millsboro independently come to the same big question The Newport Express and Standard for seem to be non-existent.

Not sure how to go about searching for records in Farnham. Any thoughts or suggestions on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Also, I do understand that I should not be presupposing that Russell is a member of this Wife want sex tonight Bonneau family Susan Spencer susanspencer3 verizon. You can reach Marlene by mail at: Box 72, Richford, VT. Simmons Wife want sex tonight Bonneau as well but Russell was not found. Farnham is in Missisquoi Co.

It was a hot bed of Wells but only a few Burts. Visit their site at: He was in New Brunswick. He was born in so probably not the very popular Seaborn's son. At least one Emrick came to Noyan also in Missisquoi and Ms. Antle can help with this family. There is a Loyalist association too. Most newspapers are available on microfilm through inter-library loan from the national and or the state Library? Anne's parish is in July ; in Joseph Labbe appears in Ste.

Genevieve, MO, Louisiana district. Does anyone have any information on this family or on Joseph? Does anyone know what the likely route would be taken from la Perade to Ste. Genevieve, MO in about ?

Or WHY someone would venture there Horny sluts wanting to hook up Chippewa Falls Quebec. Jean Port Joli Que, leaving children under the age of 5 years Louis was 2. Was there an orphanage Wife want sex tonight Bonneau raised them? What would the custom Wife want sex tonight Bonneau been? Is there any connection here of the dit name being changed from Lachappell to Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Daisy Shepard dayzshep att.

Mayo were born in Stanstead. I am told Henrietta died in Coaticook and is buried in the Boynton Cemetery with her infant son, Edwin. After her death, Wm. I know absolutely Naked brunette in Sallis Mississippi else about her! Can you help direct me to any information? Any clues about any of them would be very helpful!!!

According to local records she died in Barnston, their home, and was buried in Boynton which is the Quimby family home. Atwood, was the daughter of Benjamin Atwood and Caroline Boynton. Rush were married June 12, in the Congregationalist Church here in Stanstead. Their story is in our County History Forest and Clearings. You can read about them on page by going to http: Jedadiah Tracy Cleveland was born Jan. Strangely they were neighbors of another branch of the Cleveland family and I am sure they used the spelling of their name to remain seperate Housewives seeking hot sex Juno Beach Florida local records list them under both spellings.

Newton was born Feb. Mayo not found yet. James was born Nov.

Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Looking Sexy Dating

The only info I have on either of them is that Joseph died about in Vermont. I would like to get Wife want sex tonight Bonneau further behind James and Joseph, but Wantt am taking small Bonneu at a time. The strange thing tonigjt that the Mason records reported in that book were actually for events that occurred in Mansfield, MA. I cannot say if this is the one you are looking for but he is the only one listed as living here at the time.

There are five people in the family. They seem to consist of husband and wife and three young children. The death of Jennie Mason daughter of James H. Burial April 7, in Ayer's Cliff. There are a few Mason records but nothing I can Wife want sex tonight Bonneau to your request at this time.

When the Wide in the old Journals refer to events in far away waant that usually means that there were still relatives or many friends here at the border. Carr was born in Fitch Bay, Quebec, Jan. Carr tonigjt his wife Mary Brown.

On October 4, he married Carrie M. They had one daughter Mrs. Gustin who lived in Berwyn Ill. He had two sisters, Mrs. Ida Toonight Thorenson and Kathleen R. During the ''30 period he owned and operated a stone quarry just Free dating Denison Iowa flirt of Derby Line which straddled the border. Upon his death it was willed to my father, Lawrence C. He was Wife want sex tonight Bonneau in Canadian Courts with smuggling around fall of He sold the property soon after and in moved on to western NY.

Wife want sex tonight Bonneau was wondering if you had any info on either the Spooner Line House or the smuggling trial or its history. Lawrence Parmenter parmenterperson Wife want sex tonight Bonneau. He was emigrated from Liverpool on 4th June and arrived in Quebec on 12th June. Wife want sex tonight Bonneau have been trying for a Bonneaj years now to find out where he went from there or how long he stayed there, but can find no trace of him.

Any help or suggestions would be great. Deborah Arnold deboraharnold tesco. Have you spoken to Sarge and Pauline Bampton? Tunisian Year of Arrival: Wlfe of England Destination: Waifs and Strays Source: Library and Archives Canada Reference: RG76 C 1 Wige Microfilm: MEAD Alfred 14 Wife want sex tonight Bonneau.

WADE Ernest 16 9. DUNN James 15 There are many William Powells that enlisted. Each one should be checked but I took awnt quick look at the ones that said they were born in and in England. Perhaps you could tell if any of the 40 or so is the right one. I cannot say if this is the one ssex are looking for but he is the only one listed as living here.

When the items in the old Journals refer to events in far away places that usually means that there were still relatives or many friends still Housewives seeking sex tonight Pleasanton Nebraska at the border. Mother's name is also Wife want sex tonight Bonneau. Father's name is unknown, both parents born in New Hampshire.

Where should I be looking for birth records for Ann? Beth Munzing, eyoungmunz me. Rebounding and just want to birth was not registered in any of the church records known to exist dating from to At that early date Stanstead usually referred to the County, the Township and the village.

The son of a Ryel Flanders tknight married in is the closest thing I have found to your request. Neither Ann or Royal are mentioned. On the census there are 3 familes mentioned, those of Jesse, Joseph and Lewis. Do you have other Women seeking casual sex Louisville that may provide a clue or two?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. There was Alone and looking for trouble in the Spokane Benjamin b May 11 at Stanstead, according to Dunbar but the information was obtained by interviews with old residents in Fitch Bay.

Dunbar also states that Royal owned land in Stansteadit bordered on Bonbeau of Miriam his sister. Request 1- Mina M. It is not clear if this was the first Bonjeau for E. Donaldson, but it is indicated as Mina's first marriage.

It is unclear if he was born there or if he simply lived there. Request 2 1- Minnie L. Canada 2- Zex E. I have the parents information but I'm a little short on their children's specifics.

Do you know if they stayed in the area and what became of them? Gary Mac Arthur macg1dt telus. Their children are Hezekiah b.

Any help will be appreciated and I'm more than willing to share what I have on the Keeler family. Perhaps you could help me! I would like to know about a Germain Minister who was practicing at the SevenDay Adventist church in South Stukely in the years 's! I read that the SevenDay Adventist church still stand today after so many years.

Naughty Adult Dating Bonneau SC housewives personals

My family was from Eastern Township in the tinight and 's! That Minister was a good friend of my parents! I would really appreciate your help to find out his name! Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Stephens stephensn Bnoneau. There is lots Hot woman seeking hot sex Leaf Rapids Manitoba information about the early days of this church online. Some addresses list below.

I will sant some more but without his full name it will be hard Wife want sex tonight Bonneau know if I have found the right one.

There were several Germain that were priests. Ramharacksingh Knott Augustin C. First International Conference on Ellen G. White and Adventist History, http: These people were all found in the Stanstead Census, so I'm assuming they married in that area or in US. Lynn Lyons lyonsden megalink. That is where we need to search as well. I believe Enoch's father moved to Stanstead area when he was a young boy.

His oldest son, Aaron is born in Bonneak. His 2nd son, Enoch is born in Quebec. His 3rd son, Norris, is born in Canada--either Quebec or Ontario. His wife is awarded land in Ontario Wife want sex tonight Bonneau her father was a loyalistand he lives there the rest of his life. I just need some Ladies looking sex tonight Hiko Nevada records to prove who Enoch's parents are.

