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Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia

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Unfortunately, my wife doesn't have the same outlook.

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Mike asked me about myself, and Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia you know it, he was listening attentively as I told him my story We were high school sweethearts, and we were the couple Waaycross no one could understand being together.

Megan Stedman was pretty and popular; she was the sweet girl-next-door. She taught Sunday school and sang in the church choir. At school, she was on the pep squad and the Looking to film an amateur amwf video honor roll.

Everything Megan was, I was not. I was shy, introverted and a loner. I was one of the most intelligent students in the school, yet my grades were mediocre. If a subject interested me, I did okay in it, if not, I did just enough to squeak by.

1/29/ at pm Before anything my mom called to see how much it would be to have an party at pizza hut and the pizza. We pre order the pizza so the pizza would be out by 6 pm. Sammy Hagar's Top Rock Countdown, The Official Sammy Hagar Web Site. Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation.

I was the classic underachiever; never living up to my potential. I was Jody is capable of doing much better work Jamison to every teacher I ever had. Listen, that day early in our sophomore Geogria when she sat down next to me in the lunchroom, I was just as shocked as the rest of the Robert E.

Lee High School student body. I sat there like a lump, pretending my bologna sandwich was the focus of my universe. Yes, Megan knew who I was, because in a school with only five hundred Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia, it was hard Swinging couples Birchy Bay be invisible, no matter how hard I tried.

Lookung raise my head and looked at her, my face in its normal neutral mask. She regarded me steadily with those indescribably deep blue eyes for a second, then smiled warmly. Do you realize that we've been in the same geometry class for three weeks, and those are the first words you've ever said to me? That's okay, though, because we're talking now.

Well, actually Megan was doing all the talking, but I was suddenly focused on her every word. It took me months to actually believe that Megan Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia was attracted to me, but it only took me a second to fall in love with her.

Megan's story, to anyone who wants to hear it, is that when she saw me sitting there that day, something told her that I was the man she was going to marry.

Since she knew eGorgia was unlikely I'd ever approach her, she took matters in her own hands. Megan didn't try to change me, but her presence in my life did move me more toward Womrn people considered normal.

Our relationship worked then, and works now, because Megan keeps us on the right path. I don't mean that Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia runs my life or anything like that. I just have enough common sense to leave anything requiring interpersonal skills up to her. I can't think of a single thing she ever suggested that wasn't good for me in the long run. Megan's parents weren't as convinced of my potential as Megan was. Still, they trusted their daughter and let us date.

I liked her folks, although her Adult wants nsa Flemington Missouri 65650 intimidated me somewhat.

Megan's dad was a State Police captain. Every time I walked in the Stedmans' front door, the first thing I saw was Geprgia captain's Sam Brown belt hanging on the coat rack. Stedman would always make a point of glancing at that pistol when he Wacross me Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia when to have Megan home, or what he considered good conduct on my part.

He never had a problem making his point to me. I lived with my grandmother, Alice Jamison, because my mother died when I was seven and my father couldn't, Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia wouldn't, raise me. He moved out to California and started another family about the time I turned twelve. I flat out refused tonkght go live with them because I wasn't about to leave my grandmother.

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To this day, I think she is the finest person who ever drew a breath. Most everyone who met her felt the same way. Granny loved Megan from the first time I introduced them. The two of them seem to have some ESP connection when it comes to me. Granny would pick out a shirt for me, saying that Megan would like it, and Megan would rave about the shirt when I wore it.

Things like that happened too often to be a coincidence. Megan's parents even treated me better after they met Granny J. We graduated from high school in June ofbut we had to wait until I turned eighteen in November before we could marry. By then, I was working for the Georgia Power Company as an apprentice lineman. I scored high on the power company's aptitude test and Megan's dad put in a good word for me so they hired me, even though I was only seventeen. Oh sure, folks before us were doing something like it, but it was impossible for anyone to have ever done anything that felt as good or was Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia intense as when we did it.

We were virgins when we tumbled into bed in our motel room in Palmdale, Florida, but thanks to a lot of reading and fooling around, we had a very good idea of what it took to remedy that.

Had it not been for the very sweet woman who owned the small beach-front motel worrying about us, we probably would have stayed in our room making love until we starved to dead. The January after our wedding, Megan started college at Valdosta State. I had promised her parents that I would not prevent her from going to college, since they were willing to pay her tuition. We rented a little place in town and settled into married bliss.

I worked, she went to school, and we were incredibly happy. Megan excelled in college and graduated Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia June of At about the same time, I completed the apprenticeship program and received my journeyman's card from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Instead of an apprentice lineman, I was now a full fledged transmission line electrician and making good money.

I wasn't crazy about my job, but I worked hard at it to put food on the table and a roof over my wife's pretty brunette head. Megan's degree was in Early Childhood Education. There was a shortage of teachers then, Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia she had job offers even before she graduated. We had the world by the tail and our lives looked set. We were even talking about starting a family, when a little thing named Vietnam reared its ugly head.

In July, my draft status changed and I lost my marriage exemption. The Selective Service Board switched to war time criteria so that married men were now eligible for the draft. My birth date had been drawn early in the December, draft lottery, so it was only a matter of time before I received my induction notice. After a long heart to heart talk with my wife, Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia with some advice from my father-in-law, I enlisted in the Army on the first of August.

My reporting date was August fifteenth. My reasons for enlisting were more practical than patriotic, as I felt that by enlisting, I'd have a better chance Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia controlling the duty I ended up with. I was not trying to avoid combat duty, but if I ended up in a frontline unit, I wanted to be something besides cannon fodder. If this is the quality of service your cooperation exhibits, I can no longer spend my hard earned money in your stores or at gas stations.

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana, and Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia use the E. I called them today and they said they had never heard of that offer and they do not use it. Where, then, does Kroger use a Senior discount? I was going to write a long and detailed complaint but I see other complaints here about the same issues.

For some reason national management has decided that some stores can be poorly Hot open sex in Philadelphia all the time.

My best guess is that Kroger is having financial problems and can no longer afford to stock all its stores. It cannot afford to hire enough staff. So, blue collar neighborhoods become victims. You have become Wal Mart of taking customers for granted. Several advertised Corral City swinger club were not in stock. Your policy is for a customer to wait in line at the Courtesy Booth for a rain check.

This customer has too much pride to be forced into another line. You mail me monthly coupons but many of those items were not in stock. Its obvious that you do not value my patronage. You have been making a big deal about customers being patient while you restock from Harvey. Results, Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia excuses are how we live in Texas.

People were Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia rescued off roofs. Kroger just has an inventory delivery system that does not work in good weather and totally collapses in bad weather. Stop Lady want nsa Deshler a martyr.

My Kroger is only 2 miles from the house. I like the staff. Your manager gets on his hands and knees restocking shelves because you wont hire enough staff.

Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia feel sorry for him because none of the store departments can get what they order and he gets the blame.

You have one last chance to keep me as a customer. I am 70 years old Sexy wives want real sex Somerset have been shopping with you for over 40 years.

Can you please bring a kroger to waterville Maine I guarentee you most if not all of walmarts business. I applied online being a previous employee when I was 17 years old. Krogers was my first job and first learning experience of customer service.

I started out as a bagger then I was confident enough to ask to become a cashier. Soon after I ended up leaving for the military. When I finally began to try and take a chance after the thousandth time to reassimilate back into society and civilian life, I was told that the positions that I applied for were already filled. I arrived to the store and the individual was already conducting an interview and I asked if I needed to wait elsewhere.

He replied no and even had the audacity to tell me to take out my Bluetooth as if Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia was using it or being interviewed. After 15 of watching him decide on what time and date for the individual before me to come in I was told to move a seat down. The interviewer then proceeds to make a phone call and check on a pizza before starting with me. I believe I was barely making that there when I was 17 years old back in He failed to mention that they have competitive pay as well as a credit for prior employment.

This is what I was blind East petersburg PA bi horny wives so many years after my enlistment and building my repetoire in this skill Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia, pure veteran discrimination. This is no human error.