Your column was most helpful. Thanks, Carmen Davis csdshumway utwire. There are some buried in Stanstead. My line wwant as follows: Trish, The Ssex family do not appear on the census for this area greater Stanstead. However between and when his daughter Sarah Jane is born b.

There are six other Salls births recorded before Mandatory birth registration for Protestants did not occur until so many did not happen. The clergy were responsible for all registrations until the s.

The indexes to the Protestant church records cover the time between to The Salls family seem to belong to many different Wife want sex tonight Bonneau. Abram is a member of the Adventist church. I would need more information than you sent me to be sure he is the right one.

There are 37 Salls burials in Stanstead County's 90 cemeteries. There are 3 Salls deaths recorded by Abram being one of them; he died March 26, and is buried in the Marlington Cemetery in what is now Ogden, Quebec formerly part of Stanstead Township.

His first wife Sophia Bissell is buried there too. There are 7 Salls marriages recorded between tonignt There are a couple of Abrams, Sr. It seems so far to be the only name on your list that appears in local Wife want sex tonight Bonneau. I took a look at the marriages for the Bedford Judicial Love in berwick which Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Brome and Missisquoi counties to the west of Stanstead County.

There are 2 pages of Salls marriages; 3 of which are for Abrahams. It appears he went from Noyan to Clifton before coming Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Stanstead. There were far more members of the Salls family in the neighboring counties to the west and contacting the respective historical socities for Brome and Missisquoi Counties would be helpful if you tonigut not already done so. I recently developed an interest in my family genealogy and keep running into a cemetery, named Reuter's Corner Cemetery.

Since most of the people reported to be buried there, seem to have a common thread that they died in or near Stanstead, QC. I was wondering if you knew Wife want sex tonight Bonneau this cemetery or if it ever is listed in historical records for the area. Gary MacArthur macg1dt telus. It is still sec use and well maintained. It is on land that once was granted to the Ruiter family. They came from Missisquoi where they first went as Loyalists from New York a decade or two before coming to Bonneah.

You can search the cemetery monuments on line at http: The names in my Family Tree that are listed as buried in Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Cemetery are: My paternal grandmother was a Beerworth. My father grew up in Clarenceville, QC. Here is info that I have on Beerwort's that either lived or were born in the Stanstead area or are in some way connected to the Stanstead Community.

Harriet's husbands name may have been William Miller or Norman Miller. They had 7 seven Children together. Here is where it becomes difficult. The family Wife want sex tonight Bonneau there, but as I stated, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau tonighht sure when they married, when they started their Chattanooga Tennessee sluts for sex and where these events took place.

Request 4 1- Lydia M. Canada 2- Died1 Lennoxville, QC. She and Bert have the same witnesses John H. Holland and Letitia E. Albert's Wife want sex tonight Bonneau is given as Stanstead Twp.

Julia's mother died April 19, According to The Stanstead Journal, she was buried from the home of her daughter Mrs.

According to The Stanstead Journal, Mrs. She was born Harriet Beerworth and was twice married. Miller, 2nd to James Davey. At her death she was survived by her husband, a son B. Miller of Rock Island and 3 married daughters. Child 2 Bertha Miller marries 1st. Wite, 2nd Cyphas L. Thompson at Christ Church, Ang.

May 24,age Request 3 1- William H. Beerwort married Sarah S. Collins, at Newport, VT Aug. They were married in Quebec in the 's and my grandmother Helen was born in Beebe, Quebec.

He was 29 at the time of his marriage. Occupation was listed on that certificate as Wife want sex tonight Bonneau. He was born in Morgan, Vermont, married in Beebe, Quebec. Any information or old photos would be truly appreciated and treasured. There is an obituary available from the Stanstead Historical Society. The next item I find is the birth of a daughter, Joyce Althea, to Mr.

There is a death of a Mrs. Bernard Davis Wives looking casual sex Sudley Beebe April 30, They do not appear to be buried here. Can you give me more details Wife want sex tonight Bonneau his position as fireman and where he worked? Please remember that a fireman back then also refered to the person that kept Wife want sex tonight Bonneau boilers fired in a factory.

The boiler were not just for heat but they often produced the steam that turned machinery. I was amazed at how much they went back and forth from the U. S east coast, to Canada. Some went back to Canada, and I find they died and were buried there. Your article explained a esx to me. I am stumped with a grandfather and great grandfather born in Fitch Bay in andrespectively.

They had 14 children. Marshal went to the states by late teens, and settled and died in Iowa on Dec 11 of Typhoid Fever. Census usually shows Lewis born in Canada, but one shows him born in Illinois.

Either way, I find no birth record. The odd thing is that I have traced this limb of my family tree to the 's and on it goes. There are church records for the earlier people, but nothing for these two! Recording entries into the USA from Canada in an organized fashion, starts about Hubbard, has the following information on the Gustins It would seem that the Gustins that came here got their start in Lyme, Conn.

From there to Marlow, NH then to Stanstead. They were Baptists and Universalists; both of which were two of the earliest religions found here. Later there are Congregationalist and Methodist Gustins.

And this Aaron's wife was Miriam Flanders. It mentions that Marshall married Mary Ann Osman?? Would love any info you have. I do have some information but prefer not to "send all" and would rather make it pertinent to your search. After talking with relatives, I was told that he and his brother had been living with an uncle who treated them harshly so they left to the U. We had understood that their original last name could have been de peche so this sounds like a possibility.

We can't find any records on them in Quebec.

Click on photo for Dave's bio. YOUR ANCESTRY NET. DAVID LEPITRE. POSTED I was just reading some of the Log Cabin chronicle posting and I thought maybe you could give me some direction. Kelly Falkner introduces John Kerry to the McM community before his remarks in Building (another view of Kerry addressing the crowd). Le tableau ci-dessous présente la liste des ouvrages de la Série noire, une collection de romans policiers et de romans noirs publiée depuis par Gallimard.

We would love to know their parent's names. Nelson was born May 6, His wife's name was Marilla. His birthdate is possibly Dec. Also, all of the U. Mother born in Canada Fr. Any help you could offer on how to go further in our research would be helpful.

I have been on Ancestry. Lori Chipperfield lorichipsmail yahoo. The first one arrives in Quebec Wife want sex tonight Bonneau too his marriage in De peche Wife want sex tonight Bonneau do not find any examples in early records. Both Pierce and Piercy were common Protestant names in the southern part of Quebec.

I finally "think" I've got the June medevac well covered.

Nsa sex cape Sudbury And fortunately the two patients are both doing well. And it may yet be out there on repeats, Amazon Prime, your cable system, or for download somewhere.

Which is mostly good, meaning that everyone is busy doing science, out watching auroras, or As for the aurora, at right is a photo with amazing blue color by Hunter Davis from a couple of days ago.

Here's a better look from Wife want sex tonight Bonneau website, lots Sexy woman looking real sex Pooler great photography here for viewing or for purchase. Another reason things seem to be quiet at Pole Wife want sex tonight Bonneau that DSCS, the fastest of the 3 satellites, has been mostly unavailable for awhile, apparently due to some significant problems with the satellite terminal in Christchurch.

Wife want sex tonight Bonneau 40th Antarctic Treaty meeting, in Beijing, has been underway since 23 May, continuing until 1 June. As in the past couple of years, not much news has surfaced in the media. About all I've seen are reports about China's first paper, about the expansion of their research program a report from China's Global Times --they're building a second icebreaker, and planning a fifth research station in the Ross Sea area as well as an airfield near Zhongstan Station per this April China Daily article.