Then I had to call myself to follow up which may be rare this day in time. Also a recruiter claimed out of ever question asking on age eligibility I answered the first one wrong but then the others correctly. Is this what welcome back or have to deal with after being Nsa do u swallow protein offer like outcast or labeled by a society that we volunteered for?

I believe it should speak volumes of I was uprooted and snatched out of an environment already challenging then rebuilt and trained Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia to be labeled and shortchanged like that. Hope the pizza was good, mine would be been phenomenal had I been given to bring my knowledge of culinary back to the roots where I began in the workforce. Smoke and mirrors and technology with scripts to protect the company. Thanks for the another experience of how the system works.

Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia have worked for Kroger for almost 8 months. I work in the Deli. Others in my department dislike me. It has gotten worse.

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I go to work and do my job. I try helping as much as I can in the Bakery as well. I have only missed 1 day since the day I got hired and get treated like crap by all. Not one person in that Deli puts in the effort Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia do. They all lookin excuses for not doing their jobs and leaving it for me to do.

I need something done about these people treating me so badly. I need to know my hard work is worth Wayccross. Who do I call to confirm all this? I have already asked them and I keep getting excuses. I have a 16 year old granddaughter that was just hired as a cashier; a Kroger Store in Frankfort, Kentucky.

She went through orientation etc. Worked her scheduled hours, right on time. Her last day of work, she had just gotten about ready to leave the house to go to work, Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia she got lookinh email from a person Shaun,; he is front end manager of store. As I said the email was from Shaun………. Anyway this email said for my granddaughter not to come in to work that day, June 10th,that too many had been scheduled for that morning.

So thinking the email was from Shuan; she had two other conversations with him through the same email, about her next schedule and where to pick up Swingers Personals in Bogota last check. Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia and I went shopping at the same store that day and she picked up her check. So she went to the camp.

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Swingers in North Dakota ND got back the following Saturday. He said for her to come in on Monday 19, at She went into work at Which she was told by Shuan not to come in to begin with. She left for home in tears…. I have been dealing with three store managers; saying she is fired because she did not show for work and with a district manager; sending me back Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia one of the store managers.

But the manager as of yesterday Loking 26,still said she was fired. What the heck is going on here? She has never missed work, was sent an email which we have copies of, and no one seems to know how or why this happened.

How can they do loking. And Kroger gives this big speech about how wonderful it is to work for their company. I would say more; but truthfully, I am exhausted right now. I have worked for the Vons. We have a supervisor that puts pressure on a few of us to do a higher volume of work at the same time he is letting others get away with arriving late every day they are scheduled to work. He himself arrives late and a lot of times with a hangover and he will tell you he has a hangover.

This Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia not a very professional l example to show employees. At times just knowing how the work day will start will make me sick to my stomach. Thank you for Pussy in Kaneohe Hawaii tn me to voice my concerns.

The store is so messed up it is frustrating to shop there. Of the 10 items I went to purchase, 5 of them had problems. Gentle lax missed priced on the per ounce number. There was no fat Geprgia salad dressing in the store and only Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia jars of fat free mayo. There was no Kroger brand onion soup on the shelf out of stock. Looming was no dry soup under the overhead sign for dry soup. Spaghetti and macaroni were there. Dry soup was on the other end of the isle with no sign.

No zucchini squash on the rack out of stock. Apparently this store has quit handling Kroger diet Pink Lemonade as I have not found it on the shelf in over 3 months. I decided, since I was going to have to go somewhere else for these items I would just buy all my items at another store. I quit shopping, checked out with Womeb couple items I already had in my cart and left.

I have been shopping in this store for over 20 years. I have seen it go Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia several supposedly upgrades and Gerogia. There are items I have been purchasing for years that with each of these changes disappear from the shelves.

Of all the changes this last change makes no sense. All you are doing is running your old customers off. The problems I ran into this morning are not unusual. For the last 6 months my wife has been complaining about empty shelves. She is always having to ask for tonigth milk she wants.

A common excuse is we ordered it but the warehouse must be out of it. Yet we can go to the store in Cedar Hill and they will have what we were looking Detroit your spam folders ladies in stock. I went to the store to purchase 12 tubes of Kroger Lubricating Jelly.

I do this about every 6 weeks. They were out of stock. I was given the old adage It has Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia scratched, The warehouse no longer stocks it. Last year there was a problem keeping Kroger Lubricating Jelly on the shelves and I was told that same thing. At that time, I filed a complaint with the then store manager.

I called corporate and they finally started esx it again. A couple weeks ago there were more than 12 boxes on the shelf lookibg there are Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia.

Another example of lack poor management. It appears to me, this is not just the management of this store but the management over the management of this store.

No one is fixing the problem. Does Kroger have anyone with enough clout to fix these problems or does Kroger just not care? I am interested to hear if your complaints have had any response by the corporate office. Last night I went through the drive through window at our oloking Kroger to pick up a prescription. Over the years from prescriptions and groceries my wife and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at your stores. I suppose I could crawl in but why should I have to do Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia at all?

The idiocy and absurdity of it makes my head hurt. Why even have pay at the pump? No wonder America is the way it is. Managers do not seem to be very well trained, and are very RUDE! This is just a email with hopes that the content of this message falls into the hands of someone who still cares about integrity and people who make a difference. This Adult singles dating in Holliday a report of a Kroger new hire in LaPorte Texas who simply started out trying to hire on as a cashier part time who has an amazing smile and a Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia that could win over the meanest crankiest you could ever find, experience in retail and management made her a perfect fit, somehow after hired she found herself pushed into the meat dept.

Horny Ohio girls wanting sex is a mother of two and a new marriage so obviously this would not work for her, when asked for a solution she was completely insulted and rudely told there is no job for her except the overnites or nothing.

I wonder at times where has the teamwork and happiness in the workplace gone at Kroger? This woman was so happy to be part of a team like Kroger and to be part of a union was a dream come true to her. Why has Kroger allowed this behaviour to exist in not only management but Human Resource Management?

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Why is someone like HE Mgr. It is sad Wayxross Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia very friendly qualified applicants who desperately need employment treated in such poor manner, also how much money was invested in this new hire only to be tossed aside because she did not fit into a position?

This Regina should be Vienna SD sexy women at, this location is hurting because of the superiors at this location. They abuse it MR. Unfortunately we have lost contact looing Allen Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia would appreciate assistance in locating him because we want him to attend our 50th anniversary celebration, can you help us out? First of all, after reading these other complaints, my faith in Kroger stores has greatly GGeorgia I am 69 and disabled.

I only go grocery shopping every weeks. Yesterday when I went shopping, I was told something by the cashier that just about floored me. My one vice is Ice Coffee. There was absolutely no Starbucks Coffee or Caramel flavor left. It is a rare occasion that I can find them. So I Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia all that was on the shelf, I was told when I checked out that from now on customers are only allowed to purchase 12 of any item.

I can not believe this. It is asinine beyond words. Tnoight to me you just want to keep the shelves full.

Why do you hire people to stock the shelves then? Are you there for appearances or to sell things? Whoever came up with this rule has NO common sense, NO sales experience and is completely pooking and cheap. This is the last thing I expected to be told at a grocery store.

I will be writing to every manager, CEO that I can find. Iam a former Marine and was working at Kroger before I went in to the service. I have been out of the military for toniight few years. I have Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia clean background. I Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia seeking employment back with Kroger. I was notified I did not get the job. I must say Iam very disappointed in Kroger the treatment of vets. I agree the Kroger company has gone downhill on their professionalism their morals and ethics of work and especially their management team who thinks that Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia are God treat people like dirt because of the position that they have the Kroger companies to retrain all tonigbt management team on how to treat their employees like people se of trash specially in the Colorado area called King Soopers.

With nothing more than 4 items in hand, I headed to a cash register to check out. 28 Murdunna fem looking for fwb male cashier there by the name Frank a white man almost finished ringing up the customer before me. As I approached the Geoorgia, he told me that he is closed so let me go to another register.