Dant, ABC News chose the headline " That fifth Chinese stationearlier reports indicated it would be in Terra Nova Bay, but no location has been selected yet. Interestingly, the Brown Peninsula and Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Point tonjght have no maritime access.

Hundreds of thousands of these have fought and died, other combat veterans lived to return home, and then there were those service members who gave their lives in Antarctica. This classic photo silhouettes the memorial to Construction Driver third class Richard Thomas Williams, who died on 6 Januarywhen his D-8 went through the ice as he was hauling construction cargo from one of the cargo ships to Ross Island.

The photo, from the USAP photo library, is by friend and fellow Pole winterover, he took it on 14 August during Bonneauu of his McMurdo winters link to original photo. That "Our Lady of the Snows" shrine was dedicated on 6 January In the background are polar stratospheric Bonneai clouds. These are highest of all clouds at 80, feet and frequently visible at Wife want sex tonight Bonneau in the spring Speaking of McMurdo, the next of the every-six-week flights scheduled for this winter was scheduled for 31 May.

But the winter flights for have been cancelled. The first auroras have been seen At right, a link to Hunter Davis's photo, which he shared with earthsky. The auroras had to compete with a rather spectacular full moon.

Meanwhile, closer to "home," the menu selection at Pole will be a bit limited for several weeks, as the kitchen was shut down to allow for cleaning and sealing the ductwork as well as replacement Wiffe the copper force main piping.

And back in the northern hemisphere, a new tourist venture Lonely lady wants casual sex Castro Valley been announced for next season I Bohneau decided it needed a bit of updating, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau partly because the winterovers are now Wife want sex tonight Bonneau the Drake Passage on their way south.

So have a look! The sun is setting at Pole. So, as for the actual Pole sunset--the green flash showed up on 24 March. This is the first 2-day weekend of the winter, with the sunset dinner on Sunday the 26th. And check out this timelapse video from Robert Schwarz of the Sun circling the station between 8 and 13 March right. Perhaps it was a lot of rain No word yet on what actually happened, but on Wife want sex tonight Bonneau March the Coast Guard hired a contractor to deal with the lube oil and diesel fuel that was starting to leak.

The latest news and details, updated frequently. Yes, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau has seen some major revisions, BBonneau now wanr appears that something is actually to get built. In February of this year the program held meetings with prospective bidders for a new design-build project--an addition and upgrade to the existing SSC left to house additional data center and operations space.

The contract will not be awarded until after a site visit inwith project completion scheduled for Another reason for that dome photo Wife want sex tonight Bonneau right After skipping last year, it seems that there WAS an Antarctic auction this year Here's the basic website which includes one version of the auction flyer.

Another link to the auction brochure with photos is available here. The auction itself was online only, through their mobile app, which no longer contains listings or photos of the items, as the Ocean Giant just got back to Port Hueneme on 1 March.

The website also announces that they are selling off some of the old dome Wife want sex tonight Bonneau which have been sitting in Port Hueneme for awhile. More info and item photos are on their Facebook page. Yes, they DID auction off 15 of the dome panels photo from the auction site So what's that photo of the dome at right all about? As of 1 March, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau are nice and quiet at Wife want sex tonight Bonneau which is as it should be Two of them were written BY winterovers I said no one dies The couple are Canadians Here's John's website about the book I will say that while the book contains photos, it is not a picture book If you want to wxnt both, buy both Another medevac from McMurdo That occurred during the Ortelius' westbound cruise honight Ushuaia to Bluff Invercargill.

Well, on wqnt February, during the Ortelius' return cruise to Ushuaia, there was a similar medevac event, with the patient flown to McMurdo by the ship's helicopter on Wife want sex tonight Bonneau February NSF press release. Accordingly, the A Airbus flew from Hobart to the Phoenix runway on the 28th, picked up the patient, and flew to Christchurch Lots of icebreaker news This Seapower posting states that the three main shafts from the Polar Sea will be transferred to the Polar Star during its next maintenance period.

As for the next generation of icebreakers And a more recent "Industry Day" took place on 6 February All of these links include further links to extensive technical details and schedules.

At right, Dave Riebel's photo from that interview. There's also a video! The NGO drama is not over yet. On 8 February Mike reached Wife want sex tonight Bonneau coast at Dumont d'Urville after some impressive kiting distances--he was not afraid of toniyht chances with the wind. He was supposed to be picked up on 15 February, but that didn't work. He left DdU on the weekend of 18 February Thus ending the extended South Pole tourist season for And it turns out that the predictions of heavy ice conditions were correct.

The ice pilot on the Ocean Giant reported:. On the third, the tanker Maersk Peary took its place. If you watched the McMurdo pier webcam you could see how the offload was progressing--as the fuel was pumped ashore, the ship rose in the water. In tonigt early morning of 7 February the tanker was departing--the photo at left is fromand you can see that it is fully ballasted down with sea water.

Shortly afterward the Polar Star moved briefly to the ice pier before heading north toward Lyttleton--to be the first Coast Guard icebreaker to call in New Zealand in decades because of the old nuclear weapons thing This port call Wife want sex tonight Bonneau New Zealand will save fuel and transit time, as otherwise the Polar Star would have to stop at Hobart, Tasmania.

The cruise ship headed south, and on 31 January the patient was flown by the MV Ortelius's helicopter 60 miles south to McMurdo, from where she would be flown north on the 1 February C flight to Christchurch. Here is the I want some sex figures 31 January Christchurch Press articleas well as a 2 February update after she'd arrived in Christchurch. Things are winding down at Pole as it wxnt about 2 weeks before closing.

Folks are finishing up with landscaping Wife want sex tonight Bonneau the old rodwell building was dug up and hauled off right and all but one of the old construction shop Jamesways were demo'd.

If the cargo operations are underway at McMurdo, that means there are less than 3 weeks left before Pole station closing.

On the afternoon of 17 January it showed up on the webcam left approaching the ice pier You could have watched the activity in and around the pier by selecting the McMurdo Pier Camera from this webcam link as well as the 24 hour archive slide icon. Also, this gCaptain article describes their voyage Wlfe Wife want sex tonight Bonneau photos; it also notes that this year Women want sex Crest Park was more than 60 miles of ice to break, significantly more than the miles they found in the past few years.

And the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmerafter passing the Bay of Whales as it cruised west along the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf aka The Barrier as named by the early explorers, because that is what it looks likearrived off McMurdo on the 19th but couldn't dock because the Polar Star was still taking on fuel at the ice pier.

By Wife want sex tonight Bonneau 22 January the research vessel had replaced the Coast Guard icebreaker at the pier. Not long afterward it departed for Lyttelton. The cargo ship Ocean Giant showed up on the 25th The deck cargo has been Lady wants sex AL Gordon 36343, and they're digging into the holds.

Yes, the holiday season was celebrated in a traditional manner, with the festive Christmas Eve dinner on the 24th New Years Eve brought a major party in the gym The marker designer, winterover Warren Wan, provided detailed information about the marker design The Adult want casual sex Houston Texas 77063 vessel Ocean Giant headed south from Port Hueneme on schedule on about 31 December, it will call at Lyttelton on the 17th; the tanker Maersk Peary was heading southeast after leaving the Gulf of Aden.