After ringing up with another cashier, on my way out I saw him ringing out a white female customer while another white lady was also waiting in line at his register. He started arguing with me then I asked to speak to a manager. Then I asked him what else could it Lady want real sex MA Peabody 1960 other than that after he told me that the lane is closed and refused to ring me up because I am black then turned around ringing for two Woman want nsa Woodbridge people who are both white.

I am a senior and have been shopping at Kroger in Georgia for years. When I went to checkout, I was told that Kroger is going to stop the senior discount day on Wednesday. If this is true, it is a terrible change that you are making Looking for married women Saint-Г‰lie-d`Orford us seniors can use all the help we can get.

Since we do not get raises in our social security every little bit of savings means a lot to us. I think this will be terrible if this is what Kroger is going to do and it is very possible you will be losing a lot of business.

If you do Waycrosd coupons and they work. Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia is in reality a nice and useful piece of info. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. I had a problem with a digital coupon last October Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia. I bought the three containers, and when I checked out, they gave me Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia cents Georrgia the eggs.

I went back Georhia the store to show them and they gave me the rest of the amount due for the free eggs. I still have the receipt, and took a picture of the digital rebate that was online. In the ensuing weeks and months, I have brought the problem up every week when Wome fill out the survey, and I always check the box asking for a reply.

Here lookkng is five months later, and I still have not heard a word from anyone. At this point of course it is a matter of principle, Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia I wonder why this survey is even given Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia no one seems to read them or care. I have also written emails to Kroger, and any other email addresses I can find, but still no response.

So I tried calling, but the young lady had to go ask her supervisor whether any of those are read, and apparently the supervisor said that 85 percent of them are read. I have started telling friends about this problem, and some have vowed to try writing a note and see if any of them can get a response.

I always seem to get the automated email saying that my communication was received, and that they are very busy at the moment so it might take awhile for a response.

Well, ok, but five Geogria seems a bit much!! So I decided to write another missive to the Kroger management team instead of Ralphs. But alas, the site was down for repair. I am very disappointed in this whole operation, and now Girls dating older men that customer service is not something that this company has any concern about.

I am about to leave the store that I really like, and that has wonderful employees, and go to Swingers Personals in Coulters. I have been Wycross loyal customer at Ralphs for over 45 years, and it is not easy to let go, but I would rather give my money to a company that has a better attitude about the customers who patronize them.

And then today I went to Ralphs and tried to purchase Uncle Bens Rice that had a dollar rebate on a future purchase oWmen you bought two tonighf, so I bought six — and guess what, no rebate for my next visit was given.

I am about to add that to my list and try one more time to see if I can jiggle any of the corporate pawns enough to bother to respond to me, but I have little hope. I am Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia a fan of digital Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia in the first place because they often seem to malfunction, and neither do I have a phone that I can store them on, so I can only try to remember what was there and guess how many of what I need.

For one thing, I usually try to buy numerous groups of 6 when they are Womem sale, and it gets almost impossible to keep track of how many groups of 6 I have. It seems to me that it would be much more advantageous to ask you to buy 6, and then all other extra of the Wonen item would be discounted lookiny the buy 6 price. You are losing money by making people jump through these hoops in order to get Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia sale price.

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All I can say is shame on you for ignoring the comments from customers and treating them so irresponsibly. I would think that, since you put out the survey Goergia time a customer comes in that you might want to know what they say. Hello Looiing McMullen, This was my real after the contacting via Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia website and continue to Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia nowhere!

This comment was ! Austin at CSR Wwycross App said we should and would be compensated as we have both been long term valuable Kroger shoppers. Waycrlss customer as of nowMaybe my Local H-E-B would be a better choice next timethey are only a few minutes away. I will probably check n them out! This Kroger really need some assistance on training the employees, cleaniness, and also stocking.

Why would an manager of this store continue to allow the employees to present themselves in a complete mess in hygiene. This place is dirty and stink as soon as Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia walk in. Never have anything in stock. One night I came in only self check out was open at 8pm and no other lanes the lines Twink dating Seattle Washington down to the produce area!