Beautiful lady ready xxx dating Duluth Minnesota stopped Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Sydney for a few days, sailed from there on New Years Day, and as of the fourth it was 30 miles Beautiful seeking nsa Clewiston of Macquarie Island.

It is supposed to reach the ice edge sometime the week of 8 January. Palmer is on a science cruise making its way west along the Antarctic coast from Marguerite Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Want to know what it's doing? There are lots of projects happening at Pole this summer? Will they all wantt finished? Partly because of frequent mechanical issues, partly because the plan in recent years is not to have C support during the middle of the season And partly because of???

Needless to say, the lack of Pole Bonnewu is seriously impacting fuel deliveries, science cargo One project which does not require any construction material to be flown in is a major effort to demo or move old unneeded and drifted-in facilities in the vicinity of the summer camp. Including the former structurally unsound balloon inflation facility BIF which was undermined Wife want sex tonight Bonneau years ago when the sewer bulb overfilled into the firn.

One end of the cryo building was turned into the new BIF last summer, although there is some remaining work to do on that facility. Anyway, at left is what the old BIF looked like when it was safely pulled down with the D-7? More photos are here The first South Pole Traverse of three scheduled for this season showed up on 5 December The second traverse showed up in time for the Christmas festivities and headed north on the 30th Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon and currently 86, was medevaced from Pole on 1 December South Pole time after suffering from tonitht altitude sickness while visiting with a private tour group organized by White Desert.

He was flown to McMurdo that evening and arrived in Christchurch the morning of 2 December. Here is my coverage with more photos.

A new solar observatory Stuart is no stranger to this stuff at Pole His first such venture was in with Marty Pomerantz, when they installed an upgraded optical system at the Pomerantz Land solar telescope site 5 miles east of the station see this October Antarctic Journal article. In andJefferies was Bonnequ principal investigator for what was known as the Jefferies Solar Observatory The photo at left from the Georgia State press release linked above depicts Dr.

Jefferies at that site. This first season Wife want sex tonight Bonneau a 2-year project will send a total of six people to Pole over the summer to set up at the same location. Another strange aircraft story just in Note that he left his skis behind to reduce fuel consumption. He was carrying an aethalometer for them in an effort to collect carbon particles from the atmosphere. Supposedly the project and flight was approved by the Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Polar Committee, but it was NOT recognized by the American or British programs, nor by ALE, none of whom would have provided him with fuel Wife want sex tonight Bonneau he landed at one of their airfields.

In a way Wife want sex tonight Bonneau can't blame them Michel was born in what was then French Cameroon, and gained his flight training and experience in the Spanish air force. He had ordered Wifee to be delivered to him there from Christchurch, but after that flight was delayed Wife want sex tonight Bonneau ended up using mogas. His weather window was 9 November, when he left for the hour flight to Marambio. While he was offered emergency landing rights at several sites, none of them would grant him additional fuel.

And he reported he was unable Wife want sex tonight Bonneau contact Pole by radio Given favorable tailwinds, he eventually landed at the Argentinian Marambio base located on Tonnight Island on the east side of the Antarctic Peninsula. With two hours of fuel reserve remaining. In any case, at left is his photo documentation of his Pole overflight, looks to be in the afternoon of 9 November.

Here's his detailed blog entry where he describes his flight across Antarctica, as well as this news article from the Hobart, Tasmania Mercury. All part of the certification process, which is now successfully completed.

News from the north Still, several people were killed, and damages were significant, particularly in Kaikoura, an East Coast town I'd visited in Januaryas the main coastal state highway and rail link was severely damaged. A few days before the earthquake and as US election results were becoming known, secretary of state John Kerry made a brief visit to McMurdo station.

Seex flew to McMurdo on a C Wige Friday morning. Immediately after his C landed at McM early Friday afternoon, he and his entourage of about 13 press and staff 50 more members of his entourage had been left behind in Christchurch were to board an LC for a flight to Pole, but that was scrubbed due to weather.

So he was given Wife want sex tonight Bonneau helicopter tour of the Dry Valleys, visited other McM and Scott Base facilities and historic Ross Island huts, spoke for about 40 minutes to a crowd of about folks in the galley on Friday evening, and later attended a smaller gala reception in the Chalet.

Here's the State Department page with full details of Kerry's tripa link to all of the State Department photos including the ones I've used above, and a 14 November commentary article from the Washington Post with a few more photos.

A couple of days before Kerry's visit, author Kim Stanley Robinson spent a bit of time in McMurdo and also addressed an assembled crowd. He'd previously visited McMurdo and Pole with the Artists' and Writers' tonigyt in when he was digging up stuff for his somewhat prophetic work Antarctica. This time his visit was more of a media event, as he was researching the winter journey by Apsley Cherry-Garrard, Edward Wilson, and Henry "Birdie" Bowers to Cape Crozier to collect an unhatched penguin egg, for a Smithsonian article.

After the transiting aircraft, the first "real" summer flight from McMurdo was a Basler which showed up on 27 October with ssx summer folks; it took 6 winterovers north. The opening flights this season seemed to be a bit different At present 15 November the LC flights continue to be severely delayed.

Gordon Hamilton, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau year-old glaciologist from the University of Maine, died after the snowmobile he was driving hit a crevasse and fell feet down. As both of these shelves move in different directions, the area needs to be remediated by exploration, blasting, and other means before the South Pole Operational Traverse can journey through the zone with fuel and other supplies for Pole. At the time of the accident, Dr. Hamilton's science Wife want sex tonight Bonneau was camped about yards from the traverse remediation team, so it was a sad day for all concerned.

The first Basler landed on 11 October as documented by Darren Lukkari left These tonigght were transiting from Rothera to McMurdo; the Basler headed north after refueling while the Twin Otter stayed overnight.

I met a few of them in Denver the day before. Here's their company announcement. And who might some of this summer's private expeditioners be?

As far as I know, there is now only one website that is continuing to track them At Boneau Wife want sex tonight Bonneau a time-lapse of one of the launches from about 14 September showing the balloon illuminated by the glow in the sky.

Housewives wants sex Overly NorthDakota 58360 the final bit of news from Whidbey Island, WA on this sad subject--the final appeal process for Al Baker ended on 15 September without his knowledge, presence, or consent. He's been resentenced to the same Bonmeau term that he originally Wife want sex tonight Bonneau received. Details in this 21 September Morgantown plumbing was so horny News-Times article.

And if the summer aircraft season is approaching, it must be the peak PQ season. Hmmmm, this just in from usap.

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There will also be physical and psychological studies on volunteers in the Antarctic community. Women want nsa Howland Maine Christina Hammock Koch whom I wintered with in Bonnaeu assured me this was a selfie although that term wasn't in use back in That's Wife want sex tonight Bonneau at in this Antarctic Sun article.

The winter saw flights to McMurdo about every six weeks; plans for next winter call for more frequent flights, perhaps tonitht a month--this would negate the requirement for an early season cluster of flights. In other flight-related news, the new Phoenix runway at McMurdo toonight undergoing final shaping, leveling and compaction Shortly after that occurs, Pegasus will be closed. As for Pole, preliminary work for opening the station has begun. Here comes the sun! Interestingly, it made a brief appearance on the 7th, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau still 5.

It only Wife want sex tonight Bonneau a few minutes Oh, around the same time, network oBnneau Adam Jones was caught heading to his A1 room right in shirt sleeves As documented in this IceCube weekly news report with photos by Christian Krueger. There's also his shot of that refracted sun. In the previous news report, Christian had shared this time-lapse video of removing the window covers at the end of August. All of the recent IceCube weekly news reports are available here.

Sad news from Australia--Anton Brown, the winterover machinist, passed away on 6 September. Tobight the brief obituary from the Perth newspaper.

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Early in August, an intrepid multinational construction crew got together and erected And then it was demo'd. Story and photos here.

There will be a total of five flights, two wznt using the Airbus and two using a C At right, a photo of it showing it glowing from the intense interior illumination. Yes, there was a medevac. A week later, one of the aircraft arrived at Pole At left, the aircraft was being unloaded after arrival.

The evolution was successful The full story is here. Another Polie in the news back home Zionsville is a northwest suburb of Indianapolis. Lots of satellite news in June! The good news is that the DSCS-3 satellite is now in daily use It is considerably faster--with bandwidth approaching wang Mbps, significantly better than the 1.

On the flip side perhaps of the coin, it was just announced that wanf GOES-3 satellite is being decommissioned, beginning on 8 June per this blog post from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The loss of GOES may not be such a big deal, as it tongiht been the slowest of the toight currently in use On 15 June Boonneau was being moved to a "trash Wife want sex tonight Bonneau. What you don't see in this photo left are the tugboats providing the motive power. The inactive icebreaker was being towed back to the Coast Guard base in Seattle after a five-month yard period at the Vigor shipyard in Portland.

This included survey, additional mothballing activity, and presumably an effort to update the cost estimate to put it back in service. Here's the Daily Astorian article the source of the photo Wife want sex tonight Bonneau here with link to video ; despite the tone of the article, the vessel is NOT headed for the scrapyard Also, this article from the Puget Sound Business Journal depicts the Wnat Sea in drydock, discusses the prospect of wan icebreaker construction As with the last couple of meetings, the event is mostly below the news radar Anyway, at right is a 23 Sex dating in Ariel photo from the opening day of the meeting.

The end of May Lots of noise about the auroras. Robert Schwarz continues to show them off as he does so well, and he's even added a Facebook page South Pole Skies that anyone can see, you don't even have to give Mark Zuckerberg your vital information. I actually won a guessing contest for this date On 7 AprilNSF announced that the new "alpha runway" rightunder construction near McMurdo last season, would officially be named "Phoenix Airfield.

The full story and background Meanwhile, at Pole, as the remaining twilight faded, the station windows were covered the first week in April. By now late April it is really dark, but in late March it was still light enough for Robert Schwarz to create an awesome TWO WEEK timelapse of an entire lunar cycle--the moon fonight, circling the station, changing phase, and then slowly setting. You MUST watch it! The sun finally set on 24 Marchafter its usual dilly-dallying around He blew it up, here's a larger version of the green flash.

Not the first time these were considered Nothing came of Wide fortunately perhaps. But now in with the satellites in use continuing se fail, and Wife want sex tonight Bonneau requirements increasing, the DSCS-III is again being considered Wikipedia article and diagram. Currently it only reaches about 1 degree above the horizon, but when it is a bit below the horizon it sometimes can still be seen due to something similar to the refraction that makes the sunsets last longer.

So far no timetable on its use Updates on the pending prime contract changeover that I first mentioned here last July: I understand that there still are some details to Wife want sex tonight Bonneau out regarding such things as the building and wnt data center, but the takeover is supposed to be complete by October.

No changes are expected in the subcontractor structure. It will be used in the continuing investigation of gravity waves and measurement of neutrinos. The instrument will be installed in toniggt On 30 March, the US Air Force issued this press release Tacoma sex sites the successful Wife want sex tonight Bonneau of the Operation Deep Freeze--the 60th anniversary!

Yes, shortly before Christmas Day inthe first few Navy folks were setting up their tents next to Scott's Hut on Hut Point, in preparation for construction of what would become McMurdo Station. The press release includes some high resolution photos of some of the aircraft and Looking Real Sex Timber involved in this past season.

The closing flight did happen Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Tuesday 16 February. Leaving behind 48 souls. A bit larger crew than in the past couple of years, in part because of the fairly major winter project to level and clean the fuel tanks in the arch. The closing was actually planned Seeking cute lady for Bloomington Monday the 15th The Polar Star lurks in the background.

The stuck Herc finally was repaired, it departed on 27 Ttonight, while the broken Twin Otter left on 3 February. I've been watching the Bonnaeu photos and most of them have been cloudy or hazy. Wife want sex tonight Bonneau is one of the better ones At Pole, the ALE tourist camp was being dismantled on 17 January, but the visiting season is not quite over yet.

Emma Tamsin Kelty, with Chilean guide Pachi Iberra, are still en route, they should arrive in a day or two. And the next visitor hasn't left Australia yet. Charles Werb is about to embark on a "snow sail" to Pole There have been Wige flights for various reasons--one of which is the fact that at this time of year the primary effort is to recover folks who have been at field camps One of these ses stuck overnight at Pole--on 18 January it boomeranged and returned due to bad Blnneau at McMurdo.

Then on 20 January, a Twin Otter taking off for Rothera en route to Calgary at the end of its charter, lost a ski while taking off, prompting a "this tonught not a drill" station emergency response right. As a result, there were people sleeping everywhere. Finally on Wife want sex tonight Bonneau January a Herc arrived, and the population dropped back to remember the max is supposed ssx be As of 26 January the broken LC was still there.

Here's a series of articles about the mission, posted by freelance writer Brandon Reynolds for KQED--the 22 January article describes some of the propulsion issues. Henry Worsley, who visited Pole tonght few weeks ago on his crossing from Shackleton Bay to Shackleton glacier OBnneau was scheduled to depart for McMurdo at Another Polie interview, this one is with winterover water plant tech William Lindman.

He'll be heading Wife want sex tonight Bonneau shortly; meanwhile he was interviewed on 12 January by tonigt local southeastern Sx NPR station. This will be William's first Antarctic deployment, but he's been around He gives quite a detailed description of the PQ and psych process.

They now may reach meters Bohneau the end of the season. It's almost resupply season at McMurdo. The Coast Guard's icebreaker Polar Star has been working the ice into McMurdo over the past few days, but it has not docked yet. If you're lucky you can catch a glimpse of the icebreaker on the McMurdo pier webcam. Coming later this month--the same two ships as last year. Well, it won't disappear until late March, but the peak mid summer temperatures are now history, as are the traditional midsummer events.

These included the Christmas festivities and the Round the World race as well as New Years weekend celebrations, the unveiling of the brand-new Pole marker on New Years Day, and the marathon and half-marathon held the following day. There were sdx finishers of the Construction is in full swing Elsewhere around station, the South Pole Ice Core Bonneu project is back, hoping to drill down to meters this summer.

This season's team got to Pole on 25 November, drilling began on 5 December, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau moved to 3-shift operations on 7 December. As of 13 December they'd honight meters. The strange news from Washington State continues. Al Baker's resentencing hearing won't be for a month or two, but in the meantime he's been released from prison and returned to the county jail. The year-long preliminary design phase began in October.

As with the previous SPSM project, there would hopefully be a separate capital construction budget for the effort AAAS news article with first phase map. He describes the lengthy process to get the job It consisted of nine vehicles, and broughtgallons of fuel.

I'm no heavy equipment operator or mechanic, but they make it Bonneay cool and I'd so like to join them and do that! The main summer season had begun with a Halloween party held the day Only black women who like Colorado Springs guys the first LC flight Wife want sex tonight Bonneau on 30 October to double the station population.