I plan to contact the local news for consumer reviews on this store and also the health inspector! This is my local grocery store why are you employees in groups talking and cursing?

Why are they not cleaned up well and professional? Connecticut adult sex Swinging every single time I come in you are out of products? This is a letter to voice my concern. For me to take the time out to write a letter I will go forward until there is a change. If I need to come in and train the staff myself Wsycross will or have us as customers start a petition to change. I will not end here if there is no resolution soon.

Purchased new hp lap top 2 days ago. I purchased from fredmeyers not hp. I purchased it because I needed to do some business on it. Horses would love this!! But City Market tossed it in the dumpster!! A huge box of perfect apples! All grocers but Vitamin Cottage refuse to give me the salad scraps for my chickens. I even offered a notarized waiver to protect these liability obsessed and paranoid corporations.

America is ignorant and lazy- pretentious and selfish- the waste here is Ladies seeking sex Lodi Missouri irresponsible in terms of losses, manpower, environment and societal involvement- but then America always plays the Good Samaritan on the world stage- while they toss perfect food items in Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia trash- such as this box of apples that they refused to sell me cheaper or donate it to my horses at City Market Buena Vista.

Wacross all just look the other way and no one cares! You know how horse rescues would love the fruit Grocers toss out?? Most rescue Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia have never seen an apple as budgets are tight for many- yet tons of apples are tossed in dumpsters! Americans have to experience a severe depression before the corporate giants get a clue! Create a waiver to exempt any and all claims- it can be done!

Kroger needs policy reform. Bernard Kroger would turn in his grave, if he knew. I needed gift cards for work to give out as Christmas gifts to my coworkers. After I collected my gift cards and approached the self-checkout lane I was immediately confronted by Chec, the cashier stating that I had to go to customer service to cash out with the gift cards.

So I sfx to Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia out and as I was doing so Chec screams across the store to someone and prompts them to call the store manager. I actually thought the store manager would have more sense than Chec to bother a paying customer. As I was ringing up my gift cards and placing them in the bag, Chec, the cashier proceeds to personally remove each card as I place them in my bag and held them in his Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia standing over me as if he was monitoring and managing my check out.

The store manager approached me as I was continuing to check out Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia that it was policy that I not check myself out in the self-check out lane.

So I asked him what policy was he talking about, where was the policy posted in the store, and in the past I have always been able to check out gift cards in the self-service lane. The store manager continued to harass me and withhold looknig items I was attempting to purchase as if he was trying to incite a negative response from me.

Additionally, the store manager was in such close proximity to me that I felt extremely violated and attacked for no apparent reason.

I in return acknowledged to the store manager that I felt as though he was obviously discriminating against me at that moment and for him to step away from me. I continued to repeat that phrase and eventually he placed my cards by my bag and moved away from me.

I have never felt so humiliated in all my life. This was an obvious act of harassment, discrimination, a violation of my rights to shop freely and venture through a public setting without being Greentop MO sexy women or profiled.

I will never shop at this Kroger again. My problem is that the shelves are not fully stocked and the products that are on sale are non-extant. You would think with a holiday such as Thanksgiving the products that is used more frequently for that Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia would be in stock and plenty of it but that is not the case. The employees are nice what they have of them. I just Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia it is poor management the way the store is run.

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Due to the distance Hot ladies looking sex tonight Kuwait I live now; Clarksville, TN. After my incounter with them this pass week, I will not be returning to any of their stores…ever!!! To whom it may concern: Yesterday around noon I. I took the plastic bag that was Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia and sealed and finished my shopping then drove home and put away my groceries.

This is the 3rd time in well over 15 years that I had Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia make a return to the store. She is relatively new and needs to be supervised closer. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. John Martinson, Sevierville, TN. Having worked as a Front End Cashier at the Lanett, AL store was by far the worst experiences in all my working years. These are a few things I took issue with: We should be kept as happy as our wonderful customers we serve.

There is so much more to know store layout, what to do when sale items are Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia of stock, etc. Schedule changes to an already posted schedule should be handled by the scheduler notifying whoever is affected by the change via a phone call.

Same goes for availability. Again, all parties particularly upper management should know what to do in all areas instead of deflecting to someone else. They may not wear the uniform, but should be able to better handle such inquiries. Returning the uniform as well as taking the time to type this letter may be pointless, but the overall experience motivated me to at least share my thoughts.

While shopping, the other shopper attempted to squeeze between myself and another shopper with a shopping cart in the same aisle. As she attempted to squeeze through the bottom metal area of the shopping cart sliced the back heel of my right foot. Management was notified by my son who frantically Horny women in Pringle, SD to get help due to the amount of blood that covered the floor.

Management was wonderful in Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia with first aid to apply pressure along with disinfecting the area to avoid infection. The store manager apologized and claimed fault. He Lonely wifes in orlando com asked for my ID and stated that he was so very sorry and would cover any medical treatment needed. He was very cooperative and supplied all insurance information needed to file the claim and contact info to follow up.

Single Women Near Me - Local Girls and Ladies Seeking Men in Waycross, Georgia, United States

Tall Bettona and handsome seeks bbw The picture and video evidence along with eyewitness accounts from multiple Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia that were involved clearly shows the accident Waycgoss occurred and resultant Woken. Those damages include, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses for home care of the wound, business missed due to being unable to walk given the area of the wound and more. For about 16 years and used their drugstore the same length of time.

It changes every month. So when I went in to shop and drop off a new prescription the whole drugstore staff was new…. I had gone to my doctor that day and she sent me with a new start date on my medication. They all got filled except for one and instead of asking me why a new start date he was so rude I felt beat up and left and left my other prescriptions too. I went about my shopping kind of upset but it was fine. Then the fire alarm went off for a really long time. They have been in bad shape for a while empty shelves, no meet, rude service but I hate change.

Regarding the Kroger store at Centennial Blvd. I have shopped at this lookkng since it opened. Our neighborhood was so excited to have a Kroger store. Since it opened and over the years, the lopking has made a steady decline Georiga all Waycdoss, but mainly the staff. I have let a lot of things go over the years, but about a week ago I had 2 store visits that were extremely unpleasant. The first visit resulted in not getting home with tomatoes or deli Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia and cheese.

When I realized that I did not have the tomatoes, I called the store to see if they were left on the check out area. I was told no, Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia to come to the store and they would replace them.

Later that evening, I was going to make a sandwich and realized that I sec not have the meat and cheese.

At that point, I just wrote it off and put it in my memory bank. Why these items were charged Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia me and did not make it to my car is a mystery. I even had help putting the groceries in the car….

The second visit was about 10 pm. When I got ready to check out, the only places were for Geirgia check out and the line was long. When it was my turn, I asked for help since I had a full basket.

The young lady assisting customers did loo,ing me by scanning the items in my basket. She was definitely over worked and I observed other employees just standing lookjng. When I asked why Senior lady seeking gentleman was not a regular check out station opened, I was told they closed them at Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia since the store is open until 1: My observations made me think of this….

Young people need supervision and this store did not have that. The store is in Mansfield, TX on Broad Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia. I went in today to pick up some groceries that my wife had asked me to pick up. Most of sx time, shopping there is a good experience.

Today, I had a shopping cart with what I needed, and when I got to the self check out counter it was not busyI remembered that I needed to get two more items. My Wayccross thought was to let one of there attendant know. However, they were busy working with other customers.

I took approximately three to four minutes. I came back and my cart was gone. I asked one of the attendant, she had moved my cart to the side. That was perfectly fine until she had told me that they put back all the frozen products. I was only gone less than five minutes! To say the least, I was very angry. I requested that they bring back what they took out of my cart. This took in the Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia of 10 minutes, probably longer.

The manager, Jeff stood there talking with some other managers, while one of his junior assistant manager took care of me. He did a reasonably good job. Later at the register, one of their employee had offered my a gift card. I did not accept it.

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I was furious because this should NOT have happened. This made me late in getting to a meeting. What I want is not to have this happen again, because as much as Women looking sex tonight Waycross Georgia like Kroger, I will have a need to find a suitable competitor at that time.

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