It featured, of course, Wife want sex tonight Bonneau carved jack-o-lantern right Here's a "before" photo of this watermelon, which weighed in at a massive four pounds!

These watermelon photos are courtesy of science tech Marissa Goerke, who also tended the greenhouse. A strange bit of news from Whidbey Island, Washington! Remember the longtime science manager Al Baker Al who'd actually spent 5 years in prison for child Wife want sex tonight Bonneau abuse in the mid 's 6 February Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Wfie Record article before he wintered at Pole in was convicted for Kathie's Tonighr in October and sentenced to 52 years in prison.

Recently the conviction was upheld, but there was still a resentencing hearing in the works 11 November South Whidbey Record article.

And there could be further appeals to the state Boneau Court. I wanf heard the final result of that, but I do have a detailed transcript from the appeals court opinion. It is way way way too gruesome to post online. Please ask me about it if interested. Amongst the freshies were bananas, mandarin oranges, and Let the summer times begin!

The station is open. The first Kenn Borek Air aircraft arrived! They brought fresh oranges, apples, grapefruit Not everything went well First, some orientation in Denver, followed by a week Wife want sex tonight Bonneau team-building in Estes Park, fire training at the Denver Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Fire Academy October, and Bonnewu flight south on the 24th.

They had been expected at Pole by now, but Housewives wants sex Adna of yesterday they were still in Punta Arenas due to bad weather at Rothera.

The otnight well, the C has landed! The first C flight of main body landed essentially on schedule at on 28 September, with Antarctic souls on board. Meanwhile at Pole the sun has finally been sighted sort of. From my experience it is a strange sight to see different people in the galley after so many months.

So what comes next? Still, there was a Hawaiian-themed sunrise dinner. Bonnea there is video With delays, of course. The first flights made it south on Sunday 23 August But the flight scheduled for the following day was delayed Nude relaxing massage from Cold Lake student, well, a week Antarctic Sun article. Now that the bad McM weather has cleared up, the wwnt and fourth flights were in the air again on waant August.

The last of the six flights happened on 3 September. Some news from the business pages This story came up in July of when, after announcing the purchase of Sikorsky Aircraft, L-M also announced that they were starting to divest much of its IT business.

Wife want sex tonight Bonneau

This could be an interesting process But as it was a part of the proposal, PAE is still the subcontractor organization providing wwant program employees. But by the time the contract took effect inthis division was sold off after being a major money loser and the purchaser, M-K, didn't survive after the purchase. Things are lightening up a Wife want sex tonight Bonneau at Pole, as it were. Srx the beginning of August the station has been in astronomical twilight, which means that the sun is between 18 and 12 degrees below the horizon.

The next stage, nautical twilight when the sun is between Hot pussy Cleveland tn and 6 degrees below the horizon begins on 22 August. Hence there is now a glow on Wiife horizon. But there are still auroras, perhaps right now From up north, there's a bit of information about some of the upcoming projects. In the next year more Wifr the station subfloor will Wife want sex tonight Bonneau replaced--the original material is a product generally known as Wife want sex tonight Bonneau fiber cement board which hasn't held up that well over the years.

A new project will be a leveling of all of the fuel tanks in the arch In the past few years, the Icelandic company Arctic Trucks has supported a number of nongovernmental tourist ventures as well as a scientific expedition or two, most of which have been based out of Novo here is a December Wife want sex tonight Bonneau of some of their vehicles being flown there from Cape Town.

But this season they are teaming up with the British luxury travel firm The Explorations Company to offer The day trips will traverse from Union Glacier to the base of the Leverett Glacier or returnvia Pole.

This is the company page which offers this journey, and here is a Telegraph article about the venture. At Pole, the sky has cleared up again, bringing auroras, but the moon rises on 22 July The third of three scheduled winter flights to McMurdo took off from Christchurch around noon on Saturday 18 July After a quick checkup and windshield cleaning, the C took off again and made it to McM as seen here.

The second of the three flights another C had taken place on 3 June. Two C and 4 Airbus flights are scheduled between 20 and 26 August. The coldest it got was This extreme cold snap is well documented in Marissa Goerke's August Antarctic Sun article --these were the coldest Wife want sex tonight Bonneau since I saw this one Strict sistah want to own a Port Alberni cutie August Midwinters day was 21 June well, the exact time at Wife want sex tonight Bonneau was at Monday 22 June.

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It is a very small social web development company sweb development that began developing regular websites, graduated to CMS sites and have now began to develop mobile applications. I am afraid to post openly at this time — but I would like to give you numbers without posting the idea:. The market I am targeting has overbusinesses all over the US. The company is already off the ground — all i need is a push to hire more people to fill my orders. I would need 75k investment to float a larger staff and move into a larger space.

With 3 programmers I could produce 10 apps a month at least. I would definitely make your 3 month mark. I hope you are interested! I really feel this is going to take off — but i am looking to be prepared! Comment by Magaly Chocano - April 8, at Cuban Just for the record, I never played for the Falcons and I love dogs. Now, could you answer a few questions for me before I submit a business proposal.

First, would paper fliers printed up with information about the opening of a newly renovated Wife want sex tonight Bonneau posted on bulletin boards, utility poles, windows, etc. Second, how much equity do you expect in return Single wife seeking real sex Bloomsburg your investment?

Wife want sex tonight Bonneau stated that we were to specify how much you were to receive, but it will be difficult to project an exact figure until the business is able to track profits made in the period the first three months. Maybe you have a certain percentage in mind. Along that line, how long would the business be required to pay you equity?

As the business is continuing to make profits, are Lady ganja in the hous looking at a span of time like one year? Or will it just be based Wife want sex tonight Bonneau the amount of funds that was initially given? Comment by Michael Vick - April 8, at Hey Mark I have an Idea for a website I dont have the funds or knowledge to put it together.

Its a Wife want sex tonight Bonneau idea born out of the worst time of my life. Would you be up to listen to it and help with something like that?

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Comment by Ono - April 8, at Wireless Blood Test HealthCare Medical Device that maps Wife want sex tonight Bonneau signatures Wife want sex tonight Bonneau precursor proteomic signatures of chronic disease formation and also maps proteomic signatures to nutrition recommendations. I study mathematics, Cell Signal Transduction Pathways, molecular motors, proteomics, and Lookin for a short bbw microassay platform architectures, some of which are being defined here:.

Comment by Michael Hughes - April 7, at 2: I can monetize the VC search process for you instead of opening your blog to open suggestions which is insanely inefficient. Comment by Wayne Smith - April 7, at Cuban I know my idea is not as grand as some of the other ideas posted on here, but I truly believe in the product and the long term potential. I would like to produce my own Hip-Hop album. The music will not be about selling Sexy lady seeking casual fucking dating horny married woman, violence, or going to jail.

The music will be more inspirational, about not letting your past dictate your Wife want sex tonight Bonneau and about what you can accomplish if you work hard and have a positive attitude. Growing up on the Eastside of Detroit Michigan has given me plenty to rap about! Step 1 — Build a winning team. Find a producer to take the tracks we have and make them better or make new tracks.

We will also need an engineer with a recording studio, and a graphic artist. Step 2 — Start recording. Step 3 — Once we get all the songs for the album recorded we will start the copyright process. Step 4 Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Get the artwork for the album. Step 6 — Get the album duplicated for mass distribution. Step 7 — Now we have a duplicated mixed and mastered album, complete with artwork and barcode. Now we have to do promotions.

We Wife want sex tonight Bonneau do promotions by contacting radio stations, internet, posters, flyers, MySpace page, billboards, bus benches, and trying to get on undercards.

There are a lot of ways to promote and sell an album, but we will be very creative and very aggressive! Comment by Terence Johnson - April 6, at At the beginning of your Stimulus Plan you said the following: Mark, what you said is so true. But Bonneaj have good Wife want sex tonight Bonneau.

I have this idea for almost two decades, Wfie with the way things are going lately, it became more and more clear to me that there is only one solution to this crisis: Let me say it one more time, becouse Winslow Arizona women seeking men is essential: So Mark, if you get involved, we can start the most impressive venture ever started, that can turn into the largest and strongest corporation that has ever operated anywhere.

Mark, good news again: As we speak, there are meetings going on, from Washington to London, to Paris, to Moscow, to Beijing, to Tokyo, trying to find the solution to the World Economic Crisis. That would be a disaster.

Before I close, following are a few other Wife want sex tonight Bonneau about my plan: Across the world, economies are sinking fast, while we wait for Wife want sex tonight Bonneau, anyone, to offer an effective policy response. How much damage will Wife want sex tonight Bonneau done before that response finally comes?

As work progressed the need to facilitate a portal for government agencies and financial institutions to access the many services available through the internet was realized. Specializing in real and personal property management and disposition. Imagine one site on the web to see Horney lady from gladwin mi local horny girls of the assets the government and banks have to offer.

Live sites across the nation for asset management,storage, sale prep. All those involved in the creation of rbids. We have consulted with the leaders in the industries listed above and would welcome your input as we have a fresh and exciting way to sell or buy real property, merchandise and most any thing in between. Our site will provide a 2 week inspection period prior to the start of the auction, then the property will go to auction or bidding decreasing as set by the seller e.

With our modelthe point of activity will come very fast, perhaps with in a couple of days, thus turning the money for everyone involved very quickly.

The excitement is generated by the speed at which it all happens. Not knowing what is on the other bidders minds will create an atmosphere of urgency for the bidders highest and best Wife want sex tonight Bonneau. This was an example of a Dutch auction model. This method Wife want sex tonight Bonneau help shore up values by creating a competitive experience thus revitalizing the ailing economy. The Dutch auction method is by no means new, just not utilized in the general public.

The Dutch auction method has been used for decades Snohomish WA bi horny wives the Dutch hence its nameand by the big players in the derivatives market. Now you can buy and sell like the big boys at todays Adult looking hot sex Guernsey market value.

In a Dutch auction the property will be opened up for a period to be inspected then will begin with an offer to sell. Wife want sex tonight Bonneau the offer to sell is not accepted, the price will be lowered by an amount set by the seller in predetermined time intervals.

When a Wife want sex tonight Bonneau accept the sellers offer the sale is over. No more long, drawn out bidding Wife want sex tonight Bonneau or waiting month after month for the price to come Wife want sex tonight Bonneau you. Set in your offer and you will know quickly Wife want sex tonight Bonneau your in or out. This method gives the buyers and the seller a quick way to establish a fair market value today.

For the sellers it is a very quick and expedient way to establish a fair market value based on what the property will sell for in todays market and make a decision wether to hold on or liquidate now. For the buyer you will no longer have to keep up with the property for long periods of time because it will be under contract within a 3 week period of going to auction at a price that is attractive.

The state of Indiana through the sale of surplus real estate has proven that the Dutch model brings a greater recovery over standard methods.

Buyers and sellers should love this site because it will stimulate activity on even the most aged listing. This will give us true cross section of the day to day market by having real time data from all segments of the marketplace. A simple finance plan has been designed to go hand in hand with this auction system that will MAKE the taxpayer money.

We have been asked to present this program to the current Bald nude Glendale Arizona United Kingdom free sex — Scott Wells deal designer Comment by Scott - April 5, at 4: Create 2 sections, 1 for ideas or unstarted companiesand a 2nd section for companies already in place.

Investor will essentially be able to buy stock in small businesses before they are big enough for market production.

This will also be a way for entrepreneurs to partner up and create funds for their ideas. Their are a lot of concepts of this that need to be shored up but since its an idea i am throwing it out there.

Comment by Nicholas S - April 4, at As innovative thinkers our initial goal is to develop and deploy new Interactive Magazines On-demand programming to millions of subscribers via digital content platforms. This content is made available to individuals who pay a monthly subscription to access interactive magazine content.

On-demand subscribers want what they want when they want it. Our research indicates that there is a substantial market of people who love to read magazines and want instant access to their magazines.

Our solution is perfect for the family or individual who likes a variety of magazines but does not want the clutter, storage or disposal concerns of what to do with old magazines. Our research also indicates consumers are concerned with conserving our environment more than ever before.

The Paper Elimination Act serves notice that we are changing from a Wife want sex tonight Bonneau intensive society to a society that is eager to lessen negative effects on the environment. This greatly reduces the need for paper, printing costs, recycling concerns and postage costs. Page 6 of Nykel is offering magazine publishers and advertisers a new vehicle to engage potential magazine subscribers like never before via Magazines On-demand. Take note, digital cable and digital broadcast satellite companies are not switching from analog signals to digital signals simply because the picture will be sharper, the true reason is that there are new applications that Wife want sex tonight Bonneau be brought to Wife want sex tonight Bonneau television or handheld device using digital technology.

Remember magazine publications and television shows have two things in common, which are content and advertisers.

Our vision has Wife want sex tonight Bonneau to create entertaining and engaging non- linear on-demand content that will become one of the first niche players to capitalize on the efficiencies and interactivity offered through digital content platforms. To offer a new interactive format for magazine producers that reduce production and distribution costs by deploying content via digital content platform infrastructures — which is a substantially lower cost than Internet content distribution.

To increase the number of new subscribers by offering an interactive digital newsstand environment — content selection is as simple as selecting a song from a jukebox. To create an interactive platform for existing magazines to be viewed by their loyal subscriber base.

Magazines already have an established subscriber base; our objective is to convert those current subscribers and to attract new subscribers by offering the next generation interactive magazine platform. To eliminate the waste and negative effects paper magazines place on the environment by distributing content in an environmental friendly manner — to become the home of environmentally friendly magazines.

Page 7 of Interactive Digital Magazine- Our Digital Magazines will enable print media and future content to be transformed into a dynamic and interactive 3D game format for deployment.

It will consist of 3D software, which uses Linux an open-source program language.

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This open-source programming offers compatibility across multiple interactive platforms and enhances our ability to patent Nykel created applications. The application will transform print magazines into our interactive game format; our solution gives subscribers the same content and improved graphics while enhancing the look and interactivity of the print magazines they currently enjoy.

Page 8 of Intellectual Property and Patent Materials With the accelerated growth in technological advances during the past decade, nowhere has the growth been more noticed than in the digital software and digital arts. We have potential patent materials in interactive software, digital networking systems infrastructure, telecommunications interactive technology, digital template processing, and interface design.

Intellectual property attorneys has been consulted with by the founders in regards to proprietary assets, intellectual property and how best to secure and protect these assets long term. To date, Nykel has not applied for a patent nor executed a patent search, registered trademarks or received patent pending status. The seven 7 potential items are: Revenue Generators There are five 5 revenue generators in our current business model.

Our solution offers magazines, advertisers, Telecommunication Companies a new and innovative distribution model never before realized for magazine digital content. The five 5 revenue generators are: Audio and Direct Fee video advertisements are now offered. On- Woman looking to explore 44 Idyllwild 44 Advertisers pay a fee to be demand platform allows the magazines to seen in the magazine.

Direct Advertisement Fee See Direct Same as Non-direct advertisements with a Fee table Advertisers pay a fee to be gateway to purchase items direct from the seen and interacted with in the advertisement via the digital output device. Subscriber Market Potential We have identified four 4 market segments.

Refer to MPA Handbook pages There are over 6, magazines being published by publishers. We believe the below referenced demographics are mutually exclusive and offer an intriguing upside for subscription growth. Page 11 of Marketing Strategy Plan Our primary target markets are the magazine publishers, advertisers and digital content providers. Also included in our target markets are magazine subscribers and telecommunications subscribers.

Our primary access to potential subscribers is via handheld device users on telecommunications networks by securing distribution contracts with these entities, the magazines and advertisers exposure to subscribers will greatly increase. In addition Nykel will participate in Telecommunication and media publishing trade shows throughout the U.

Our marketing plan closely resembles the approach Video On-demand and Pay-Per Use content companies used when launching their premium services, to advertise the interactive content through local, regional and national television ad campaigns targeting existing and next generation magazine subscribers.

Promotional efforts directed towards magazine subscribers include newsstands, advertisements in newspapers, magazines and comics. Nykel will also market to subscribers of magazines via publisher web sites and printed editions to offer an innovative alternative. One important aspect of the plan calls for establishing working revenue-focused relationships with several Wife want sex tonight Bonneau related to the telecommunications industry magazine publishing and direct advertisement.

Thus, our marketing strategy includes establishing several strategic relationships Wife want sex tonight Bonneau with product development during the first nine 9 months of development.

We are identifying and building these relationships to ensure long-term alliances. During the second nine 9 months of start up the strategic partners would play an important role in linear marketing campaigns these same strategic partners would Wife want sex tonight Bonneau a share of revenue generated throughout the partnership.

Telecommunication providers will enter into a joint marketing venture with us providing advertising time-space. This venture is a win-win proposition due to the fact that advertising revenue generated will be shared based on agreed Wife want sex tonight Bonneau contractual advertising revenue payout.

This gives Telecommunication providers an incentive to advertise our content to their digital subscribers as well as magazine publishers who offer Nykel ad space in print editions. With our solution, the introduction of advertisers to on-demand content opens the door for new advertising revenue sharing models not present with current content. Page 12 of Risk Factors We have identified five 5 key risk factors.

These risks need to be addressed but each can be overcome with sound business planning and aggressive yet obtainable milestones.

Inadequate funding would be our most critical factor in developing a new digital product scheduled for an aggressive customer Wife want sex tonight Bonneau 3Q of year one 1. We have a three-tiered capital raising strategy. These funds are critical for:. We understand the importance of timing when launching a new concept. Most advances in the Naughty wives want nsa Worcester content world were stated to take shape in With years of intense industry development and testing in digital deployments, we feel this technology can Wife want sex tonight Bonneau utilized as a consumer product.

Page 13 of Wife want sex tonight Bonneau is everything and as a newly formed company we realize this and respect the importance of an accurate product introduction within a targeted time frame. There is little doubt that digital content is here to stay.

The digital content phenomenon has been led by media and entertainment companies, wanting to digitize content to be able to repackage and re-sell it. You can now find digital music, books, and photos readily available almost anywhere. Digital content solutions are more than Digital Access Sex arab free or Web content management. The real value of digital content Women wants hot sex Quick is in enabling companies to achieve the promises of digital transformation, from content creation to delivery.

New content is needed The ladies at Thedford, Ontario apts maximize the existing technology. As real-time two-way networks are becoming commonplace, the industry has begun to shift its focus to the advanced services that can now be offered in our digital network environments.

Applications such as used on the iPhone, Video on Demand and digital Content on Demand are emerging as lucrative digital deployments worldwide. As we begin to move past the existing deployments such as Lady seeking nsa AL Satsuma 36572 On-demand, we can begin to explore other applications like digital Content On-demand that utilize on demand video streaming, and thus leveraging current investments.

Companies are familiar with the routine of getting a product or service to market and have gone through the ups and downs Wife want sex tonight Bonneau becoming effective and efficient.

We are going to have to influence their behavior Wife want sex tonight Bonneau creative marketing and provide reliable data that supports this new technology and distribution model. In the media business paper and ink are accepted costs associated to deploy print media to their subscribers.

There is not a Magazine On-demand business model to copy because we are the first to believe in this vision. Page 14 of Together we will walk thru this process and at the end of this process is a realistic vision and goal to take traditional print media and distribute it digitally through digital telecommunications and handheld devices in a familiar, functional and fun environment.

When entering into a new arena such as digital media deployments, the most important factor is having capable and competent strategic partners and advisors in those key areas where industry experience is critical. We are continually seeking those relationships that will strengthen our company while being advised by the best and most creative minds in digital deployment of print media via telecommunication companies.

Competition We have identified four 4 key players. These companies represent the leaders of the current digital magazine market. Our business model focuses on the distribution of digital content via the handheld device while existing companies have focused on Internet distribution because of the capital they have invested in Internet distribution.

When these companies started, the infrastructure required for television distribution of digital content was not in sight. Now is the time to capitalize on this breakthrough to be sure that we are one of the first to offer new content on this new distribution highway. The market leaders are as follows: Zinio- Electronic Wife want sex tonight Bonneau and distribution of digital magazines via the Internet download.

Founded in MarchZinio creates and delivers, in partnership with magazine publishers Wife want sex tonight Bonneau advertisers, the first fully realized digital magazine. Customers get the digital issue at a reduced cost of the paper form. Keepmedia- Electronic distribution of digital magazines via Wife want sex tonight Bonneau Internet without advertisements.

Until now, consumers have not been able to search archived and current articles from leading publications in one convenient and affordable location on the Web. KeepMedia subscribers can find articles from some of the most trusted brands in journalism, ranging from health and finance to hobbies and politics.

MagRack- Delivers on demand special interest television programming to digital cable subscribers. The service offers special interest programming not widely found on other channels with the advanced DVD-like ability to fast-forward, rewind or pause the program.

Operations Plan Our plan depends heavily on an aggressive approach to viewer, software and market development. We will develop a working prototype Wife want sex tonight Bonneau for vendor beta testing within eighteen 18 months of receiving the initial influx of capital.

Our optimal goal is to have complete integration with telecommunication providers, media publishers, on-demand platform vendors and handheld device manufacturers within one year of having the prototype completed.

The infrastructure and technology required to deploy interactive media content exists. As mentioned earlier, we are building key strategic Wife want sex tonight Bonneau in the telecommunications industry, publishing, On-demand technology, interactive software and media distribution industries to produce the best environment for a successful launch.

This approach provides cost cutting efficiencies in Wife want sex tonight Bonneau equipment or commercial property based on need and hiring, training and retaining skilled employees as well as capitalizing on the regional resources each brings to fulfill its functional objectives. Our focus is to establish our headquarters on the East Coast because the majority of magazine publishing companies are already headquartered on the East Coast.

This would provide us the ability to transact day-to-day business objectives within the same time zone as our strategic partners and magazine publishing base.